DragonVale: How to breed an Aquamarine Dragon

Dragonvale Aquarmarine Dragon

AQUAMARINE DRAGON: (limited: Only Breedable in March)
BUY-IT Price: 1475 GEMS

HOW TO BREED:River and Iceberg

(This guide is part of a larger DragonVale breeding guide. For the full list of breedable dragons, click here.
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Dragonvale Aquarmarine Dragon Egg

The 2nd Egg is the Dragonvale Aquarmarine Dragon Egg

478 Responses to “DragonVale: How to breed an Aquamarine Dragon”
  1. Sig-girl says:

    I have been trying for the aquamarine dragon and have had no luck…..river and iceberg. The month is coming to an end. Any advice?

    Add me for jems…I cam give 6 per day, I will send to people who send to me. Username. jpapadopulos

  2. Kibu says:

    I finally did it!!!!!! It only took me about hmmm 40 tries!!!!

  3. jjcuzz says:

    Tried 30+ times with iceberg on left and river on right. Switched them and got it on the first try, hope that helps someone.

    • pawheart says:

      oh my god i’ve tried like 50 times and with iceberg on left and river on right, then switched when i read your comment and got it on the first try. thank you!

  4. Ace says:

    What is the 3rd and 4th dragon egg in his nest?

  5. Sasaga says:

    So this dragon will be placed in a regular gem habitat ? And does the gem island matter with anything ?

    Add me _!Ramster!_

  6. Hazel says:

    Been trying at least 3 times a day and still no luck!

    Looking for 2 friends to trade gems (nearly always) daily. Add me Hazelyuk

  7. Max says:

    How come i cant get it ive tried like 50 times

  8. CassRock says:

    I’ve tried in both regular and epic breeding caves since the start of the month multiple times a day and still nothing! Argh! I got garnet and amethyst in a couple of tries. Is there any other combos besides River and Iceberg? I’ve got about 5 of each dragon in different habitats and I’ve honestly tried everything I can think of. I think I might end up missing out on this one :-(

  9. Bletz14 says:

    Who wants trade for gem add me bletz14

  10. q5jdm says:

    is the level of dragons important for breeding this gemstone kind?

  11. Kibu says:

    I got this first try but I can’t wait till the diamond dragon comes out

  12. Kibu says:

    Got it first try a second time it took me 40 tries to get it first time

  13. Nicole says:

    I’ve tried this whole month and still no aquamarine dragon :( hopefully I get some luck

  14. Wendy says:

    I have tried 50 times. Will keep trying
    I will send gems to anyone sending me!
    Name marcmaz
    Also my son will too:
    Gems might as not go wasted

  15. matthias says:

    Got 31 hrs. First try! I think that it is a aquamarine dragon! :) oh it was river left and iceberg right.

    • matthias says:

      Sorry i forgot that the iceberg dragon was level and had been through the fountain of youth so it is the size of a baby but both are level 10.

  16. Kitty Moonlight says:

    Every time I try breeding a rare or gemstone dragon, I feel like everyone lies…..
    First, I try breeding a rainbow dragon. I do all these different combination that everyone tells me to do. After about 37 tries, I I never got a rainbow dragon, so I gave up.
    THEN I needed gems, and found out hat gemstone dragons give gems! So i decided to breed a gemstone dragon.
    Next, I try everyones ideas, but none work. Not a single time did I get a gemstone or a rare dragon. :-( I’ll keep trying, but it seems I have no luck :-(

  17. Shoshycatlover:) says:

    Hey do you have to use the epic breeding island to get this dragon or is the regular easier? Also add me. I am Shoshycatlover:)

  18. Shoshycatlover:) says:

    An also is it easier to breed rare dragons when they have been through the fountain of youth?

  19. Damian130 says:

    I don’t understand what I am doing wrong! This dragon has been ridiculously hard to get! I have tried with 2 sets of level 15 River + Iceberg dragons over 100 times! NOT EVEN 1??! It’s ridiculous! Why am I not getting it?

  20. Adam says:

    For motley dragon use flower on left and poison on right. Got it 3rd try. Good luck!!

  21. Christine says:

    Hey Wendy. I have just joined you as a friend to swap gems.

  22. Rambonobo says:

    Amazing! It took me until now, the penultimate day of the month, with my EBS and EBC running multiple times a day to FINALLY breed this dragon! Definitely the hardest gemstone dragon yet, as far as I’m concerned. I hope that’s not a taste of things to come…

  23. J.R. says:

    Finally !!! I got it at last !!! High 5 to anyone else who is happy to
    get the aquamarine on the very last freakin day !!!
    Oh yah add me: VILLA7315 … X) … OH YAH VISIT MY PARK TO

  24. Paige says:

    after about 50 tries and a lot of gems I finally got it!!!! yay! add me will trade gem for gem I have the gifting tree too!

    – Moscatoyum

  25. Kitty Moonlight says:

    When I did river on the left and iceberg on the right, I got a centry dragom :-S um….

  26. nanaforlif3 says:

    I have been trying this combination for the entire month nothing!i didnt even get an amethyst dragon either >__< :(

    • Dawnpath says:

      Trust me, I know how u feel. I tried so hard last month and this month so far, and I’ve gotten nothing I want yet… ‘-‘

  27. Heff says:

    Ya this dragon has got on my last nerve I have
    Been trying all month everyday, and still nothing,
    today’s the last day…don’t think it’s going to come
    not to happy with dragonvale for making this dragon
    So hard to get. So now what, I have to wait a whole
    Year now to try and get it again? That’s so ridiculous, kind of turns
    Me off of the game a little.

