DragonVale: How to breed a Garnet Dragon

Dragonvale Garnet Dragon

BUY-IT Price: 1525 GEMS

HOW TO BREED: Smoke and Obsidian

(This guide is part of a larger DragonVale breeding guide. For the full list of breedable dragons, click here.
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Dragonvale Garnet Dragon Egg

The 1st Egg is the Dragonvale Garnet Dragon Egg

705 Responses to “DragonVale: How to breed a Garnet Dragon”
  1. fish says:

    Need gem partner.add me “fish butter”

  2. amata ama says:

    What is the breeding time for garnet if you have an upgraded breeding cave? it is the in the breeding island.. and it was 23 hours.


  3. Gurblop says:

    Add me if you wanna be my gem partner!

  4. Crazee4Coffee says:

    Have tried numerous times every day since the Garnet Dragon came out and using on both breeding places….are they just hoping people will get desperate and just buy it???? Not impressed !!!!

    • Crazee4Coffee says:

      Got it !!!! Guess I spoke to soon. I tried Mikey77 suggestion of trying between 10:00&11:00pm and it worked. Thanks Mikey77 for the tip

    • Sandman says:

      Totally agree and believe its a scam. I have bred at both the island and cave countless times – over 24 for sure and never come close. Lava and obsidian s every time Long breeding and incubation periods and no value. Sucks

    • Rose says:

      I was thing the same thing. If I don’t get this I may just give it up. I have two going constantly at the same time and nothing. It is just too frustrating. Good luck in your quest to get it.

  5. ghostlydragon says:

    think i got one 30 hours and 59 minutes? in breeding cave! in probaly going to breed another one to sell.

  6. ghostlydragon says:

    think i got one 30 hours and 59 minutes? in breeding cave! im probaly going to breed another one to sell.

  7. Laura says:

    I got an Olympus Dragon with this combo!

    Add me Gem for a Gem!!! :)

  8. celias90 says:

    Got it! tried 20+. both lvl 10 obsidian & smoke in breeding island.

  9. Bonnie says:

    Haven’t managed this one yet either.

  10. bananarama says:

    I have tried so many times and only het smoke dragons I have about seven mow and I really don’t want more. I was reading the comments and heard to try at 10-11pm so I’m gonna try that

  11. Nicnic24 says:

    I’ve bred smoke & obsidian countless times and have managed to breed 3 solar eclipse dragons but no garnet !!!

  12. JRW says:

    Finally have this dragon! Add me
    ID: Jessica Williams

  13. Storm Trahan says:

    Hello everyone… I have a dragonvale account and would like to say something…
    I understand its gem for gem but I would like support for just a couple days to help my grandpaw out…
    He is trying to get the garnet and its not working for him :/
    He only has 3 friends and to help him rush breed for it in the final days can you please add him…
    His gamer tag is cndtr…
    My gamer tag is storm the sexy…
    I would not like any gems but would like the support for my grandpaw..
    Thank you for your time…

  14. Anon says:

    Have had no luck what so ever. This may just be the first gem dragon I fail to breed which sucks cause who know if they will do another breed em all thing again

    • Jessc1077 says:

      I completely agree glad I’m not the only one totally aggrevated! I’ve spent so many gems trying to breed this thing I probably could’ve bought it in the shop. I dunno I refuse to spend actual cash buying gems. This makes me mad!!

  15. Shelly says:

    I have tried this as other people have stated since the start of january with the same combo (Smoke and Obsidian or Obsidian and Smoke), however no luck, I’m beginning to become very frustrated!!

  16. Lee says:

    I did this combination ( obsidian + smoke) all month daily ,
    with no result of A Garnet , then tonight I tried as stated above , to try
    Between 10-11 pm and it worked finally!

  17. hunter says:

    Does anyone know how to breed this Dragon. I’m so desperate for a garnet,but I can never breed it! I have tried at least 50 times with the suggested combo. If you help me breed this then write down your Apple ID and I will send you gems.

  18. Dragon vale says:

    Hey people I found out breed the right combination but think of another dragon in your head then BAM the dragon you want :) reply if it works!!!!!

  19. Daniel says:

    I havent been succesful yet but im going to try Mickey777’s idea :-)

  20. Sandman says:

    Still nothing. I hate lava and obsidian dragons. I’ve sold at least 20 ! Just bred a mine and a cactus and got 48 hrs. It’s either a sun, moon or platinum. Finally something I want !

  21. Sandman says:

    I tried both cave and island between 10 – 11 and got the same old crap. Maybe I should try eastern rather than mountain time.

  22. Dragon gal says:

    Smoke and obsidian is the BEST combo. I’ve got two of them!!!!!!! Add me Ayrmdragonlord17

  23. LW says:

    I have been trying to breed this dragon virtually nonstop since it came out. Tons of lava, obsidian and smoke. Zero garnet. I’m so frustrated! This will be my only missing dragon. Are there any other tips anyone has found? I’ve been trying everything in both cave and upgraded island. I even tried uninstalling the game from my phone as someone suggested and have still come up with nothing.

  24. zoo says:

    I’m at 72 fails this month. Smoke and Obsidian (both level 15’s) in both caves all day non stop since the second of this month. Never failed at a gemstone dragon this many times. I cant help but wonder if this is even possible on my iphone. Is this some kind of scam?

