DragonVale: How to breed a Hail Dragon

Dragonvale Hail Dragon

BUY-IT Price: 300 GEMS

HOW TO BREED:Cold and Lightning

(This guide is part of a larger DragonVale breeding guide. For the full list of breedable dragons, click here.
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Dragonvale Hail Dragon Egg

The 1st egg is the Dragonvale Hail Dragon Egg

157 Responses to “DragonVale: How to breed a Hail Dragon”
  1. Caz says:

    Looking for 3 more people for daily gem trade. Serious, daily players only! I have every dragon but this one and Gold Olympus, so enjoy!

    Gamecenter tag is bankrobbercaz

  2. Moopy says:

    Mountain and Storm got me a Hail Dragon

    • LadyDrakina says:

      That’s the combo that I’m trying. Hope I get it! :)
      Also anyone can add me if they like. I trade gems often but NOT daily. I have a 2-3 day cycle. If you use a similar cycle with your friends I would love to have you.
      I have a gem tree and play daily.
      Happy Hatching!

    • Hhf12 says:

      Mountain and storm = hail on the first try :) thx!

  3. lou says:

    I bred a lava and a air does anyone have an idea?
    What about you doc

  4. Dr.AgonMD says:

    COLD + LIGHTNING Indeed. thanks Doc ?(?????)?

  5. Heidiesnider says:

    Heya fellow dragonvale junkies! Weird enuf I’ve got a sun or moon incubating for this one…

    Just wanted at add that I appreciate the heck outta ya Doc… Everyone’s input alwayz helps so much!

    Also I’ve just bought the gem tree so I’m looking for 3 more new friends! I play daily n am absolutely hooked lol…

    My ID is: Boxer_Mom

    Thnx bunches guyz!!!

  6. lifes26 says:

    Got 48 hours cold-lightning. Add me drvorahanne.

  7. Bailey says:

    Looking for 3 more people for gem for gem I have a gifting tree add me on game centre:BAILEYSANDERS

  8. This one is pretty easy and you can get it with any combo that contains both cold and lightning nelemets, but Cold and Lightning has the fewest OTHER possibilities, so this is like a 1 in 4 or 1 in 6 chance.
    – The Doc.

    • Woodyalison says:

      Got 2 in a row with sonic and mountain (one in EBI and the other in breeding cave) while trying for a 2nd gold olympus. Did not realise what they were until they were ready to hatch and I almost pressed the sell button.

  9. Kilroy says:

    Soon as I get this dragon ill have acquired every dragon in the game again once you have the gold and the power it’s easy to keep em coming great write up

  10. Linda says:

    Cold + Lightning = a 39 hours breeding time dragon. Any ideas what it could be?

  11. HRTMENDER2 says:

    Bloom and storm worked for me.

  12. WhiskeyKid says:

    I got a 48hr with Cold and Lighting, Than bred Snow and Magnetic on the other Island for a 20hr…dammit.

  13. Artistfreak87 says:

    Ok so first is did cold and lightening ad got a 5hr, and then I did snow and magnetic and got at 48hr

  14. Noisycricket85 says:

    I bred Ice and Storm and got the Hail on my 1st try. Love your site Doc!

  15. Denee70 says:

    Got hail with bloom and cactus

  16. Sean says:

    What is the second egg!!???!!?!?!?!?!

  17. Dee says:

    I got it first try with snow and lightning

  18. Adriamarie says:

    Hail dragon First try with Current & Ice .. Yea

  19. Lia says:

    Cold on left and lightning on right.. got a 48 hr breed ughh grrrrr -.-

  20. Lia says:

    Bloom level 7, and Storm level 10 and got a 8 hr breed! its a hail dragon yay woot woot xD

  21. Beth says:

    I got it first try with Lichen and Magnetic :)

  22. AFiadam says:

    Got my gifting tree today I have room for 4 friends to gift gem for gem daily add me user name Afiadam

  23. Gordon says:

    Add me for gem 4 gem! gorhong

  24. lilmunkey says:

    I got it with storm and snow, first try!

    Still working on Garnet now…

  25. Superhero says:

    I don’t gem often but I LOVE to see beautiful parks, please add: myNAMEisFayard

  26. JOROYJO says:

    Add me JOROYJO cold lightning

  27. AdoptShelterDogs says:

    Looking for reliable folks to exchange daily gems with please. Add AdoptShelterDogs THANKS!

  28. Vikingod says:

    Looking for daily gem for gem traders. Just bough the tree. GC account is thevikingod. Add me only if you will do gem for gem trading. Thanks

  29. Jeezjes415 says:

    I play dragonvale everyday ad I have the gifting tree, need 3 gemmers; add Game Center @ jesseymfgrooms

  30. bing bada booml says:

    Hey DOC,
    Why no more mac chick of the month???????
    Add me i have gifting tree and play everyday bing bada booml.

  31. anon says:

    I just keep getting a storm dragon with cold and lighting. = (. Seasonal is the other I just can’t seem to get though it looks like I might have gotten an Olympic dragon which I thought was no longer available. We’ll see.

    = ( I also don’t know how to “add” people so I’m friendless on this game. I have a gem tree, two sun, two moon, rainbow, Apocalypse – what else – panalog, eclipse, – all sorts of dragons. I’ll have the last island available at the end of the week. I’m on an ipod but my game ID in game center is GGJTFVHGD34632 ( I gave up on trying to get one that made sense because they were all taken). Anyway if you can add me please do. I need gems!

    • crimsontide91 says:

      Hi anon, what combo are you using for seasonal dragon? I used Fire and Willow on the breeding island and got it first try, give it a few tries, and for Hail I used Storm and Firefly and got it first try, try that combo because Cold and Lightning has the smallest chance for hail of all the combos I think. Good Luck! :)

  32. Outrageous_ Orange says:

    Level 15? But how? Boost buildings?

  33. Az says:

    I got hail dragon by breeding mountain with rain

  34. Az says:

    I got hail dragon by breeding mountain with rain

  35. Az says:

    Try mountain & crystal too

  36. Bryan says:

    Add me for gems. bthaines

  37. Daisuke2005 says:

    Looking for 2 more people for dayly gem trades. Please only people who give gems back! gamecentre ID: Daisuke2005

  38. Dragofan says:

    I try every combination I can’t get the hail!!

  39. StanJr says:

    Reindeer + Scorch

  40. Nathan111 says:

    Add me two: Naughtynut

  41. crimsontide91 says:

    Just got it first try with Storm and Firefly! Good luck!

  42. Bonnie says:

    Got it with Ice and storm!!!! First try with this combo!!!

  43. Buhblee says:

    Cold and sonic got me hail on first try o:

  44. Jdfan36 says:

    Daily gem for gem trade. Only daily traders please. Add me and I can start today!! 3 gems left jdfan36

  45. Lauren Allen says:

    If your having trouble getting your hail dragon…..

    BREED: Blazing and Bloom.

    I got it on the first try.

    I’m level 31 and I give gems everyday. So add me.

    GC: Lauren.is.sexxi

  46. Jordan says:

    Add jojo22214

  47. lady tete says:

    Got mines with an ice and lighting first try!!!!! 😀

  48. thing says:

    Been trying to get it with cold + lightning but nada! Oh well at least it’s a simple combo.

    And add me at jambazeus if you guys want! I don’t really trade as much (though I have the gem tree) and I’m more interested in seeing well put together parks! :)

  49. Snowfox_ng says:

    I have room for 2 friends to gem4gem with, if you play lots add me snowfox_ng on game centre.

  50. Rinon says:

    Snow + storm = hail on ebi

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