DragonVale: How to breed an Amethyst Dragon

Dragonvale Amethyst Dragon

BUY-IT Price: 1500 GEMS

HOW TO BREED: Hail and Sonic

(Only Breedable in February)

(This guide is part of a larger DragonVale breeding guide. For the full list of breedable dragons, click here.
If you would like to help support my rushing breedings & incubations to discover the latest dragon combos for you, please send me gems – GameCenter ID = “Dr Macenstein” & “MacensteiniPad”. Of you can give us BOTH gems by entering my Friend code in the REDEEM section under SOCIAL. It’s 5074276. Thanks!

Dragonvale Amethyst Dragon Egg

The 1st Egg is the Dragonvale Amethyst Dragon Egg

485 Responses to “DragonVale: How to breed an Amethyst Dragon”
  1. Kmk'o'hara says:

    AW…petty drawon! Tee-Hee I WANT IT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Josephrak says:

    The doc is trying to get garnet in the picture notice smoke and obsidian in the breeding cave? That is the combonation for garnet. So Doc, are you trying to get garnet in that picture?

  3. Blub says:

    Just got 48 hours with hail and sonic. Is it a moon dragon?

  4. Rebelangel:) says:

    Got it second try! Yayy

  5. Feredir says:

    Looking for three people to trade gems with daily.

    Add me on Game Center: Feredir

  6. TalonZenn says:

    So far I’ve got 4 sun dragons FML.
    I just got garnet dragon at the end of jan luckily but this doesn’t seem as easy
    As people keep saying. I guess it’s all chance…

  7. KrazyFishDragon says:

    Hey Doc. I use hail and sonic and end up with 48hrs. What could thus dragon be?

  8. R3BEL says:

    just got 28hrs in regular cave 3rd try with hail & sonic:D

  9. SnowTiger7777 says:

    Well, started trying for this one … so far 4 Sonics later … still no luck! ={

  10. Dev says:

    Got lots of hail and sonic and just got sun but no Amethyst Arrrrr!

  11. Feredir says:

    I’ve got the gifting tree & am looking for three people to do gem 4 gem trades with! I play daily please send gem and I will return.

    Game Center id: feredir

  12. Jenny says:

    I remember the garnet being so easy to breed but 4 breeds later I have 3 snow dragons and one hail fml lol

  13. So far amethyst dragon fail but I’ll keep trying.

  14. Quilly87 says:

    Got one on my second attempt! Crazy since it took me 20+ to get the Garnet dragon last month!

  15. Rockstar says:

    I got one, finally!
    Just kept trying hail (left) and sonic (right) on the island until I got it!
    Must’ve taken about 10 tries, but I just kept with it.
    Going to try again to get the egg to display.

  16. Yarinsha says:

    No luck so far…
    Add me Yarinsha gem 4 gem
    Lvl 40 play daily

    • SnowTiger7777 says:

      “SnowTiger7777” would like to be your friend. Gem4Gem as soon as I get enough. Wish I had more than 6 to give per day. Yarinsha, I added you! I play all the time. Maxed out @ 40 but LOVE going for the new dragons & redecorating my dragon’s homes!

  17. Mike says:

    I got one with hail and sonic after 6 try’s

  18. Petlover9200 says:

    Add me Petlover9200
    I play everyday and I can really use some friends….
    All the people that say gem for gem are lying…I’m not saying that.
    Please, just add me……..????????????????????????????

  19. I got it first try sonic (right) hail (left) HOPE YOU CAN GET IT

  20. I can’t wait to try for the march dragon lol yeah right

  21. Ashley says:

    Got it 1st try

  22. Laura says:

    I’ve tried hail and sonic in both breaking caves at least 20 times and I’ve got 2 suns and the rest hail or sonic. What the heck????

  23. Acer26 says:

    Just purchased the gifting tree. Need friends That gift everyday! Game I’d is Necroplasm26

  24. Dev says:

    Must have blowen about 200 gems on his still no luck anyone got any more combos?

  25. 6anna9 says:

    Got it on first try! Haven’t missed a monthly dragon yet :)
    Add me- 6anna9
    Gem for gem!

  26. Sure.Nobody says:

    I got mine on the first time :)
    Hail (lvl 10) on the left and sonic (lvl 10) on the right, in the epic breeding cave

  27. chz24 says:

    Interested in gaining 3 friends to trade gem for gem daily. I am a level 38 and I play daily. Game Center ID is chz24.

