DragonVale: How to breed a Century Dragon

Dragonvale Century Dragon

BUY-IT Price: 2013 GEMS

HOW TO BREED: Mud and Gift / Glacier and Water / Iceberg and Sandstorm / Earth and Ice

(Only Available until May 16th)

(This guide is part of a larger DragonVale breeding guide. For the full list of breedable dragons, click here.
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Dragonvale Century Dragon Egg

The 1st Egg is the Dragonvale Century Dragon Egg

337 Responses to “DragonVale: How to breed a Century Dragon”
  1. Abmike202 says:

    I can’t breed it with glacier and water.

    • Josephrak says:

      Me neither :( but I got a mud from it so I will use that with gift

    • Candriver32 says:

      I havnt got this dragon yet either but my gamecenter name is Cabdriver32 and I’ve tried becomeing mavens twins friend but he won’t accept so please accept and request me I have gifting tree so I will give u lots of gems and I’m 100% legit and own every dragon but the century at the moment

  2. Bonnie says:

    For those of u with breeding time questions, try the
    dragon calculator app. It doesn’t really help with breeding
    but it does keep track of all your dragons and gives the
    breeding times.

  3. Adriamarie says:

    I got mine with Hail + Mud … Hope that helps

  4. *Nightmares* says:

    Which of those breedings are the best one?

  5. Mmybird says:

    Got it with mud and gift after several tries

  6. Laura says:

    Hello all…I have a kindlefire and a poor man’s blackberry….and need friends badly…how can I add friends if I have no apple products :/

  7. YanYan says:

    Would breeding a mountain and water work?

  8. DARKNIGHT8286 says:

    Add me as a friend. My name is DARKNIGHT8286. I play daily and would like to help with gems!

  9. Nerdy2Shoes says:

    I have almost every dragon, but for some reason don’t have mud! Whoops! I give gems everyday, add me!

  10. Raymon8D says:

    If you guys are in need of a loyal gem trader…. Add me. My Game Center is “Raymon8D”
    Btw, sorry if I skip you becuase I have more than three friends and can only give out three

  11. Bonnie says:

    Got it after about ten tries. yeah me!!! mud and gift, level15 for both.

  12. s says:

    i used the mud and gift dragon and got the rainbow dragon

  13. Gearz318 says:

    Mud and Ghost worked first try.

  14. Don K. says:

    Finally got my Century Dragon with Glacier Dragon & a Water Dragon on the Epic Breeding Island. Would recommend purchasing a new Water Dragon for dragon cash . I had 2 Glacier Dragons but only one Water Dragon. Adding second Water Dragon allowed me to breed in both caves and change up combinations of the two dragons.

  15. Ski says:

    Add me on Gamecenter for gems! (Serious gem-er) ID: skilala

  16. Miiodin says:

    Mud+gift… I will just keep trying this combo i think :)
    Add me my gamecenter is : Miiodin
    I play and gift every ( i only have one friend so far , so i won’t be a problem to gift you every day ) :)

  17. Tony C says:

    Will trade gem4gem add me! tony_cote_98

  18. Al says:

    Glacier and water did it for me. About 20 attempts.

  19. JoannahB says:

    Mud and gift got me glacier. If u got 10 hrs with that combo it’s probably glacier or… not

  20. Nicoking4 says:

    Add me im actually saving gems for a dragonsai gifting tree

  21. anon says:

    Stupid scoria dragon – all these combos seem to get me it and it takes 22 hours to hatch! I’m starting to really hate this dragon = (

    • Allie says:

      Isn’t scoria a metal dragon? None of these combos have metal in them o.O

      • anon says:

        I bred mud and hail and got the Scoria – more than once. But I’m still not getting this dragon with any combo. Though I just tried again water and glacier in an upgraded breeding island and got 8 hours so we’ll see. Now I’m sticking to water/glacier on my island and iceberg/sandstorm in my cave. I don’t have a gift dragon ( I’d quit for awhile so I wasn’t playing when it was available for free and you can’t breed it now) so I can’t do that combo.
        I also can’t seem to get seasonal or cyclops no matter what I breed. I did get rose, though, and love, amethyst and blizzard which I didn’t even know was a new dragon.

        • Allie says:

          You literally can’t get scoria from mud and hail. It needs the metal element. Did you mean crystal? Crystal is earth and lightning and takes 24 hours. This dragon doesn’t need the lightning element so I would avoid using any dragon like hail. Stick to 3 elements so you don’t end up with a rainbow. I’ve gotten a few of these with mud and cold. I didn’t have any luck with glacier and water but other people seem to have been successful with that combo. Good luck!

