DragonVale: How to breed a Spring Dragon

Dragonvale Spring Dragon

SPRING DRAGON: (limited: Only Breedable in Spring)
BUY-IT Price: 1500 GEMS

HOW TO BREED: Blue Fire and Lightning / BlueFire and Storm / Hail and Firefly

(This guide is part of a larger DragonVale breeding guide. For the full list of breedable dragons, click here.
If you would like to help support my rushing breedings & incubations to discover the latest dragon combos for you, please send me gems – GameCenter ID = “Dr Macenstein” & “MacensteiniPad”. Of you can give us BOTH gems by entering my Friend code in the REDEEM section under SOCIAL. It’s 5074276. Thanks!

Dragonvale Spring Dragon Egg

The 1st Egg is the Dragonvale Spring Dragon Egg

448 Responses to “DragonVale: How to breed a Spring Dragon”
  1. I’m getting 24 hours with hail and fire trying to get a blue fire dragon XD

  2. Musicelf says:

    First try with firefly and cold! Trying for Frostfire which I cannot seem to get ( or Bluefire for that matter!) happy accident!!

  3. Julie says:

    Sakura & Storm. First try :)

  4. zxcvbnm says:

    Gem for gem. Add me, kitkat4718

  5. Dfen911 says:

    Been trying hail and firefly, got a damnable 48 breeder going on island, but now have a 39 hour going in cave. 39? Any ideas?

    • Erik says:

      I got the same thing the 48 hours. I got a moon with the 48 hours. Then I tried again right after that and I got a 24 hour time. And sure enough it was the spring dragon. My Game Center username is E-Dog2252 if you want to friend me

    • Maja says:

      What was it?!!!! Got the same.

  6. Mixi says:

    Gem for gem :)

  7. Marian says:

    I was trying to get the sun dragon, but I got this one with firefly + storm

  8. Dragonss says:

    Add me as a friend on dragonvale; my game centre ID is Rachellosaurus. I have a gifting tree!

  9. Roberto says:

    Been trying all combos for spring dragon. Just did firefly and storm again and got 48hrs. in EBI.
    Any ideas what it could be?

  10. Jevy says:

    Got it 1st try with Level 11 Blue Fire and Level 15 Lightning.

  11. Eric Loh says:

    Got a 19 hrs 12min breeding time in upgraded cave with level 10 blue fire & storm

  12. Frank says:

    It DOES get frustrating when you can’t get a limited dragon during the time allowed. BUT (like this past December), I’m hoping Dragonvale gives us the opportunity to catch up on those we’ve missed.

    Better yet, wouldn’t it be great that instead of trading gems, we could trade or borrow dragons from our friends?!?

  13. Beccy says:

    Hi….. Am looking for 3 gem friends as mine seem to have stopped!! Add me … My name on dragonvale is

    C’est moi xx

    Thank you!!

  14. Countrybug says:

    Ever since hitting level 40, I haven’t been able to breed the gemstone dragon for the month, now I can’t get the spring either. I can’t change my park around anymore to get my visitors up cos it is too full, And I have noticed since not doing that, rare dragons are impossible to breed. Anyone else finding the same??

  15. Countrybug says:

    Ever since hitting level 40, I haven’t been able to breed the gemstone dragon for the month, now I can’t get the spring either. I can’t change my park around anymore to get my visitors up cos it is too full, And I have noticed since not doing that, rare dragons are impossible to breed. Anyone else finding the same??

  16. Pjc65bx says:

    Frostfire + hail, both lvl 15 equal 24 hours. Hopefully it is SPRING.

  17. Rose says:

    If anyone is trying to grt another sring dragon and you have a seasonal. You can breed those two. I bred Spring and Seasonal and got another Spring. I bred Seasonal and Spring and had gotten another Seasonal.

  18. Zoe's says:

    Paper & Copper first time!

  19. BrittsFun2102 says:

    Cannot seem to get a blue fire so going to try hail and firefly. I have one spot open on my gifting tree. Gem dor gem and I play everyday. You can add me at BrittsFun2102

    • BrittsFun2102 says:

      Thank you for all the friend requests I am currently over flowing with friend requests that I could never hope to give everyone gems : ). Plz be patient while I weed out the drifters

  20. Usaid says:

    I got this with flower and storm

  21. Bilal Williamson says:

    Hail and firefly on epic breeding island just got it now :)

  22. Russell says:

    Got spring with firefly and storm… Got all dragons now!

