DragonVale: How to breed a Topaz Dragon

DragonVale Topaz Dragon

TOPAZ DRAGON: (Only breedable in November)
BUY-IT Price: ?? GEMS

HOW TO BREED:Cactus and Firefly

(This guide is part of a larger DragonVale breeding guide. For the full list of breedable dragons, click here.
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DragonVale Topaz Dragon Egg

The 1st Egg is the DragonVale Topaz Dragon Egg

897 Responses to “DragonVale: How to breed a Topaz Dragon”
  1. Alex says:

    I got the topaz dragon my first try by breeding a fire fly dragon and cactus dragon in that order, both were level 10!

  2. Temporarygame says:

    Got topaz 1 st try with firefly and cactus in regular breeding cave. And rainbow 1st try with firefly and pollen in ebi

  3. Masterieon says:

    Just got Kairos πŸ˜€ add me gamecenter: masterieon

  4. killbethy says:

    Killbethy on Game Center… Have tried for it so many times now and still no luck!! How are you still breeding the Love (name? 2nd egg) dragon at this time??

  5. jojok13 says:

    this is driving me insane cannot get a topaz with firefly n cactus no matter what order or time of the day grrrrrrrr are these the only combo???

    • muse of breath says:

      omg SAME HERE! i’m about to quit. I simply can’t deal with this any longer. I need some serious help with this.

      • Bonnie says:

        I have tried at least 150 times. Enough to make me stop playing the game. So mad!!!

        • Bluelipdfaerie says:

          I’ve noticed that it seems I get every other gem dragon or so and same with my friends… It stinks but that’s the pattern I’ve seen unless u spend real money and buy them which I won’t do bc I’d go broke lol

        • Jake says:

          Hey we’ll do you know any combnaitions for gemstone dragons and please add me to Game Center my Game Center name is jak394yu

      • Jake says:

        Same here I keep getting 3hours it’s so annoying

  6. Athey says:

    Ayhey_willz add me on gamecentert

  7. Arzhel says:

    I’ve tried breeding this dragon since Nov. 1 both in the epic breeding island and breeding cave but still no luck! add me arzhel05

  8. Sara J A. says:

    Got a 30hr breeding in the epic breeding island (not upgraded) using Bone dragon + Sonic dragon. Assuming that time means its a Topaz dragon, seems only fire and lightning elements are needed. Just thought I’d mention this, if anyone was tired of only hearing Cactus + Firefly all over.

  9. Rae says:

    I have been trying for this dragon since it first came out, and I can’t even count the number of times I’ve bred Cactus and Firefly. The past three gemstone dragons were bred without much trouble, but Topaz just seems to hate me. : /

    Add me for gem trade! I *promise* I will send one back. I have a lot of people on my friends list who never send back, so trust me I know how annoying and frustrating it is. I play dragonvale every day and I would love to trade gems with you! πŸ˜€
    Add me: =)Raebear(=

    • Rae says:

      Finally bred Topaz this morning! It was kind of a mistake- I was trying to put my level 14 Cactus and level 13 Firefly in my EBI, but I put them in the regular cave by accident. However, that mistake turned out to be a 30 hour breeding time! πŸ˜€ I feel sooo lucky to have gotten Topaz, especially since this is the very last day to breed one.

  10. Tumbluiz says:

    Add me, I have the gem tree, my name is the same in game center. Gem 4 gem

  11. BBBRAP says:

    Add me for gem trades :), I got 2 accounts. Lazzar777 & Railmybum
    I have gem trees ,, anyone can add both (:

  12. ducati_38 says:

    Constant player of dragonvale looking for gem traders. Game Center id: ducati_38. I will always send one back your way :)

  13. Bob says:

    YES I FINALLY GOT IT AFTER 30 TIMES!! I got it after levelling up my two dragons to level 7.

  14. Brenda says:

    Lost my original park and have to start over! Got the gem tree…add me to swap gems please!


  15. Vickie Vee says:

    I need help trying to get the topaz dragon!!!

  16. meperson says:

    Finically got 1 firefly and cactus eb island

  17. Bob says:

    Woot just got my third one!!! Add me grivy13

  18. portgurl says:

    Can someone please tell me why i cant get a topaz dragon? i have been breeding cactus and firefly at all different levels! i even upgraded my breeding cave and island. I have been trying all month and all i can get are 1-5 hour incubation times!! I keep reading about people getting i on their first try… do i just have bad luck? Please HELP!!!!

