DragonVale: How to breed a Platinum Dragon

Dragonvale Platinum Dragon

BUY-IT Price: 2400 GEMS

HOW TO BREED: Quicksilver and Ash / Quicksilver and Rust / Quicksilver and Water

(This guide is part of a larger DragonVale breeding guide. For the full list of breedable dragons, click here.
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Dragonvale Platinum Dragon Egg

The 2nd Egg is the Dragonvale Platinum Dragon Egg

542 Responses to “DragonVale: How to breed a Platinum Dragon”
  1. Betsydoodles says:

    Got it on my first try in EPI with quicksilver and ash!!!! ????

  2. vinn says:

    First i try and get a quicksilver w metal and water and i dont bother to check what it is…
    then i try rust and mud and a few hours later i check in.
    Metal and water- 46 hours
    rust and mud – 46 hours

  3. Lusterhero says:

    Add me guys I need 6 people that will actually trade gems with me! Yes I have the gem tree..I play everyday so yeah add me LusterHero

  4. Missytwoshoes says:

    I got it with Metal (10) and water (10) in the breeding cave, first try 🙂 Hope this helps.

  5. Star says:

    I already got turquoise but I can not get this 1 for anything!!!!!!! Ugh

  6. Bruskedragon says:

    Add me i have 3 gems to give out right now saving up for the Dragonsai Tree

  7. Lusterhero says:

    Sweet got enough people now thx all ????

  8. Lusterhero says:

    Only add me if you willing to trade gem for gem please ><

  9. Lusterhero says:

    LusterHero gem 4 gem!! Need 3 more people 🙂

  10. Ben says:

    Metal and water. Was trying to get quicksilver but got 49 hour breeding time

  11. Yopo1999 says:

    I made a platinium with rust on the left side and Water on the right

  12. Grace says:

    I have tried over 20 times with metal and water on EBI and so far nothing…..I will keep trying but this one is hard!!!!

  13. WhiskeyKid says:

    you can also get rainbow… Iv’e been tricked. waited 2 days thinking I got this dragon…than BAM! Rainbow…

  14. bonnie says:

    I finally got the iceberg and the turquoise, still no platinum,
    now a new one, solstice. i bought the decorations and placed
    them, upgraded moon and sun habitats. here, s hoping!!!!

  15. Bustersmyboy says:

    Check out my sun & moon habitats! They earn a ton with 3 dragons in each. Also, now you can put 3 dragons in the treasure habitat.

  16. Nanashi says:

    What dragon egg is the first one?

  17. Florence+TheDragon says:

    I just got Platinum in Epic Breedig Cave with Gold and Silver. Did anyone else think to try this combo?

  18. Eric Loh says:

    Got one using quicksilver (10) & rust (10) in epic Island.

  19. MizV27 says:

    Been tring to breed the platinum for 3days still nothing :((((( help!

  20. Khris says:

    Got one 3rd try with lvl 10 magnetic & water. 49 hours each time wow!!!

  21. Spruney says:

    Can’t get these treasure dragons for anything!
    Gem 4 gem? Name is spruney

  22. Lanelott says:

    Got platinum on the first try with quicksilver (15) on left and magnetic (14) on right.
    The second one I got (after a gazillion tries) was quicksilver (10) and rust (10). Both on the breeding island

  23. Comment maker says:

    I got it first try with water and metal XD

  24. bonnie says:

    I hear u!!! Been trying since day one and no silver or platinum!!!
    And now we have the solstice!!! I actually look forward to the day
    i have them all.

  25. Natethegreat says:

    Quicksilver and water first try bluecharmander is the name come friend me gem for gem

  26. Lady says:


  27. Phoenix says:

    My wife just got it by breeding Swamp lvl10 (left) with Rust lvl 10 (right)!
    😉 Good luck!!!

  28. Ben says:

    Doc there’s an apocylopse dragon. How do you breed it????????????

  29. Lady says:

    the rumore has thats its: LICHEN + MAGNETIC (havent tried it yet so im not 100% sure)

  30. Jonzibeno 1 says:

    Ok people I got my Apocalypse sencond go with an Ash and Steel dragon
    17 hours… Floating island.. Good luck

  31. Jonzibeno 1 says:

    Try Ash and Steel worked second try and is now hatched and enjoying
    Flying around big flames lol

    • BakemonMnlna says:

      You Rock!!!!!!! First try with your combo :0). Rushed it and very happy with results.. Have not gotten one on the first try in so long I forgot how happy it can make you…. thanks for the early Christmas present…

  32. bing bada booml says:

    DOC URGENT!! u need to put the apocalypse dragon on!!

  33. Imaginefourever says:

    Anyone willing to do gem for gem as close to daily as possible, add me please, imaginrfourever. Thanks!

  34. Midnerelly says:

    Hey Mac!! Lichen + Magnetic = Apocalypse… I hope this helps. Since you have helped us so many times 🙂

  35. mmxlu says:

    YES! i breed it ,use Lichen + Magnetic. thinks every one

  36. Ch3wy says:

    This dragon and silver are kicking my butt. I keep trying and I get nothing. /sigh, I’ll keep trying but it’s frustrating

  37. Jonzibeno 1 says:

    I would trade gems with you!!!

  38. Emma says:

    I got it with metal and water when I was trying for a quicksilver, happened in one try!! Add me gem4gem : kairi1996

  39. lomodoc says:

    Best combo is Rust + Metal. You get either a Rust or Platinum, making fail times very short!

  40. Dragon gal says:

    I did magnetic and lichen and I got a 30 hour breeding time. I was trying for the apocalypse….. But what did I get? Anyone know?

  41. Lyk12 says:

    Finally got platinum…. With ghosts and quicksilver .

    Loving all the new habitats … ESP rainbow

  42. Controlaltdefeat1 says:

    Bryllyg is my Glacier dragon name..

  43. K1ID4NK says:

    I Got the Platnium Dragon With Quicksliver and Rust level 10 this dragon took me so long to breed but thanx to the doc I breed the dragon. Guys don’t give up you can get any dragon just have patience

  44. Bonnie says:

    Anyone having any luck with any of the released dragons? I got my first one
    today!!! A Sakura!!!

  45. AIDARJ says:

    hey guys having a tough time with this dragon
    if you guys could add me and gem me
    i wil gem back the first 6 people to gem me each day

    gamecenter id: AIDARJ


  46. Flamer442 says:

    I got it with water and rust

  47. blossom14167 says:

    I am so tired of trying to get this dragon (Platinum). Ash, Rust or Water makes no difference. All day, everyday, I get nothing but 5 hour breeding times. It is the only dragon I’m missing and looks to be the only one I will continue to be missing. :/

  48. keylink5 says:

    Keep trying for this dragon and the apocalyspe dragon but so far no luck with both! Got another silver dragon, though. Add me if you want, keylink5, I try to keep up with sending gems to people, if sent to me first, since then I’m always like, “oh! Right, gotta do that today.”

    Don’t have a gifting tree, though.

  49. Meeka says:

    Looking for 2 people to trade gems with daily. I send every day. If you are willing to do the same, add me…Meekachii

  50. T.j. says:

    Anyone add me, I will trade daily. Game Center name: DRAGONJABELZ

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