DragonVale: How to breed a Celtic Dragon

Dragonvale Celtic Dragon
CELTIC DRAGON: (limited: Only Breedable in March near St. Patrick’s Day)
BUY-IT Price: 2513 GEMS

HOW TO BREED:Flower and Storm /Cactus and Storm / Poison and Storm / Clover and Storm

(This guide is part of a larger DragonVale breeding guide. For the full list of breedable dragons, click here.
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Dragonvale Celtic Dragon Egg

The 1st Egg is the Dragonvale Celtic Dragon Egg

295 Responses to “DragonVale: How to breed a Celtic Dragon”
  1. Keith says:

    got one on the first try. Cactus + Storm. 😀

  2. Keith says:

    got one on the first try. Cactus + Storm, both level 10, regular breeding cave. 😀

  3. nbrass94 says:

    Gem for gem, I just got a dragonsai gifting tree and the first 6 people to add me I’ll trade with!! Please add me!! :)

    Game centre: nbrass94

  4. Tany says:

    Hi guys can you please add me $Elizaveta$ on game center

  5. gothefro53 says:

    Please add I need 6 new friends to trade gems with, because I just got a dragonsai gifting tree.
    My game centre is: gothefro53

  6. Km'o'hara says:

    My close BFF got won! Thanks Albert of gaming!

  7. anon says:

    Ok – so I’ve been breeding in both my EBI and my EBC for this dragon and I’m trying to figure out what I just got. I bred a flower/storm in my cave and got a day, 13 hours. I bred a clover/storm on my island and got 13 hours. Any idea what htey are?

  8. person says:

    Why do people say I bred this dragon with that dragon and got x breeding time and then ask what it is? Hey, stupid, look at the breeding times chart!

  9. MJR says:

    I used flower and storm to get this dragon. It took me 2 tries though. 1st try I got a rainbow, and the 2nd try I got the Celtic. I am happy that I got both the rainbow and the Celtic. I also have leap year. SO HAPPY!!!!!

  10. Char says:

    I tried all night in my EBI with my level 10 and above dragons and could not get a Celtic, I finally got one this morning after who knows how many tries. My daughter who plays this in her Android device got it on her first try in a regular breeding cave with a level 5 Clover and a level 5 Storm dragon. After that she went on and breed a Aquamarine dragon on her first try with a level 4 River and a level 4 Iceburg. I’m not so certain about that better luck using higher level dragons thing.

  11. Volcora says:

    I forgot which combo I did, as I tried each one out, but I got a Celtic on a first try for one of those combos! *happy dance* now if only I could get an aquamarine… Wish you all luck!

  12. Dragongeek says:

    Tried 26 times in epic breeding island 1 in normal breeding island with flower and storm (both ten) and poison and storm (both ten) no luck any ideas.

  13. RHA says:

    Got a Celtic with clover and storm, both level 15, on upgraded island. 4th try.

  14. lady tete says:

    Another moon. Don’t think it’s fair to have this dragon limited to just half the month, especially since i recently just found out about this dragon a few days ago. :(

  15. The Doctor says:

    Tried in the EBI and got a moon dragon then in the normal cave and got celtic, I want another so bad but I used all my gems upgrading and can’t speed up stuff anymore, plus the game won’t let me buy gems :/

  16. cheree says:

    What are the being hours?? I think I might have it my time is 17

  17. kr says:

    Poison (L10) and Storm (L10) first try

  18. Anghello says:

    Hey! Add me!! Send me a Gem and Ill send you a Gem Back! My ID: anghdelrey

  19. mike says:

    Got Cetric on third try with 14 Clover & 10 Storm. OHHH Yeah!!!!! Just before saint daddy’s day was over.

  20. Krazie4u247 says:

    Do any of you know if you have 2 of a limited dragon can you still breed them together to get another one of them if they are no longer available? For example say I have 2 Celtic dragons and I try breeding them together for a 3rd Celtic after Celtic is no longer available, will I be able to get a Celtic dragon?

  21. anonymous says:

    used storm, lvl 7, and flower, lvl 8, and got celtic third try!

  22. Coksi75 says:

    Try several time… I used like 200 gems to accelerate time of breeding and incubation.. Still dnt have it… Wish i got it before its gone…

  23. LunarDragonisCute says:

    To all who haven’t gotten:
    Wait for the end of the year when Dragonvale does their classic
    BRING THEM BACK. We can get more of our limited time dragons then.
    If I don’t get by tonight there’s always that! :)

  24. WorldsmostUNLUCKY says:

    I am officially the worlds most unlucky.
    I just clogged my breeding caves with TWO stupid 48 hour dragons!!!! I Hate this.
    Flower storm and clover storm

  25. Ecra58 says:

    I have now been been using 1 hour just been sending to one useless site to another: where are the 151 comments been hiding? Here are only 2!!!! What is the point in that? I wanted to check ending time for the Celtic dragon. Is it or is it not on Monday?

  26. RazorRyan says:

    Do you have to be a certain level to breed this dragon. Im level 22, and it doesn’t register in my inventory.

  27. Dragonking33 says:

    Just barely got my 2nd in the EBI lvl 15 ash and lvl 15 storm
    Same combo how I got my first cept it was in the breeding cave

  28. Yon sack says:

    Macestein I will send gem even if u don’t GC yon sack

  29. Lolzaz says:

    I can’t do it! It suck because the only epic dragon I have is bronze olympus. I’m just not getting it

    • Dragonking33 says:

      I had the same issue my first epic dragons I got were the Olympus, just keep trying if you don’t get it you can always try again during the “Bring Em Back” event at the end of the year

  30. Paul54 says:

    I’ve tried 5x with Cactus & Storm. Now I’ve switched to Poison & Storm. 1st try, unsuccessful. I probably only have 1 more chance. Add me “Paul54”. I play every day & will gift if you gift, gems.

