DragonVale: How to breed an Amethyst Dragon

Dragonvale Amethyst Dragon

BUY-IT Price: 1500 GEMS

HOW TO BREED: Hail and Sonic

(Only Breedable in February)

(This guide is part of a larger DragonVale breeding guide. For the full list of breedable dragons, click here.
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Dragonvale Amethyst Dragon Egg

The 1st Egg is the Dragonvale Amethyst Dragon Egg

485 Responses to “DragonVale: How to breed an Amethyst Dragon”
  1. This one is one of the cuter Dragons in recent months, in my opinion. Certainly of the gem dragons.
    – The Doc

    • Calvin says:

      Thanks Doc!!! I got it on my first try… Now to get the sun dragon, that one has eluded me for a while… Lol

    • Danny dido says:

      Hi doc, thanks for your help in getting all the dragons I have managed to get. Used your site for along time now. 1 question, could you accept me as a friend through Game Center so I can check out your park and gem you for helping me. Please please!! My name on Game Center I’d Danny dido. Thanks!!

    • .Ivy. says:

      I have a random question here. My park is connected through Facebook but I want to be able to add friends. How do you add friends??

  2. Kimberly says:

    That was very quik~ Thank you! I really like your work kind of thing here but I have been trying abunch of your suggestions and none of them are working…): Like for the blue fire or the rainbow or love… Why?):

    • well, LOVE should be seasonal, only available near Valentine’s Day. The others, are just rare dragons, with like a 2% chance of getting, even with the right combo. Try, Try again!
      – The Doc

      • Kimberly says:

        Thank you~(:

      • Mjk says:

        How rare is it? I have gotten 6 rainbow dragons, almost every single gemstone dragon (except for peridot) and I am on the verge of getting every single rare dragon. If you could please friend me on gamecenter to look at my park and tell me if it is more than just 2% or if I’m just super lucky.
        My gamecenter is penguinz333

  3. Mighty mouse says:

    Hail and Sonic is the combination

  4. Brian says:

    It’s probaly hail and something

  5. Bobbi says:

    Got it! It is really cute!

  6. Noelani says:

    Again ..you are the BOMB Doc….I didn’t get it yet but I’m still trying :)

    • Noelani says:

      Got it after 4 tries …I thought it would have been harder than that to get….well4 tries in one cave (reg)..and 3 in the EBC….any how’s…I know I couldn’t have done it without ur help DOC….normally have to breed a bunch of times before I get it …..now imma try and get my 2nd dragon and my egg display MAHALO DOC

  7. Brian says:

    Just got 30 hours with hail and sonic. I thought this one was 28?

  8. Danbarlinmar says:

    So, I have the upgraded breeding island… And I did the hail and sonic… And I got a 24 hour breeding time. I though it was the amethyst, but the math doesn’t work. I should have gotten 22 hours and 24 minutes… If the breeding time was 30 hours, like regular months, I would have it… But it’s stupid February. So is this a glitch, or do I have something different?

    • Danbarlinmar says:

      Note: I do not think February is stupid.

      • Andr3w says:

        Ermm… well since you are talking about upgraded breeding island, 24h IS 80% of 30h… so by getting a 24h breeding time, you DO get a Amethyst dragon..since there are no other dragon with that combination and that breeding time with upgraded breeding island.

        • Andr3wKsatria says:

          and 22.24h is 80% of 28h… and there is no gemstone dragon under 30h default breeding/incubation.. I know the dragons are all made at 30-31h according to the amount of days in that month, but I dont think they can make feb (amethyst) dragon for 28h and make another gemstone dragon for the year that have 29 days for February? lol.. Neo-Amethyst or something..? that would require another slot to be included for gemstone island…? lol…

          but cyclops is weird… and due to that, need to make another olympus habitat…. which is just weird >.> hope they change the limit of olympus habitat to 4…. a waste of habitat space due to that extra cyclops dragon..

          hoping that they will add another island… currently lv40, with 41/42 habitat due to lack of island space lol.. I barely decorated my islands, and yet I have no more space.. :( do they expect us to just put all island just side-by-side..

    • DV Rocks says:

      The hours for the Amethyst dragon is actually 28 hours, if that helps

      • Danbarlinmar says:

        Yeah I know that. My question is, if I did not get 22 hours and 24 minutes… Which is 80% of 28 hours, does that mean I do not have an amethyst? Or did backflip not adjust the upgraded breeding times… So the glitch would be that I got the breeding time for a regular 30 hour gem stone- 24 hours… Instead of… You know what, this question is too complicated for me to know how to phrase it… So I’m just gonna buy gems and find out.

        • Danbarlinmar says:

          Ok… So, the 24 hour upgraded breeding time, 80% of 30 hours, yielded an amethyst. So, the upgraded breeding time for the amethyst is not consistent with the listed 28 regular breeding time, as 80% of 28 is 22.4, or 22 hours, 24 minutes. So backflip didn’t adjust the upgraded breeding time to account for February having fewer days.

          That was more complicated than it needed to be, but breeding dragons is serious business.

  9. Carlos says:

    I bred this but got 30 hours…. Do you know if it will still amathyst?

