DragonVale Topaz Dragon

DragonVale Topaz Dragon

7 Responses to “DragonVale Topaz Dragon”
  1. John5now says:

    I got 5 apol n I’m on my second topaz, but I can’t get paper dragon!!!! ? Ok with me.

  2. sienna says:

    you cannot get paper dragon at the same time as topaz
    thats a fact

  3. Adammattice says:

    Tried this combo a hundred times no luck yet

  4. sienna says:

    me too

  5. Doc B says:

    Cactus and Firefly on second try.

  6. Smilie_jag says:

    Cactus and firefly both lvl 15 got it second try :) add me gem for gem : smilie_jag

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