Dragonvale Century Dragon Egg

Dragonvale Century Dragon Egg

2 Responses to “Dragonvale Century Dragon Egg”
  1. DragonValeRs says:

    Got it they mud and cold.

  2. *Coc0mo* says:

    The egg was unexpected. I was going for an Aquamarine and had just ended the long process of developing the River Dragon and Iceberg Dragon. Finally got the two together in the Epic breeding cave, but the incubation showed only 8 hours so knew it wasn’t an Aquamarine. Was soooo excited 8 hours later when I saw the egg design. Had no idea what it was until I went on a DV egg site. They didn’t have a picture of the egg yet but I saw the Century Dragon’s shell and it matched! Confirmed with the Dr’s pic. The graphics on the dragons in this game are terriffic. Hoping for an Aqua before the month is over and it’s unavailable till next year!

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