DragonVale: How to breed a Turquoise Dragon

DragonVale Turquoise Dragon

BUY-IT Price: 1475 GEMS

HOW TO BREED: Poison and Swamp

(This guide is part of a larger DragonVale breeding guide. For the full list of breedable dragons, click here.
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DragonVale Turquoise Dragon Egg

The 1st Egg is the DragonVale Turquoise Dragon Egg

575 Responses to “DragonVale: How to breed a Turquoise Dragon”
  1. Lisa says:

    Glacier and platinum: two new dragons. Any breeding combos yet?

  2. J3ster 66 says:

    G4G anybody? Gc is J3ster 66

  3. Simdady says:

    Still don’t have it this one is tough! Add me gem4gem simdady on gamecenter.

  4. Kristen says:

    Hey Mac! Have u seen the new dragons!? New treasure one is platinum and there is also a glacier dragon! Just wondering didn’t see it on your site yet. Would love your help!

  5. Dfen911 says:

    Got mine on the12th try. Level 12 poison and level 11 swamp in epic breeding island. Still trying for the elusive reindeer 😀

  6. Dragonxxx6 says:

    Hey everyone that added me today I’m just letting u know that I just got the gem tree today so I can’t give u gems until 2mrw so please don’t get mad if u don’t get one from me today but I will give u gems the second I’m allowed to ok thanks for adding me!!

  7. Natethegreat says:

    Poison and swamp is the answer. if you want to see it friend me bluecharmander

  8. Natethegreat says:

    Bluecharmander is my name and friend me if you want to see it

  9. Justin says:

    Thanks for the combo. Hit it 3rd try and I have a 2nd incubating.

  10. hi says:

    got it in 5th try

  11. Barbara says:

    Yesss!! On my 7th try

  12. Debi says:

    I have a gem tree and so far only one friend. I will gift gems 1 for 1 to the first 5 to friend me. Please be sure to gift back. My GC is dpezz5150.

    • Debi says:

      Thanks to everyone who friended me! I have 10 friends – yay! 🙂
      Now I just have to figure out how often it lets me gift each person. Seems like I can’t gift more often than 24 hours? And now that I have the tree I don’t get three daily free gems to gift?

      • Usctrojan12 says:

        Hi Debi!
        First off, Welcome to The Wonderful World of Dragonvale!
        Second, Now that you have the Dragonsai Gifting Tree you are allowed 6 gems to gift per day (every 24 hrs). Just tap on the Friends Tab (at lower right) and your list of friends will show. Just send gems as usual.
        Third, I will send you a Friend Request today. My GCID is usctrojan12. I will send the request to dpezz5150.

        I wish you Good Luck!


        GCID usctrojan12

        • Annie says:

          To all my fellow DV players:
          I NEED HELP!!!
          I have a Lvl 40 park…

          I currently play on a gen 3 iPod.

          Just got a Samsung Galaxy 2 pad 7.0.

          Cool…EXCEPT I cant seem to be able to get to my park!!! I’m TOTALLY CRUSHED at this point!!!

          PLEASE HELP!?!?! Dr. Mac????
          Thank you,


  13. Adam says:

    Guys I really need help with gems. If you give me gems ill do my best to return the favour. -Adam-26 gem4gem. Thanks! 🙂

  14. Aleczandra says:

    I cannot get the turquoise dragon to save my life, all I keep getting is swamp, poison, seaweed, and fire flower. I’ve never had this much trouble trying to breed a dragon before normally I get it on the first few tries. If anyone has any suggestions please let me know!! I have regular breeding cave and an upgraded epic breeding island.

  15. wade311 says:

    Swamp and poison work just keep trying

  16. Nitelite says:

    I have tried over 50 times with Steve (lvl 10 poison dragon) and Leviathan (lvl 10 swamp dragon). It was ‘t working so I switched them around. Still no luck. All I have is he regular breeding cave. Is it possible to get it in This cave?

  17. Eric Loh says:

    The second one seems impossible. =(

  18. Ryan says:

    I’ve had about twenty attempts and still no luck! Is it just me or were the last two gemstone dragons much easier to breed?

  19. SaadAwesome4 says:

    Is there any other possible combination

  20. Adam says:

    AdamRussellFox… Add me for Gem4Gem

  21. phoebe.chu.he says:

    I cant get the turquoise dragon . I tried once it didn’t work

  22. Debi says:

    Thanks to everyone who friended me, please no more requests for now until I learn how to manage gifting better. I want to b able to gift gems to friends as often as possible.

  23. Jetx9000 says:

    Okay this is really killing me… I’m still trying to get this dragon after possibly more then 50 tries, using the Ebi and normal cave at the same time with level 15 swamp and poisons! What the poop am I doing wrong?! Gosh!

  24. Dragonxxx6 says:

    Can someone please please explain to me y I’ve had the gem tree for almost 40 some hours now but still CAN’T give any gems to my friends?!!!! I thought u only had to wait one day????!!!!!!!! Please help!!!!

  25. Dragonxxx6 says:

    Ok the people that r now my gem for gem friends I fixed the problem with my tree however I have more than six so if u don’t actually send me gems in return then I’m sry but I will have to cut u loose so I can send the others gems. No hard feelings but I want to trade gems for gems n if I have someone sending me gems I am gonna return them before I send a gem to someone else. Also if u want to keep doing gems for gems with me n I have more than six people than I will send u a gem every other day so I can give gems to everyone if ur willing to do that then let me know please! Good luck everyone with the new dragons n have fun!!!