  10. Ads says:

    does neone know a good combination 4 rainbow

  11. Averian88 says:

    Can’t believe I tried all month for the Garnet and it was the one and only dragon I couldn’t get (my oldest daughter’s birthstone). I got 2 amethysts on day 1!

    • Kim Winkelmann says:

      I got mine first try too…. This one seems to be a lot easier than the others. The rest took me until the end of the month and countless attempts to get them.

    • Rachelle says:

      You wil get it by accident. Sometimes while trying for a gem stone dragon it gave e seeral rainbow which sucks coz i need to wait 48hrs for it.

  12. richyrake says:

    Lucky I need combos for a moon

  13. richyrake says:

    I can’t seem to get anything good

  14. Jdfan36 says:

    Two more gems for daily trade! Please send gem and I will return. Looking only for daily trader! Jdfan36

  15. Eric Loh says:

    Very strange! I breed hail & sonic in the upgraded cave and got a breeding time of ard 38 plus hours. What can it be?

  16. richyrake says:

    How many times did it take to get the amethyst

  17. Sarah says:

    I just got this dragon first shot- first time THAT’s ever happened. But weirdly, I got it in 30 hours, not 28. Googling says others are getting the same. Wonder why?

  18. Mrcolt2000 says:


  19. Kitty says:

    I got the Amethyst on my second try. I was going for a second one and got a 48 hr breeding time. Is it another rainbow? Or is there a small chance it could be a seasonal?

  20. Talonzenn says:

    Just put hail and sonic in regular breeding cave, I checked but I’m not sure if that amethyst or not.
    Can any1 confirm that for me?

  21. Comm4ndoC4rl says:

    hail and sonic works. took like 10 tries but i got it

  22. Raymond8D says:

    I anyone needs some gems, add me. I’ll send you gems only if u send me some too. My Game Center is “Raymon8D”

  23. Raymond8D says:

    I anyone needs some gems, add me. I’ll send you gems only if u send me some too. My Game Center is “Raymon8D”

  24. Kim Winkelmann says:

    Got this one first try… Is it really that much easier? The others have taken me almost the whole month to get them…

  25. Bonnie says:

    I think she is adorable!!! I can’t wait to have one!!!

  26. Poultryspyder says:

    I got 48 hrs with sonic and hail. Anyone know what that will be?

  27. Regan says:

    I got 48 hrs :(

  28. merrilau says:

    I’ve always been envious of people getting a gemstone dragon on their first try. But hey, not anymore…..first try for me! Hail & sonic on the epic breeding island. Woohoo!

  29. My Game Center name is TopGunDragon1

    I have two more spaces for dragonvale players to receive free gems each day… First two trusted players to add me will receive :)

  30. Harleechic says:

    Thanks a bunch, Doc!!!!!! I was able to get this one my second try!!!!! Thanks for all your hard work!!!!!

    • Harleechic says:

      Update to my first post!!!!! I have been able to breed a second one!!!!! This dragon has been so easy to breed compared to some of the others I have tried.

  31. Sillyone???? says:

    Jeez this game sucks big time ive gone through 300 freaking gems and got exactly crap for it. Just a bunch of sonic and hail and other crap that does exactly zilch.

  32. JT Mac says:

    Loving your work Dr Mac! Can’t wait to get an amethyst.

    Have three spaces left for gem traders! Add me on game center MiniMacFan77

    First three to add will get daily gems :)


  33. troy says:

    any new rare dragons for this year?

  34. Jetx9000 says:

    I’m so happy the brought back all of the older dragons in December, I now only need 4 ( possible 3, if I’m getting what I think I might be getting)

  35. meth says:

    lucky me got it at first try

  36. Akirasz Spidey says:

    Platinum if you have upgraded your breeding cave

  37. Cambreia says:

    ? Tried Hail and Sonic in the Epic Breeding Cave. Got surprised when I got 38 hours… Chances are that it’s moon or rainbow then, huh? Hope it’s rainbow, I already have three moon dragons.

  38. Mike says:


  39. Rbosiris says:

    Looking for people doing gem for gems


  40. Travis says:

    Sonic and rust did it for me 2 try

  41. Firebreather101 says:

    I just got 6 hours 23 minutes in the sanctuary. What is it? Is it another hail?

  42. yncha says:

    Tried breeding HAIL & SONIC a few minutes ago at the non-upgraded EBC…got 48 hrs breeding time. Do you have any idea what dragon will it be?

  43. Vixen2001 says:

    I have two!! I got first one after trying few time and the second one I got right after it.

  44. richyrake says:

    Aug!!!!! Mood= MAD I can’t get a thing!!!

  45. (%rrrrrr%) says:

    What is the chance if getting the amathest dragon??

  46. Dimebag says:

    39 hours on upgraded sanctuary? Any clue?

  47. mcbreezy says:

    Add me… Gamecenter is mcbreezy

    I just bred HAIL lv-10 and SONIC lv-10 in the Epic Breeding Island and got a 48 hour breeding time. Does anyone know what this is yet? I’ve seen a couple comments about the same outcome, using this combination, but no answers. Anyone know???
    Please comment.

  48. NESheng says:

    Add me for gem…I have dragonsai tree…my ID is NESheng1002

  49. marvin says:

    anyone wants to trade gems everyday? i can accomodate 3 people just add my facebook: Marvin Daboi
    message me or post on my wall to notify. thanks!

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