  25. Sandman says:

    I’m over 40 attempts and feel the same way zoo. My thought now is that the dragons have to be below level 10 perhaps. We are running out of time. Hate lava obsidian dragons. They take a long time and have no value. Wasted time and gems

  26. puniisher says:

    trying since January 9 .. and i dont have it yet -.-‘ … I breed only Obsidian and Lava Dragons -.-

  27. Mutsumi says:

    I’ve been trying since the start of 2013 on both the breeding island and cave. :( I can’t get it!!!

  28. Add me as a friend I gem daily, if you send me a gem!

  29. Dave says:

    Hardest time ever couldn’t get all month,saw post about time ,,,thank u I got it smoke n odsedian at 10:40 pm eastern time :)) wow didn’t think I’d get it

  30. Friendofthedevil says:

    I’ve been trying too, stupid dragon….every day since it came out and sometimes even 2 to 4 times a day….and nope not one….again I say….stupid dragon….

  31. Sandman says:

    ;3 more tries and more obsidian s Sucks big time with only 2 days to go

  32. Sandman says:

    Every level combo of obsidian / smoke and nottA. Scam I say.

  33. Sandman says:

    When a cave produces the same dragon over 60% of the time you should BE able to change your cave at no cost for a new one.

  34. M says:

    I’m so pissed at my friend who got that dragon on regular island at 2hAM. He said he didn’t even tried that much. I’ve been breeding since january 1st . Switiching from new obsidian and smoke dragon. Wasting all my money in order to get them to lvl 15. Breed them between 10-11h still no success. I’m about to write to Paperflip directly, this is totally unacceptable. I’ve lost an entire month trying to get this BS dragon. Only getting freaking blazing on my EBI and always smoke and obsidian on my regular. I know I’m not the only one, thats why I call BS. Only 3 days to breed it, They better give it to us for free the 31th cause this dragon is cursed for sure.

  35. mian4tuan says:

    I agree. I have also been breeding no stopping and so far, I get smoke after smoke ….. At some point, I will not play any more

  36. M says:

    Hahaha you guys wanna laugh? I wrote directly at Backflip studio technical support, explaining the ” bug” on the garnet dragon. Also stating that a lot of the players were tired and frustrated about it, wanting to quit the game just because of this. I don’t know why… I waited for my breeding to end, then, said what the hell I’ll go with smoke and obsidian this time. both lvl 15. and BOOM! 24h48 ( i have an updated breeding island). I’m so glad I finally got it. Maybe they saw my mail and fix the problem, but I don’t know. It worked first try after I did that xD!

  37. Suckmymoos says:

    It didn’t work

  38. Yapper456 says:

    I’m almost out of time, going to try at 10 and hope it’s my time zone. “But there’s no sense crying over every mistake, you just keep on trying till you run out of cake!”

  39. Dave says:

    Just burned up all of my gems breeding between 10:00 and 11:00pm all for nothing. This game has become a source of nothing but disappointment. Pity because I used to enjoy it so much. May be time to pull the plug unless BFS decides to loosen their iron grip between now and 01 Feb.

  40. Dave says:

    What if we were to boycott DV for a day (the 30th) as a signal for BFS to knock it off and let us breed the garnet dragon on the 31st? Who’s with me?

  41. TalonZenn says:

    Guys mickey77 was right.
    I’ve failed smoke and obsidian all month but earlier today while looking for a solution I came across the comment saying breed between 10-11pm so I decided to wait. I almost forgot but I just tried breeding smoke and obsidian and its 10:56.
    Breeding time is 24:00:48:00, that the upgraded breeding time. So in conclusion….

    • wicked28i says:

      Congratulations on getting the Garnet.
      I also got it though my method is different.
      I hatch a smoke and obsidian (which I did get after my failed attempt), Got them to Level 11, then Breed them at the Breeding Island. And FINALY I GOT A 31 HOUR BREEDING TIME!
      This dragon is so hard to get!
      I wonder if the February gem dragon is like this hard to get also?

      Good luck on the last day everyone, I hope you get it also!

  42. sneil says:

    I’m still trying. Keep getting smoke dragons

    Add me on GC… Gem for gem
    Game Center ID= sheenax33

  43. ??? says:

    I wonder if updating the app would help

  44. Katie says:

    Grrrr it’s getting down to the wire and I still can’t get this one. So frustrating

    • Shvibzik says:

      I know. Me too. It is very frustrating. Tried updating the app itself , deleted and reinstalled the app, everything. And still nothing. I’ve got one shot left and if I don’t get it, I will be ANGRY. :/

  45. Awesome says:

    This is ridiculous. I’ve tried 20+ times and tried all of the tricks suggested and no dragon.

  46. Michael says:

    Please help! I am getting desperate. Had around 39 smoke dragons so far. Is the Garnet bugged?

  47. Sandman says:

    50 attempts at least including 4 last night. All resulted in obsidian / smoke or lava These guys suck big time ! Defies the odds on 50 plus tries. Used a ton of gems so I’m pissed

  48. Gust1781 says:

    Add me gust1781, and Check out my awsome dragons

  49. marvin says:

    oh wow~! that time frame trick really worked! i got it on my second try nice! actually i just had my smoke dragon just this morning (jan. 31) then tried breeding it but got an obsidian. after waiting for them to breed(since i dont have EBI yet) and waited till it’s 10:20 pm AT, i pushed my luck on that trick and poof!

    i’ve just started playing around jan. 19 i guess and since then i tried my best to catch up with this gem dragon haha! actually i’ve played this before on ios but now im on android so anyone wanna add me up on fb: Marvin Daboi let’s trade gems every day i’ll just pick the first three. post on my wall so that i will know :)

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