DragonVale: How to breed a Motley Dragon

Dragonvale Motley Dragon
MOTLEY DRAGON: (limited: April Fools Dragon)
BUY-IT Price: 123 GEMS

HOW TO BREED: Poison and Flower / Plant and Fire (really any combo that involves both Plant and Fire Elements)

(This guide is part of a larger DragonVale breeding guide. For the full list of breedable dragons, click here.
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Dragonvale Motley Dragon Egg

The 4th egg is the Dragonvale Motley Dragon Egg

371 Responses to “DragonVale: How to breed a Motley Dragon”
  1. Jassa rassa says:

    I have the 3 motley dragons , but how do you get a diamond dragon!! It just came out!

  2. Jassa rassa says:

    I have the 3 motley dragons , but how do you get a diamond dragon!! It just came out!

  3. Daniel says:

    I just got a motley from iceberg and river.. Was trying for an aquamarine egg. It came from regular cave directly after getting the first motley there with flower and poison. Maybe there’s some aspect to the April fools dragon other than just the elements?

  4. May says:

    Got this dragon a few times while trying for century. Water/cold/earth combos. I’m guessing that’s the April fools joke.

  5. Mmybird says:

    I got mine while trying for spring. Used firefly and storm. Both level 17

  6. Ivy says:

    I got it twice using river and iceberg for my last aquamarine dragon, don’t know what’s up with that, neither fire nor plant. They’re taking the fooling to heart.

  7. Stephanie says:

    I got my 1st one with cold and water…didn’t understand it until now, after seeing about it being an april fools day dragon

  8. WhiskeyKid says:

    Do you think there will be an invisible dragon like it says in the motley dragon discription?

  9. Erica Cruz says:

    Was trying for a bloom dragon, had my storm and cactus in the breeding area and got a motley:( not a bad thing but just confusing! Lol

  10. ZPRO says:

    I got one by breeding mine and ice

  11. Lihern says:

    Just got a 13 hour incubation period by breeding the Cold and Lightning dragons on the normal breeding cave not upgraded . Anyone knows what this dragon may be? Btw I’m also level 13 so I don’t think it can be a river dragon. Please help dying to find out!

  12. Arya says:

    Im having the hardest time breeding the motley!!! Ive been trying everything…. What is the best combo??

    • Cephalotus says:

      Don’t think there is a “best” combo … If you read through the posts, it is clear it can pop up with almost any breeding combo. Appears to be the “April Fool’s Day” aspect of this dragon. :)

  13. Stacey says:

    Wow my game is upside down i just got motley with ice and mine while trying for a diamond?!?

    • Daniel says:

      Wow, my game is upside down too, I was trying to breed Aquamarine (Iceberg-River) at March 31, but I got Motley, lol

  14. Si says:

    How the hell did I get one of these breeding ice and mine :/

  15. K1ID4NK says:

    I got motley with Lv.10 hail and scorch

  16. DarkUmbreon says:

    While trying for sakura, got 13 hours. Is it motley?

    • Cephalotus says:

      Possibly. It was while trying for another Sakura that I just got my second Motley

      • Awesomecool656 says:

        I bred it with ice and mine. Probably why it’s the April Fool’s Day dragon. I was trying for diamond and I thought it was really weird. But I’m happy nonetheless! Hope this helped! Add me on Game Center @ Awesomecool656.

      • Awesomecool656 says:

        I bred it with ice and mine. Probably why it’s the April Fool’s Day dragon. I was trying for diamond and I thought it was really weird. But I’m happy nonetheless! Hope this helped! Add me on Game Center @ Awesomecool656.

        • Awesomecool656 says:

          Lol in reply to myself! I got my second motley by breeding blue fire and crystal both level 10 I was trying for 2nd rainbow.

  17. $(tatty)$ says:

    Just got this one with lvl 10 tree and lvl 15 flower in breeding cave, whilst trying for a Sakura.

    Very next try, bingo! Sakura!

    $(tatty)$ trading gems daily to the first 6 gifting.

  18. Wahan01 says:

    I got a 13 hour reeding time whe i accidentally put up a forstfire lvl 15 with a fire lvl 15

  19. Kobe says:

    Yo doc, what’s the 1st and 3rd egg? It looks funky!

