DragonVale: How to breed an Amethyst Dragon

Dragonvale Amethyst Dragon

BUY-IT Price: 1500 GEMS

HOW TO BREED: Hail and Sonic

(Only Breedable in February)

(This guide is part of a larger DragonVale breeding guide. For the full list of breedable dragons, click here.
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Dragonvale Amethyst Dragon Egg

The 1st Egg is the Dragonvale Amethyst Dragon Egg

485 Responses to “DragonVale: How to breed an Amethyst Dragon”
  1. G-pig Girl says:

    After many failed attempts with hail and sonic, I got 28 hours with sonic and hail 😀 I really hope it’s it!!

    • Sak says:

      OMG!!!! After buying gems and after the many failed attempts I finally get the amythest dragon!!!! Add me sak97 14

    • Kiwistar says:

      I’m still trying :( but add me kiwistar2116 please!

    • Bethbunnyhead says:

      I found it is most likely to get the Dragon you want towards the end of the time it is possible to breed. For example, I got a Garnet Dragon on my first try but I started breading it two days before you couldn’t breed it. It’s risky though since you won’t be able to breed it again for a while.

  2. Gsilvey says:

    ADD ME! Its gsilvey31@hotmail.com

    I give gems!

  3. Country boy5321 says:

    Got it on 7th try but I also got a sun two moons and a bronze Olympus add me codinator 29

  4. Bonnie says:

    Just got my first one with hail and sonic!! Both are level 15
    in the ebc!!

  5. Jenny says:

    I need 5 new gem trading partners :). I play every day. Please add me: jlg757. I will take the first 5 but update if folks aren’t giving gems. Thank you!!

  6. richyrake says:

    Are there any other combos for amethyst because I can’t get it with hail and sonic

  7. Dani says:

    Ive goten a moon, 3 blizzard, 2 sonic, and a motherload of hail dragons, is there no other combos?? Could blizzard/lightning or blizzard/somthing else not have better chances? I hope i get it :(

    • r0lyp0ly says:

      I tried a bazillion times since the first and finally got one cooking on my EBI this morning. Only thing I did different was use a level 15 Sonic instead of using both level 10. Maybe try mixing it up?

  8. Yopo1999 says:

    I got it with hail and sonic
    ADD me on gamecenter: yopo1999

  9. Nop says:

    This was my my 15th try…
    I got 28hrs that amethyst??
    I know amethyst is 28hrs but is there any other?

    • Shane says:

      The gemstone dragons take the same number of hours to breed as there are days in that month.
      I want to know if it takes 29 hours for the amethyst dragon if its a leap year.

      • Annie says:

        Very perceptive of you!!! Kudos!
        I thought no one would notice that “quirk”!

        To answer another’s question…gem dragons may be bred other ways, but the recommended combo is ordinarily the one.
        This month has been VERY challenging!

        I have yet to get an amerhyst using 2 accts…one iPod, the ather droid.

        I am concerned too many dragons introduced at same time with similar combos.
        Good luck!

        …and may the odds be ever in your favor!!

  10. MaxMaia says:

    I keep getting hail and moon dragons :(

    These gem dragons don’t come easy!!!

  11. Eléna says:

    Do you need to use the breeding tree? Or can I use the cave?

  12. Noelani says:

    For those who have all your dragons? Are you having a difficult time breeding ur amethyst ? I bred one since the start and having a hell of a time getting an egg display..SUCKS its almost half the month and I’m tired of breeding it..but I want my darn egg displayUGH, everyday at least 5-6 times a day maybe more cant keep track already…am I the only one ?

  13. Gita says:

    Please add me, d’r, Macenstein. And i need desperately training partners, please add me: Tijger01

  14. Carcarrocks says:

    Hey guys can’t seem to get it tried at Least 10 times anyway is there any specific time to try to breed it becuz I’ve heard of that so anyway add me on Game Center no friends whatsoever my name is wolfpack33rocks ill do gem for gem I need gems

  15. Nerdy2Shoes says:

    I’ve been using both cave and island nonstop and still no amethyst! Argh! I give gems everyday, add me!

  16. roderick geraets says:

    First try and i got 28 hours with hail and sonic on epic breeding island

  17. Kali says:

    I have tried at LEAST 2 time a day if not more sence the 1st and have gottan nothing. help??

  18. jamie says:

    hail and storm and im getting moon or sun!

  19. Jelea says:

    I’ve gotten a sun and a moon from this combo and I just got another long breeding time but still no amethyst :/

  20. Jenny says:

    Still haven’t succeed but please add I have one more gem two give jennyurb

  21. Player says:

    Bred hail and sonic. Got 39 hours with upgraded island, what is it?

    • Nicolaeb says:

      Most likely sun or moon.. On an upgraded island, they have a breeding time of 38hours and 24mins… Sun and moon seem to be the most common result of this breeding pair.

  22. Cronius says:

    I have not been able to breed the last 2 or more months of gem dragons. I have had no luck this month so far either. I’m getting rather discouraged with this game. I guess if I have not breed this dragon by the end of the month I should stop playing and delete the game. The excitement is gone when you spend all month breeding the same combinations and not getting the results you hoped for.