  26. Katie Smith says:

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh I still can’t get this dragon I have tried and tried with this combo, I tried lvl 10 poison and left lvl 10 swamp on right, lvl 8 poison on left lvl 10 swamp on right, and vis-versa and just keep getting seaweed,swamp,poison,and flower.

    Add me 0911mom

  27. You can breed a turquoise dragon by Poison and Swamp

  28. Cat says:

    Some advice: don’t give up!!! I got mine on my like 23rd try!! Lv 10 for both on regular breeding cave. I had finally given up, but then I got 31 hr breeding time!! Stay strong! o(^_^)o

  29. Cat says:

    Add me nemo0124 1

  30. Kkokkokk says:

    I tried and tried and tried, but haven’t got this one yet. We still have time, so don’t lose yr hope yet :). Oh I got glacier by accident when trying to breed another reindeer. I used reindeer and cold on EBC. Glacier is big and , I have to say, so ugly. Btw, thanks anyone who added me. I only added the first six because I want to give gems to my friends often. So, if u haven’t seen I reply yr adding request, plz don’t mad at me. They should really raise the limit for the gifting tree. I wanna give more gems to my friends

  31. Lai Loni Middlebrook says:

    I got it with swamp then poison. Both level ten, in that order.

  32. Paige says:

    100+ tries, and still no sign. 🙁
    Ugh, so frustrating. I just wanna give up. 🙁 I hope next month is better, my birthstone is Garnet so if I don’t I’m going to be so depressed.
    Are there any other tips or combos you have that could possibly help me? All my friends have 1-4 of them, and I’ve been trying 24/7. Ugh. D:

  33. shelby says:

    _.shabelby._ will give gems for gems 🙂

  34. DragonvaleLover says:

    Does this mean that Flower and Seaweed works too? (Same elements as Poison and Swamp)

  35. Person says:

    Hey guys and girls, I’m looking for people to do gem for gem with me because I just bought the gifting tree. I am level 40, have all the gemstone dragons and their eggs (except emerald), have multiple rare dragons (including one piece off the kairos dragon) and I play everyday. My game centre name is: pitch1997

  36. Dandino says:

    Hey guys,
    Got my tree today and need some friends to share and get gems
    My name is e1c_
    Add me

  37. Spookie says:

    I’ve been trying nonstop since December 1st to get a turquoise dragon, but I still haven’t gotten one. Poison and swamp is the best combination right? Both of the dragons are level 10 and I use the normal breeding cave and the epic breeding island. I see a lot of people getting it on the first few tries, but it doesn’t work out for me… If you have any tips (although there probably aren’t any), please help me 😀

    Btw if anyone wants to trade gems, my Game Center is “Spookfluff”

    • 805 says:

      Thanks for the gem today, just keep on doing those combos and switching the position. It worked for me but it took awhile.

      GC: metalcross:D

    • FireChieftain says:

      Hey Spookfluff 🙂

      I just added you on GameCenter as you may have just realised.
      Thank you for the gem. Now that I know you are active I am adding you to the list that gets a gem every day 🙂
      You are the 4th person to receive a gem each and every day now.

      Anyone, 2 more people, who wants a gem, EVERY SINGLE DAY without fail add me soon.

      Ofcourse I only gift to those whom I receive from.

      Thanks xD

      Add me GC: FireChieftain

  38. Elisanka says:

    Add me “elisanka”

  39. mse13 says:

    Ok I’ve been trying Poison and Swamp since the 1st with no luck, so I hatched a new Poison and Swamp, feed them both up to level 10 and put them in the Breeding Island. Got 31 hrs first time. This strategy also worked for me with the Bone dragon. But didn’t work with Glacier. Got Glacier with Mountain and Iceburg on the 3rd try. Hope that helps.

  40. Chris says:

    Don’t give up, I’m working on getting my 5th turquoise using poison and swamp combo, guess its just makin up for not getting any topaz last month haha

    GC: iTz-©HiLLzZ

  41. Djumper45 says:

    Plz add me Djumper45 went trough 120 gems trying to get the turquoise dragon and have no more plz help!

  42. Esther says:

    I bred blazing and mud and got 14 hrs .. What is that ?

  43. whatzittuya says:

    this one feels inpossible :/ -_-

  44. 805 says:

    Quick question, how do you know who gave you the gem for the day? Gem for gem trade

    GC: metalcross:D

  45. tishy says:

    apocalypse dragon now! whats the combo!!!!????

  46. Neil682 says:

    Gem for gem anyone? Add neil682

  47. HungarrToph24 says:

    DOc, i made a comment addresing you on your “how to breed a dodo page” and i would love it if you would take a look. Thanks!

  48. Controlaltdefeat1 says:

    Easy peasy, I got this on my first try. cant wait for my second, or ill probably try for Sun or moon or rainbow.

  49. AIDARJ says:

    hey guys having a tough time with this dragon
    if you guys could add me and gem me
    i wil gem back the first 6 people to gem me each day

    gamecenter id: AIDARJ

    Thanks 😀

  50. Jullianna says:

    I’ve tried over a good 50 times with swamp and poison both level 10 in my epic breeding cave what am I doing wrong ?

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