  20. Abyfae says:

    Add me please! I need gems, Abyfae0123 gem for gem

  21. Morrogh says:

    I breed Plant Hand storm , Form a bloom dragon’ because After 13 hours IT was a motlay.

  22. gday1069 says:

    I got two motley by breeding obsidian dragon lvl 15 on the left and rose dragon lvl 15 on the right at epic breeding island.

  23. Laila says:

    Should I buy a Motley, or should I buy an Epic Breeding Island? Got 140 gems. I just breeded Storm and Plant and got a 48 hours… Probably a moon. My storm dragon is lucky, last week I got a sun, now a moon. But I just can’t get the motley! Should I buy it from the market or should I buy the epic breeding island and keep trying there?

  24. Nad184 says:

    I only recently figured that me Molty dragons are always unhappy because of the metal shrine on the same island big mistake because now I get why I always get such low profits from my 11 plant habitats since recently. ????

  25. Lenny says:

    I got five motleys in a row trying to breed:
    Motley (1)
    Ice (2)
    Diamond (1)
    And another on the way from trying to breed Seasonal.
    Honestly, this dragon is SO ANNOYING!
    They are called Feste, Fife, Joker, Fool, Acrobat, and the one incubating will be called Jester. Corluvaduck!!!!

  26. sophia peters says:

    I got motley from trying to get thunder ojr storm. It was air and lightning or lightning and air. xD

  27. Emma says:

    I got a motley with cold and water??? How weird.

  28. Rocky says:

    i got this dragon by using cold and firefly somehow

  29. DarkUmbreon says:

    Some how ice and mountain got another one for me. Perhaps the fact it’s the April fools dragon means its making a joke by that weird breeding?

  30. mubel says:

    Have gotten all my Motley’s by breeding Plant and Fire. Really short breeding time on the possible Poison and Flower so one can get a lot of tries in every day.

    Also, I’m looking for serious players that wants to exchange gems every day. Got 5 gems to give every day so looking for 5 players. I will play and give every day so I will also expect the same back :)

    Please write in description if you add me that you want to change gems in DragonVale :) My GameCenter alias is: mubel

  31. PopUi says:

    Holy Crap! I got a Motley by trying for the Plasma, Seaweed and Lightning!

  32. PopUi says:

    I have a question, what the dragon that’s 47 gems to speed up??

  33. Nate says:

    I got 1 using silver Olympus and cyclops

  34. Becburt says:

    Anyone want to trade gem-for-gem? I have the tree and no one to give them to! Send gems and I will send back. Please add me: Becburt

  35. Sarah says:

    I got the motley dragon by lightning and air… I think it was a glitch o.0

  36. .Ivy. says:

    Got it with a Bloom on the left, and an Obsidian on the right…. what a joke. o_@…

  37. lady_tete says:

    Ugh, going for meteor dragon and got this. Annoyed!!! :(

  38. I3L4ZE says:

    I got motley by second time breeding Air and Metal for Meteor Dragon
    And i think i got Meteor now 😀

  39. Kaffrin says:

    Trying to buy an epic breedin island, but I don’t have a lot of gems, and have kind of a long way to go. Please add me on Game Center and help me out :)
    Ill try to send you gems back in return.
    ID= Kaffrin13

  40. gust says:

    Just got one with METAL + AIR, weird… Maybe a bug.

  41. Axel says:

    I breed a motley dragon with quicksilver and ash

  42. NSS Raptor says:

    Add me for Gems ID – NNSRaptor

  43. Hippomon82 says:

    The wizards say that the motly dragon is related to the invisible dragon, if it is, wouldn’t it be related to the opal dragon?

  44. NICK says:

    I got the motley dragon with a LV 10 Mountain and a LV 10 Air dragon.

  45. Nancie says:

    Enter friend code in “redeem code” in social menu for 25 free gems! Code is 30018987

  46. isabelle says:

    I got it from lava and cold! I was so confused I had no idea what I was getting!

  47. Anonymous says:

    Cactus and mine while trying for apocolypse dragon. Got a leap year dragon just before that with the same combo.

  48. Notdishwashersafe123 says:

    Got one with flower and mud……

  49. dani says:

    I just got it by breeding water and lightning. Was going for current lol.

  50. Dratini says:

    i got it with air and water…?? i dont get it ._..

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