    • 12345678910 says:

      Don’t give up!! I’ve heard February is one of the hardest months!! Just keep trying and if you don’t succeed, try next month!! Don’t give up!!

  23. Lisa says:

    I got my amethyst dragon using hail and sonic, ( I think , my personal opinion is to use the breeding island)! It seems like its the only way to get the rare dragons! Hope this helps!! Add me L????Zumba????C!!! I play everyday

  24. leeah says:

    i have been trying to get this dragon for days!
    i finally tried hail and sonic at 10 in the morning and i got a 28 hr breeding xD

  25. Frustrated!! says:

    Ugh!!! I CANNOT GET THIS DRAGON!!!! I have tried over 40 times!! Is anyone else having a problem?? I am ready to boycott Dragonvale and never play again. Not to mention all the other new dragons to try for, and the Rose is only around for a couple of weeks…I’ve NEVER had this much trouble!!

  26. Hollyster says:

    I need gem trading partners! I play everyday! Please add me on GameCenter! Hollysyer 😉 or dogwalkerz133@gmail.com

  27. Gemz says:

    Hey I got a 48 hour time with sonic and hail does anyone know what it might be ? :)

  28. Sophie says:

    I have hail and sonic breeding in my cave and on my island! I’m getting annoyed bc I haven’t even come close to getting an amethyst dragon. And I can’t get a moon dragon either I’ve been trying for months.

  29. T-Goose says:

    Got one. Sonic and Hail. Each Level 10. In normal breeding cave. Took 20+ tries with cave and island going at all times. Walking away with 1 Amethyst 3 Moons and 3 Suns. Bong!

    • 12345678910 says:

      I got mine with Hail (L) and Sonic (R) on my 3rd try in the epic breeding island!!! Sooo Excited!! My first gemstone dragon!! Keep trying guys! Never give up!!!

  30. Erin says:

    I still haven’t gotten one either. I’ve been trying twice a day with both caves. I decided to take a break today b/c I want to get a Love and a Rose before it’s too late. I think I just got them both on the first try. Then I’ll be back to trying for the amethyst.

    • Annie says:

      Hello all!
      I am experiencing similar difficulties with this particular gem dragon like no other…

      However, i dont post for that.
      I have a lvl 40 iPod acct and a lvl 26 android acct.

      I have been a loyal player of this app since its induction!

      I have had to cut some non-gemmers loose.

      I still play 24/7 on both acctt and need some new blood!

      GC : >>Moosh<<
      android: Anne Lucas Sammartano on FB

      …and may the odds be ever in your favor!!

  31. Geordy81 says:

    Add me if you want gems and only if you gift in return, Geordy81

  32. Missy says:

    finally got it! 22 hours on upgraded breeding cave at 1:45pm eastern. I’d been breeding amethyst on EBI for the past two weeks then got sick of spamming blizzards and switched today.

    now onto century and rose :/

  33. Ryp says:

    Can you breed a gem dragon more then once?

    • Nicolaeb says:

      Yes I’ve seen people who have about 4 of one type of gemstone dragon… Not advisable to do this though because you’ve only got a very limited amount of room for gemstone dragons on the Gemstone Island.

  34. Nicolaeb says:

    Took about 23 tries, but finally managed to get Amethyst on Epic Breeding Island with lvl 10 hail and lvl 10 sonic. Got one moon, and tonnes of hail and sonic in the process…

  35. Nicks says:

    still trying with 2 lvl 15 Hail and Sonic. Please add me I send gems daily, just send me some also ^_^

    Gamecenter: NicksRavus

  36. Isaac says:

    I got 48 hours after about 5th try. What is it?

  37. Zak says:

    I got a sun with this combo it will be done tomorrow

  38. Emoon says:

    I also had EBI

  39. jamie says:

    how often does the combo work?cos i got 2 and now im getting a storm

  40. bla bla bla 123xyz says:

    got it fist time ^^ so happy :)

  41. Moemen says:

    Bred hail/sonic and got 48 hours, what is it?

  42. John says:

    Hi, bred hail and sonic and got a 48 hour time?! What is it?? Any help please 😛

  43. Joe Liwag says:

    I’ve been trying sonic and hail and hail and sonic but all I get is like more hail and I’m using cave and how can you get sun and moon?

  44. Genbye says:

    My hail and sonic dragons have been hard at it for 17 days now, wonder if they are getting tired??? I felt a bit guilty when I set them to work again today… Like others, lots of hail and sonics, plus 2 moons and a sun (that’s nice!!). Still trying cos no way I am paying 2500 gemsfor it!!

  45. rosedawn says:

    finally got it.

    please add me on facebook– rosedawnx@gmail.com. Looking for three friends to gem trade with daily.

  46. Gems I what says:

    How do you get level15???????

  47. Kim says:

    This is try no. 102 for me!…and still no amethyst

  48. Hauehauehauehuae says:

    Each Month the gemstone dragon gets uglier…

  49. Paragon20 says:

    Add me Paragon20… If u send me gems ill send u gems

  50. Nat says:

    after 31 tries, I finally have my 28hr wait!

    So excited ^^

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