  28. Theqiwiman says:

    I always gem for gem, but only 1 or 2 ppl gem me back! Add me for gem 4 gem, I play daily! Theqiwiman

  29. sandv1g says:

    Argghh keep getting sun :(

  30. Overdosn says:

    Looking for 5 gem traders gem for gem please add overdosn,
    Once confirmed gem me to be added to list 5 spots up for grabs,
    Serious gem traders only

    Game centre ID Overdosn

  31. JOROYJO says:

    Got one add me JOROYJO..

  32. gob says:

    i got 2 garnets last month in 8 tries but i cant seem to get this one

  33. 13rosea says:

    Might have gotten a rainbow while trying to get this dragon. Gem 4 gem trade so I can speed it up and see. My name is 13rosea

  34. Storm Trahan says:

    I got it second try right when it came out on the 1st…
    The weird thing was that it said that it was a 30 hour dragon instead of 28 >.<
    I had no idea what it was but I assumed that the game wasn't quite fixed yet haha
    Anyone else had 30 hours instead of 28?

  35. Vamp231 says:

    I need two more friends and I trade gems daily only add if u trade,daily to please

  36. TalonZenn says:

    Finally got an amethyst dragon on the way.
    Sonic + Hail = 5 sun dragons, 1 amethyst

    • Ayomide Lamuren says:

      At least you have a sun dragon. I can seem to get practically every other dragon except the stupid sun and moon dragons! I mean rainbow wasn’t even that hard for me! I got 3 so easily and they said they are the most rare! I think sun and moon are the most rare! I got all the other sun and moon dragons except for actual sun and moon! >:(

  37. Hippomon82 says:

    I’m getting one! And the best part is my B day is in Febuary

  38. Allie says:

    I get to be the one saying I got a dragon first try for once! I got one for displaying on the second try. It’s nice to be lucky for once!

  39. David says:

    Looking for three people to gem 4 gem i play daily
    Name: Viscidabyss

  40. Shannen says:

    So I just did Hail & sonic for the 8th try between my 2 breeding caves. I got a sun the first try Which I have been trying for forever. I was happy about that. Since I have only been getting storm dragons & other short time stuff. Just now I tried in my epic cave & got a breeding time not even listed I have NO IDEA what it is! Its 22:24 needing 23 gems to complete. It is upgraded. So its a shortened time but amethyst would be 24:00 I used the calculator 7 there isnt even a time for that. Is anyone else running into this & if so What is it? Any ideas? Thanx for any help!

  41. Sarabeth says:

    Add me gem 4 gem VOLDEMORT?! What level hail and sonic I have tried at least 15 times and have gotten about six hails and about nine storms an I am gettin a snow a snow and a forge which is really weird

    • Shannen says:

      Both are level 10. I am getting alot of storms and got a snow too. Just have no idea what this last one is with the weird incubation time. Not sure how to add you. I only have a few friends they r all from face book. But only have 2 friends who i actually trade gem for gem Most people I have tried with do not return gems just let me give them mine. I dont have a gifting tree so I can only do 3 per day. I am willing to be friends & trade is you are going to trade gem for gen. Im good for it! How do I add you if not by facebook?

  42. Daniel says:

    Im gonna try at 7 am like mickey777 after all he was right with the garnet!

  43. Eric Loh says:

    I got at least 3 Storms (2 more breeding with 8 hours breeding time), 2 Hails and 1 moon but NO Amethyst till now ='(

  44. Trestoledos says:

    Got a moon with this combo… Looking for ppl to trade gems with… Add me on gc -trestoledos-

  45. Josephrak says:

    Hey, Doc, are you trying to get Garnet in that picture of the egg? Because you are breeding smoke and obsidian and that is the combo for garnet so what are you trying to get?

  46. Weeds057 says:

    Gem 4 gem- on daily and will accept the first 3. Game Center ID- weeds057

  47. Pach1nko says:

    I think I have gotten about 8 sonic dragons by now. Luck is just on my side.

    Also looking for people to trade gems with. My username is: Pach1nko

  48. izik skyler says:

    Tried Hail + Sonic about 30 tries, gotten 3 Suns and rest Sonic and Hail,still no luck. But for some reason i have gotten 90% all of my dragons buy reversing the combos.So i did (Left) Sonic + (right) Hail and gotten Amethyst Dragon and 2 Moon after 5 tries. 23 Hours Breeding time and 28 incubation time.Epic Breeding Island.

  49. Jendan says:

    My names is Jendan, looking for friends to exchange gems please add

  50. Jen says:

    Anyone know why I can’t buy any more habitats? Just got my 4th island and the market won’t let me buy any habitats

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