  23. Thedude says:

    Ssup guys i play everyday and i have No friends in dragonvale gems for gems.
    Add me : Richardud3

  24. Dragonvaleplayer says:

    Is this replacing the butterfly dragon?

  25. Kid run says:

    Just got my Spring with Pollen and Bluefire on the EBI.
    Add me for gems. I basically have four slots to fill

    Kid Run

  26. Jansi? says:

    Hello, I got him with Flower + Storm combo, both 15lvl.

  27. zxcvbnm says:

    Gem4gem, add me kitkat4718

  28. Al says:

    Firefly and storm worked for me…about 5 tries.

  29. anon says:

    I bred bluefire and storm in an extended breeding cave and got 20 hours – is there any way that could be it?

  30. Wahan01 says:

    Add me gem 4 gem, 3 slots

  31. Krystalia says:

    I just bred a Blazing and Swamp and I got 24hrs…is this what it is??

  32. C says:

    Gem for gem. Play every day

  33. CYMROCYMREIG says:

    Want to add two friends to gem circle play daily.
    Thank you

  34. Sophie says:

    I only have two friends. Please add me for gems. is the Game Center name

  35. 1tyguy1 says:

    Haven’t gotten spring yet. Still trying..have FOUR (4) places in friend list for gems. Note** if you don’t gift back often, you will be removed (1tyguy1)

  36. matthias says:

    I think that bluefire and storm will work best, but I don’t have a bluefire dragon.. :(

  37. lady tete says:

    I’m going to keep trying with firefly and storm because your more likely to get a 3 hour incubation time vs that damn moon and her 48hr crap!!! If i get one more moon imma die!!!!

    • lady tete says:

      Also i need 3 daily players to do the gem for gem. I play daily and almost all day. I gem you everyday unless you began to stop giving me a gem then I’ll delete you. I play thru Facebook, Barbie Jazze. Only daily players. I just need 3 :)

  38. Abaker522 says:

    Add me abaker522. Gem for gem I play everyday

  39. Homer says:

    Haven’t gotten this yet, but i got my second frostfire while trying for this dragon (cold and firefly). :)

  40. Homer says:

    Hey, who wants to trade gems with me? I play DV everyday, and I need 3 more friends who also play daily. I will add the first three responders who add their Gamecenter ID in their reply to this message. You can also add me Abelski77. Once you skip giving gems, you will be de-friended though. Fair enough? Hope to trade gems with you soon. :)

  41. Chris says:

    I have gotten two spring dragons on my EBI using plant and storm.

  42. Chris says:

    Flower and storm sorry.

  43. lady tete says:

    Just got it with lv 10 firefly & lv 10 storm. Normal breeding cave. Got it on the seventh try!!!

  44. Gamer says:

    Gem for gem. Play every day…add me “gab08” on Game Center

  45. Lisitowaala says:

    Finally got a blue fire after trying for ages lol thank God for this spring dragon because I was going for it but oops got a blue fire :) so happy !!!! Add me waala1

  46. Pandar511 says:

    Frustratingly getting lots of storm and scorch dragons…will keep trying. Add me for gems pandar511, play everyday and looking for two friends to trade gems

  47. Mikey77 says:

    I need two new friends for gem4gems as a few on my list of friends have given up playing I think. I need a regular gem giver as I play daily unless I can’t get Internet access. I am at level 37. So please only serious players…add me Mikey7712

  48. Wahan01 says:

    1 more spot for Gem4Gem trading, please add today

  49. Genie says:

    I bred hail and firefly and got 48 hours? I’m a bit worried because I can’t buy anymore habitats!

  50. Milz18 says:

    Looking fr 6 reliable gem traders! Just deleted all my friends because they weren’t gifting daily! Must gift daily! Add me milz18! Gift me to be added onto the list! If you don’t gift daily I will delete you, want reliable people! First 6 to gift me will be added

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