  31. Naser issa says:

    I got one by breeding flower and storm second try! I kept rechecking the breeding times and when I got one, I was soooo happy

  32. Af says:

    Just got incubication time of 17 hours with love dragon and storm.

  33. Queena says:

    Got it in first try!!! By flower 15 and storm 11!!! But it’s seems so hard to get second one. Good luck everyone!

  34. Chaseymikes says:

    Tried flower on left and storm on right about 10 times. Then did storm on left and flower on right and got it first try on epic breeding island.

  35. Paul54 says:

    Damn!!! Nursery is full of litchen & firefly eggs. 9 tries of cactus/storm & poison/storm combos & wasted the rest of my gems. Not very happy.

  36. Guest136953268 says:

    Wait so is this expiring Monday night or tonight? Also if I already have 1 Celtic is it possible to get another one using my current Celtic?

    • KeaTheTiny says:

      I tried breeding Celtic and Leap Year thinking that since Leap Year is out of season it would automatically breed a Celtic. This did NOT happen. Instead I got a rainbow, which uses the same habitat, but was a rather confusing result. I highly recommend NOT using Celtic in combination with other rares unless you want your breeding/hatching backed up 48 hrs on each end. I got a second Celtic using the same combo as my first (I tried other combos, they just didn’t work for me). My combo for both Celtics was lvl 18 Plant and lvl 15 Storm. Good luck everyone! Looks like there are a cpl more hrs to breed for this (on the west coast anyways).

      Gamecenter ID – KeaTheTiny

  37. zabo23 says:

    Got my 1st at first shot, then tried a second one and got a 48h (moon) and two 24h (crystal) in a row…kinda crappy time to get these rares o.o
    But yeah, there’s always the “bring em back!” for my Celtic egg!

  38. Ggeckoboyy says:

    Got my first one Saturday with flower and storm lvl 10 in EBI, then when trying for a secound one I got a 48 hours in the regular cave. Then got a 48 hours in my EBI,Rushed my EBI and got my secound 17 hours with 10 mins left till it expires!!! Yeah I’m lucky…. Total : 2 celtics 1 moon 1 mystery 48 hour one and a few other random ones.

  39. Paul54 says:

    I need 3 gems so I can give getting the Celtic Dragon 1 more shot. Help a fellow dragon breeder out. I’ll get you back asap. I have a rotation of friends I send gems too. PLEASE! I need this dragon!!!

    • GIOSTEVIE says:

      breed flower+strom. be patient! add me for 1 gem right now. I’ll help you. GioStevie

      • Paul54 says:

        I’ll have to send you a gem tomorrow. Already sent out my max. Thank you to the few friends that made my last chance possible. Here goes nothing. Storm/Cactus – 30 mins. Ugh. At least, I’ll have one to try once more! Damn!!!!

      • Paul54 says:

        I’ll have to send you a gem tomorrow. Already sent out my max. Thank you to the few friends that made my last chance possible. Here goes nothing. Storm/Cactus – 30 mins. Ugh. At least, I’ll have one to try once more! Damn!!!! I’m going to try Storm/Poison for my last attempt. This will be attempt 11 in the last 24 hours. I know it’s a super long shot but, whatever. Tomorrow I start what will surely turn out to be days of trying, to get my 1st rainbow dragon.

  40. Susan says:

    Just got it with cactus 15 and storm 15

  41. GIOSTEVIE says:

    so easy to get this dragon guys :) last call on 18 march. it means today.. goodluck for us. breed celtic as soon as you can. add for gem everyday and see my beautiful park. I’d : GioStevie. thank you dragonvale lovers :)

  42. Sachit says:

    I have gotten a Celtic dragon with poison and storm the day before yesterday …………boom I got the second egg with flower and storm and guess what…I got them on…….the normal breeding cave (it was not even upgraded) . Man I’m lucky!!! If u want to see my dragons my Game Center I’d is vengehood.

  43. dglion says:

    Got second Celtic 15 minutes ago, just made it in time! Yippee!!!

  44. dglion says:

    I used lvl 15 Clover & Storm for both Celtics. First was in upgraded cave and took 4 tries, second was in EBI and got it first try. Did the traditional St. Patrick’s Day Irish Step Dance (sort of like a jig) just before, maybe that helped.

  45. Tyron says:

    If I am breeding the Celtic dragon and it doesn’t finish before it is expired will I still get it

  46. wicked28i says:

    Finally got 1!
    Thanks to all who gave gems!
    it helped a lot!

  47. person says:

    I tried everyday from the time it was released and finely got one this morning.

  48. .Ivy. says:

    Ive only got the un-upgraded breeding cave. Ive tried flower on the left and storm on the right but it doesnt seem to be working for me…. ARG!! >”<

  49. clusia says:

    I’m less than 10 gems from a gifting tree, first 6 people to add me, gem 4 gem!


  50. Erin says:

    Got one Celtic pretty quickly, but in my atttempts to get another, I have gotten FOUR SUNS!!! And 2 Quake! I’m blowing through my gems trying to clear out my caves and nursery! I can’t believe this run of Sun Dragons… ugh! (Oh, got my Celtic with Clover & Storm. Have been trying Flower and Storm to avoid Quake, and keep getting Sun… just my luck!)

    • Erin says:

      Just blew another 19 gems speeding up a quake to try cactus and storm for a second Celtic and what do I get? Another 48 hr dragon… ::sobs::

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