DragonVale: How to breed a River Dragon

Dragonvale River Dragon
BUY-IT Price: 900 GEMS

HOW TO BREED:Water and Earth / Sandstorm and Iceberg (or any hybrids containing either elements)

(This guide is part of a larger DragonVale breeding guide. For the full list of breedable dragons, click here.
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Dragonvale River Dragon Egg

The 1st Egg is the Dragonvale River Dragon Egg

85 Responses to “DragonVale: How to breed a River Dragon”
  1. Finally, an EASY one!
    – The Doc

  2. Sillyone???? says:

    Yup pretty easy water and earth only its 10 hrs 23 min breeding time… Lots of new dragons this month is it always like this?

    • Omen says:

      Not always.
      They always release a new (limited time) Gem dragon each month – only March and April to go before they’ve all been released.

      They’ve been gradually releasing new Hybrid dragons over the past 16 or so months (since the game was released in Oct 2011). 8 elements x 8 elements = 64 total possible Hybrids. So far there are 61 available. Smoke (Fire/Air), Hail (Cold/Lightning), Blizzard (Air/Cold), Thunder (Lightning/Air) and now River (Water/Earth) are the most recent… Still 3 to go before the Hybrids are complete. Remaining combinations are (Water/Fire; Fire/Water; Air/Metal).

      The Century Dragon was the latest “Limited” dragon which represented the 100th dragon type (overall). Limited dragons are typically released in celebration of special days (e.g. Valentine’s, Christmas, St Patricks Day etc). We’re starting to see some double ups on these days. For example, last year it was Love Dragon for Valentine’s Day. This year they re-released Love but also introduced the new Rose Dragon. So you can expect they might continue to do this on the special days. Next (I think) will be Bloom Dragon released again for Easter. Maybe another new one for those of us who already have Bloom.

      Epic Dragons are usually released on/around Stellar/Solar/Lunar moments. e.g. Eclipse, Equinox etc. The only Epic/Rare dragons that are around all the time are Rainbow, Sun, Moon, Teasure (Platinum, Gold, Silver), Seasonal and Olympus (Gold, Silver, Bronze, Cyclops).

  3. Mermaid Jewels says:

    Got it with lv 15 Mud left and lv 15 Century first try

  4. Trisha says:

    I got this one also with lg 10 earth and lv 11 water on debit. I think this one is adorable! Reminds me of an otter….too cute

  5. Trisha says:

    Not debit- ebi (stupid spell check) lol

  6. r0lyp0ly says:

    Ice and Earth worked for River, Century, and Blizzard.

  7. Bonnie says:

    Great!! we needed another one!!

  8. Thomin8r says:

    Guess I have a new one to work on, and one more hole to fill in the display island. That will leave only 3 more dual element combinations.. Earth-water, Fire-water, Water-fire.
    Chech out my Egg Display Island, I have all Eggs on Display (well except for this new River one, but that should be there shortly).

  9. HungarrToph24 says:

    UGH! too many new dragons!!!!

  10. Rose says:

    I used a quicksilver and earth on the island. Got it first try.

  11. a.ransom says:

    Got it on 2nd try with level 10 water dragon and level 11 earth dragon. I think he is cute and will make a great pet.

  12. Jetschick904 says:

    I got a river first time with mud and seaweed in that order.
    Please add me daily gem gifter

  13. djamil says:

    keep getting mud! >:(

  14. Sarabeth says:

    I got it first try trying to get a sandstorm with mud and air

  15. Sarabeth says:

    Anything else take thirteen hours beside a bloom and a river?

  16. Ynnep1 says:

    I got it while trying for a century; water and glacier in ebc. Now I’m trying for another.

  17. Mette says:

    Trade gems with me! I’m level 40 and have a gem-tree. I play every day :-) In Game Center I’m Mette 2000 GTI

  18. Sandman531 says:

    Century and air worked 1st time.

  19. Fack You Dolphin says:

    Hey! Add me on gamecenter to trade gems. Name is fack you dolphin :-)

  20. Adriamarie says:

    On a whim I got it with Seaweed + Sandstorm … 1st try weird

  21. Samantha says:

    I got one with glacier and water, I was trying for the century dragon.

  22. Corey says:

    All I keep getting is mud dragon after mud dragon!!! Very annoying!

  23. Hmx says:

    Add me
    Gem 4 gem

  24. Ethel says:

    Like Samantha – glacier and water while trying for the century dragon!

  25. Ray says:

    Need three friends to gift 1 gem with daily, add me: RayJ1259

  26. Dylan says:

    Got Dis Dragon Seconds After It Came Out.. EASY


  27. JOROYJO says:

    Add me JOROYJO. Earth water best combo.

  28. Lolo says:

    I used earth+water, it took me maybe 7-10 tries to get it, but it’s an amazing looking dragon! It’s my favorite dragon design :) it’s really cute!

  29. Devorahanne says:

    Got it while trying to get century dragon. Add me gem for gem, i have gifting tree and needs 2 more friends. Just removed 2 friends who are not giving back. Add me “devorahanne”

  30. K1p44 says:

    I need 3 friends for my dragonsai tree!


  31. Rocky says:

    i got it first try with earth and water

    • Dogggg says:

      Hey just want to put this out there, and I just choose this comment at random, But YOU CAN GET A RIVER ALSO BY SELECTNG A MUD AND AIR DRAGON TO BREED!!!!

  32. dragonguy says:

    i got sun dragon with cold and lightning but i need moon

  33. Ben says:

    I used Century and Water to get a river dragon

  34. .awsomeness says:

    Does anybody else have Kairos?? I seem to be the only one

  35. Aayush says:

    A really easy one
    Got it with a love and blue fire in the 1 try

  36. jamie says:

    ice and earth works best!

  37. Colbyjack96 says:

    Air and mud first try in EBI. Was actually trying for the sandstorm to breed this lol.

  38. ++[7j]++t says:

    add me gem for gem, i gift in rotation so be patient, Gamecenter ID is ++[7j]++t

  39. Raphaela says:

    I’ve already tryed 6 times for a River Dragon and all I’ve got has beem Mud Dragons! I’m using Wather and Earth on the regular Breeding Cave.
    Is it possible to have this type of dragon on the regular Breeding cave?

  40. Terry says:

    I got it in the regular breeding cave with rain and panlong. Could not get it with anything else!

  41. HalfAshed says:

    Love this little cutey, got 3 so far.

    I’ve got a BUNCH of extra gems per day. Friend me and I’ll return gems til we’ve both a million!

    **** Add me! **** My GameCenter ID is HalfAshed

    Add me!

  42. Phil123 says:

    What are the chances of me getting a river dragon?

  43. Kobe says:

    You all seem to be forgetting that any couple of hibrids (may have misspelt that) that has water or earth!

    P.S I would give you my park code but I’m not a facebook member

    P.P.S too young.

    P.P.P.S I like to pop in every now and then!

  44. Zalima7 says:

    I got it with water and earth. Want to share gems. Add me: Zalima7
    I have lots of spare gems.

  45. Kitkat the Kittycat says:

    Thankyou Sarabeth! I’ve been trying to get river for half a month and FINALLY, 13 hours breeding time, Air and Mud. I’m just REALLY hoping it will be a river dragon…

  46. Becburt says:

    Anyone want to trade gem-for-gem? I have the tree and no one to give them to! Send gems and I will send back. Please add me: Becburt

  47. Vivienne134 says:


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