  19. east wing says:

    Just got 2 topaz! hahaha..

  20. Noelani says:

    @rae- that’s cool that you got your topaz it would be very disappointing to have to wait for another year to get it , I know the feeling….bred my sapphire in september on the very last day in the last few hours Omg I was just wishing it was the sapphire and it was …..I was so excited……much luck to your future breeding

  21. AWYE says:

    TY πŸ˜€ I GOT IT 7th TRY :D:D:D:D:D:D

  22. GoDzOfGoDz88 says:

    Add me on gc GoDzOfGoDz88. Gem for gem

  23. Chris says:

    Panlong and Cactus on Epic Island, first try!

    Trading gem4gem also!
    Add me: ITz-Β©HiLLzZ
    Exactly the way I typed it

  24. hacunamatata says:

    Gem 4 gem

  25. Chaos kid says:

    Add me: ^_^CHAOS KID^_^

  26. Master says:

    Breeding firefly and pollen can result in plenty of dragons like firework dragon. I did those two and it result in a firework dragon try it! πŸ˜€

  27. Scott says:

    Hey instead of cactus and firefly Iknow its Decenber but all the limited dragons are back so like I said instead of cactus and firefly you have a WAY better chance with moon and equinox try it and good luck

  28. Jojo says:

    add me, krazydeafy. Looking for new people to gift the gems. Active player on dragon vale =)

  29. Jack says:

    Hey guys, I bred a lvl 10 bone with a lvl 5 flower and got a 30 hr breed time time… What is it?

  30. Voley says:

    Got topaz on my 3rd try with cactus and firefly,so excited for my first gem dragon,a hint to make monies,get plant and lightning and breed,u will get cactus or ash,cactus sells for 100k and only 1/2 hr incubation and ash sells for 500k and 6hr incubation

  31. Munger 46 says:

    Who knows how to breed any gem dragon????????????
    I’ve been using mout n rain no gem dragon!
    E mail me jimmyjames64@hotmail.com

  32. DimiG 98 says:

    I probably have the topaz dragon. I tried getting the apocalypse dragon but instead I got topaz.

    COPPER ( left ) LICHEN ( right )
    Copper was level ten
    Lichen was level 14

  33. Sean Suknaic says:

    Hey everyone add me and ill send you gems!


  34. Dion says:

    Should I try equinox and moon during the day? Tried twice got 2 moons

  35. Jake says:

    Hey does anyone now any good gemstone dragon combinations and friend me on game center my gamecenter name is jak394yu

  36. Reigh says:

    Got it..firefly and crystal!

  37. Miguel says:

    What is the colorful dragon egg?? What dragon does that make?? Not the topaz the last egg in the picture??

  38. Betodes says:

    I got a garnet with obsidian and smoke first try but cant get a topaz, i have try like eleven times and i Only get cactus scorch and ash which combo works better? Add me at gamecenter as betodes gem for gem πŸ˜‰

  39. Betodes says:

    Finally got a 31 hour dragon with cactus and firefly in ebc!!!!

  40. Louis says:

    What do I do if me and my little sister have the same Game Center acount and she changed my level 26 acount to her level 17 account and now on all of my moms,dads,mine,and my sister’s phones.

  41. Omar says:

    I just got a topaz without even trying for it I used a paper dragon and copper dragon on ebi. So far with this combo Ive gotten a solar eclipse, apocalypse, and now a topaz dragon! I like it because it offers a wide variety of different rare breeds hope this helped!

  42. Jake says:

    Does anyone want to know how I got a gold dragon I got it by breeding level 9 forge and level 6 chrome in the epic breeding island not upgraded

  43. Andre6996 says:

    Add me on gamecenter for gems . : andre6996

  44. Rich says:

    I got garnet drAgon by using storm dragon and flower dragon

  45. Raymond8D says:

    If anyone is looking for a gem trader that will gift constant gems everyday, add me on Game Center “Raymon8D”

  46. sue9988 says:

    When will the gemstone dragons be released for android?

  47. dragonerd says:

    topaz is my birthstone and i love how the wings are hidden under the jewels on their backs so im gonna try to get this one this November. wouldn’t it be just ironic if i got it on my birthday? πŸ˜€

  48. Sam says:

    Add me, I’m on every day. I’ll trade gems. Thanks!

  49. Princess says:

    Yay got it first try. Both dragons level 12

  50. Zmanlola says:

    I can get topaz and I have breed it so much any suggestions

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