    • Jenn says:

      I’ve tried literally every day this month, too, and I haven’t gotten it. Just got a fail time of 14 hours and I don’t have enough gems to speed up the process and Kairos is recharging.

      It’s definitely frustrated me a lot, too.

  28. Shoshycatlover:) says:

    Last day. Still no aquamarine dragon. Still trying very hard. I hope luck turns on me. Congrats to all of you who got it and good luck to those who are like me and still don’t have it. If anyone has some tips now would be the time.

  29. Shoshycatlover:) says:

    I just got it!!!!! Just keep trying everyone!!! You can do it!!!!

  30. Jacqueline says:

    I still haven’t gotten it and only took a one day break to get the celtic dragon. Yet I got a motley dragon from this combo? How does that even work?

  31. thatonekid says:

    I JUST GOT IT LAST SECOND!!! Today was the last day of march and I had river and iceberg and got a mountain which is the longest fail time… So what do I do? I use Kairos and they finish. I though I would never get it, but just then when I tried for about the 100th time I look at the time and I jump off the couch and do this weird dance. It tought me to not give up next month.

    • Homer says:

      Good on you. Congrats! Moral lesson? DON’T. GIVE. UP. To those who haven’t bred an aquamarine yet, there is still one more day left. Today could be it. Good luck!!! :)

  32. pi says:

    I tried for a whole month, countless times, trying to get this stupid dragon. Wasted tons of gems and all for nothing. Why make a dragon so fucking hard to get? And now I get to wait a YEAR for the next try? Screw this game, I’m done. And yes, I got all the other gemstone dragons with a tenth of the unpaid work I put in for this aquamarine bullshit.

  33. Pai10 says:

    Hey guys I really need new friends. Mine have all mysteriously stopped gifting me so I’m going on a deleting spree. I play everyday and send gems everytime it allows me 2 so someone add me and let’s trade gems.
    Game Center ID: Pai10

  34. xflightalpha says:

    I tried every day in March, in both Breeding places and I got nothing…really?!?!

  35. Taylorclaire says:

    Anyone know how to get a diamond dragon? Doc?

  36. Tawnix says:

    I think for April fools day you can still get it because there is no diamond dragon yet! :)

  37. Rubie-sky says:

    I think backflip will continue with the gem stone dragons, otherwise it would be unfair to those players who started playing the game later. If that means for some, that you have to wait till the month of the dragon for the gem dragon you didn’t achieve – does that really matter? It was only at the bring em back event that I managed to get a leap year dragon, amongst others. Sometimes my luck has been dreadful with this game, despite countless attempts. It does leave one very frustrated when you see how easily some get the rare dragons. I’ve been playing for easily 18months plus and I still don’t have all the rare dragons. I fail to understand though why they make it so hard at times!
    I have just got the gem tree and have space for 3 players to trade, I play and trade everyday: rainbowstorms

  38. Da Helpful says:

    I FINALLY GOT IT! Just now. Last moment WOOOOP LOVE YOU DRAGONVALE. would have been the only one id have missed :) BUZZING

  39. Rubie-sky says:

    Diamond is ice and mine dragon

  40. Becburt says:

    Anyone want to trade gem-for-gem? I have the tree and no one to give them to! Send gems and I will send back. Please ad me: Becburt

  41. Dragon Pro says:

    I tried so many times!! I even got double rainbow!! EVERYTHING BUT AQUAMARINE DRAGON!!! Does anyone know how to? Has anyone got it?

  42. Yoyoperson says:

    What are those 2 eggs in the pic? teh grey/beige ones with that purple stuff

  43. Meggo says:

    Okay so I have been trying to get aquamarine and platinum. I did Ice+mine once, and got a silver dragon! I did it two more times, and now I have two silver dragons, and no platinum. Then i tried river and ice burg about fifty times and no special or rares! Oh well, at least I got the silvers.

  44. Tyxen says:

    I’ve been adding mostly everyone so can we Plz do gem 4 gem :-)

  45. Mariealena says:

    Don’t forget to breed today! I have one more spot open for gift. Please add me if you’re interested. UNCSilence

  46. Popers says:

    Tried it with them reversed, river on the left and iceberg on the right. Then leveled each up to level 16 and flipped them back and got it. Sweet! Too bad I couldn’t get the amethyst dragon using the same technique. (Tried all month long and got nothing.)

  47. Margaret says:

    I have two breeding pairs on the go EBG river lvl 16 and Iceberg lvl 15. For four days nothing but rivers and mountains. Is the cave both river and iceberg lvl 11 same mountains and mud. What is the best level to get this dragon and do you need to keep moving the dragons because I don’t want to tie up both breeding grounds all month. Please tell us how to get this dragon.

    • Margaret says:

      Got it last night. There was nothing about time. I fed river up.to lvl 17 and kept iceberg at lvl15 and decided I was going to rebreed instil the end of the month. Got on the second try. Good to everyone else. In time scale, I got this faster then the garnet. The garnet took me the whole month and got it on the last night. Back to breeding dark and light dragons.

  48. Giantsquid006 says:

    Will river and mountain work

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