          • anon says:

            All I’m getting is sandstorm with iceberg and sandstorm. And all I’m getting with glacier and water is more glaciers. Is there another combo besides those and gift people are having luck with?

          • Jenny says:

            Scoria is earth and metal. It probably created because of the mud.

          • Allie says:

            Mud is water and earth… How does it “create” a metal dragon.

          • Allie says:

            Anon try mud and cold, I’ve had luck on several accounts with that one. It did take a lot of tries though.

          • Lolo says:

            Anon, you cant get another sandstorm from iceberg and sandstorm. To breed a sandstorm you have to use an air dragon plus a dragon with the earth element in it. xx

        • lexilou says:

          I got mine with ghost and mud.

  22. JRW says:

    Got this dragon with mud and gift on EBI! Add me
    ID: Jessica Williams

  23. Vindawg75 says:

    Have 6 gems to give away daily. Looking for “loyal” gemmers to trade. Name is vindawg75. First come first serve. Others will not be forgotten

  24. Ngamer says:

    I have 1 century, and I want a second one. Can I breed a century dragon with another dragon to get a second century dragon?

  25. Benn3me says:

    i got it with water and glacier on my first try.

  26. Allie says:

    I got 3 with mud and cold

  27. Alex says:

    I also just got it with water and glacier on the first try!

  28. Tom says:

    10 hour breeding time with glacier and water, is it a century?

  29. Freddie says:

    Got it with iceberg/sandstorm on second try after trying the earth cold combos loads of times. Hope that helps somebody.

  30. Sean says:

    Does anyone know how to get the rose dragon?

  31. DJDGT says:

    Who can we talk to about getting them to release more islands… I’m running out of room

    • Allie says:

      Every time there’s something from dragonvale in my news feed on Facebook the comments are full of people asking for more islands and more habitats. So they have to know. However there are those that say we should still have plenty of room. However I like to decorate and display more than one of each dragon so I’m with you on this one.

  32. Erin says:

    First time I bred mud and gift I got a seasonal. Got century after the second try.

  33. Nic says:

    This dragon is killing me!!! I keep getting rainbow and tree with mud and gift so I tried iceberg and sandstorm and got 48 hour time :(

  34. Bmak says:

    I bred a mud and gift but it says 48 hours what is that??

    Btw any person who trades gems everyday .-BMAK-.

  35. dglion says:

    Mud & Gift @ 48 hrs = Rainbow. All I’ve gotten with that combo is an Evergreen but will keep trying. ;<)

  36. Adrienne says:

    Did hail then mud and got it first try

  37. rosedawn says:

    no luck with mud and gift or galcier and water yet on either island. Gonna keep trying.

    add me on facebook — rosedawnx@gmail.com

    will trade gem for gem daily

  38. Dylan says:

    I’ve tried all of the combos possible and keep getting glacier :(

    Any suggestions on other combos that worked ?


  39. Chris says:

    If anyone would like to exchange gems, please add me… my username is Dokker42 Thanks

  40. Lolo says:

    The first time I tried to breed a century dragon, I used earth+ice and got it the first time c:

  41. anon says:

    I’ve resorted to sticking with glacier and water in my upgraded island and trying different combinations in my unupgraded cave. So far, nothing. But keep putting up the different combinations please if anyone has any. I don’t have the gift dragon. Does anyone know the time of this dragon in an upgraded breading island?

  42. Harry says:

    First time mud and gift

  43. Mixi says:

    I will give gem for gem I play all the time :)
    Add me Michaela*xo

  44. Phileepsha says:

    I tried hail+ mud a bunch, sandstorm + iceberg, and gift + MUd. I tried all three combos in both breed caves a ton of times… Since its been available. And just tried mountain + rain, got it first try!!! :)

  45. PJF says:

    Why are all of the speciality dragons soooooooo hard o get??? You would think after continuous tries for 19 days that one would get a Century a dragon…..but nooooo luck. (:

  46. Collin Petrelius says:

    I got it with glacier and rain first try.

  47. GEMboy says:

    I trade gems everyday and have a dragonsai tree.
    Right now I have only 3 friends so who wants to be
    the other 3?

    I trade gems everyday.

    ID: Doggy DooDoo

  48. Cargospy@yahoo.com says:

    The dragon combos that are posted DO NOT work. Experienced breeder here. I’ve been trying, over And over and over again. They do not work. Do not waist gems!!

  49. Joe Liwag says:

    Please help I don’t have a gift so what’s the best combo

  50. RafaEC13 says:

    I tested the combinations over fifty times in breeding cave and have not gotten century dragon…

    He probado mas de 50 veces esas combinaciones en breeding cave y no consigo el century …

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