DragonVale: How to breed a Salamander Dragon

Dragonvale Salamander Dragon

BUY-IT Price: 700 GEMS

HOW TO BREED: Fire and Water

(This guide is part of a larger DragonVale breeding guide. For the full list of breedable dragons, click here.
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Dragonvale Salamander Dragon Egg

The 1st Egg is the Dragonvale Salamander Dragon Egg

85 Responses to “DragonVale: How to breed a Salamander Dragon”
  1. This and the Coral are both quite easy to get with the base elements, so while hybrid combos work, this is the best combo as the only other possibility is Air.
    – The Doc

  2. JustynGarrett says:

    I’ve gotten air the first time I tried water and fire so lets hope I get these soon

  3. taranator says:

    Got the salamander with fire and water, but when I was trying for coral with same combo, I got rain. ?!?!!!

  4. Andrea Paulson says:

    well i just bred a fire and water for the first time and got a coral dragon! Finally I got something before my husband did!!!! Gonna try it again but try water and fire see if that makes a differance.

  5. Andrea Paulson says:

    YUCK!!!!! A Coral Dragon isnt all that pretty as a adult :(

  6. Fire and water = coral, first try.

    Thx doc 😀

  7. Scottjake88 says:

    You’ve got to switch them, do water/fire for coral.

  8. Jorge says:

    Smoke and fog first try

  9. Jeanne Nacl says:

    Got 3 Air eggs in a row, so I fed up my Fire to level 15 (already had a level 15 Water), and got a Salamander first try! Yay!

  10. Patty says:

    Is Coral 11:12 in EBC?

  11. Eric Loh says:

    I got air with fire & water….. good thing the breeding time is short, can try again pretty soon.

  12. Rikaswin says:

    Got it with Blue Fire and River first try as I was using my water and fire to try for Coral (which I haven’t got in two tries) lol.

  13. Freddie says:

    First try with bluefire/water and got coral. Good luck fellow dragonvale’rs, dragonvalians?

  14. Utahangel92 says:

    Got coral with fire and water, and then water and fire. Still trying for the salamander.

  15. Superhero says:

    I dont need gems but i LOVE Beautful islands!

    Please add: myNAMEisFayard

  16. Csmith says:

    Looking for two friends to trade gems DAILY. Just dropped two that weren’t returning gems. GC id: cmsmith23

    • Csmith says:

      Received several friend requests, thanks. Had only two spots open for daily gem trading so accepted first two requests, sorry. Good luck all.

  17. Doug says:

    I got both on the first and second with fire and water using both breeding islands.

  18. The coral or salamander dragon isn’t in the market for me. What’s the problem? Please reply if you know the problem!

    • pinkangel32 says:

      Your game needs updated, same happened to me and when I’ve updated it I now have heaps of tasks to complete that I have already done! I’m not a happy bunny.

  19. K1ID4NK says:

    Got 2 salamanders already

  20. Hippomon82 says:

    I got coral second try but, I got the salamander first try but my first try for the coral dragon, I got an air dragon.

  21. Hippomon82 says:

    Remember, I’m hippomon82

  22. Dragon aster says:

    Hi I’m xR8d-ulquiorra on Game Center please help me buy the epic breeding island but I’m a long way from it

  23. Dragon death says:

    Hi I’m xR8d-ulquiorra on Game Center please help me buy the epic breeding island but I’m a long way from it thanks

  24. I tried water and fire and got air on the first try, but now I’m waiting on what I think is a Coral Dragon.

  25. lomodoc says:

    Higher levels do matter. get both to level 15 or higher.

    Add me gem for gem. Have gifting tree: lomodoc :)

  26. symetrist says:

    Blazing and Water have worked really well for me.

    Add me if you want to trade gems – symetrist

  27. Lily says:

    This one’s so stubborn, seriously. *keeps breeding*

    I’ve just done a friends cull and have FOUR more spots for gem traders. I’m on daily, I have the gem tree, and I keep track of who’s sending me gems to ensure I send them one back each day. If you’re looking for another gem swap partner, add poshlil :)

  28. Okay, now I’ve done Coral+Flower and I got Salamander first try.

  29. Em says:

    I got one by breeding a flower and water I was really trying to get a buquet dragon

  30. Aidan says:

    Looking for 3 people to trade gems with….daily

  31. Victorien says:

    I have been breeding fire and water to get the salamander dragon about 50-60 times now, only got air after air after air. Why is this sooo hard? Sucks..

    • :-(bigzu)-: says:

      Took me 613 breeds of doing quicksilver and rust for a platinum dragon so I feel your pain there. I dialogue all the epic dragons and keep track of the amount if breeds required for them. Some are quick, while others such as the platinum take ages :(

      Keep it going, macNstine never lies :) it will work

  32. Anonymous says:

    Scorch and Water works. I got it on my first try. Its just a baby right now (I just hatched it). I named it MacNstine to show my thanks for how much this site helps me.

  33. Anonymous says:

    Scorch and Water works. I got it on my first try.

  34. Taylor says:

    Got it by water + fire!

  35. Pixie_boots says:

    I’m still trying for this dragon! Keep getting coral!

    Don’t have enough gems to share with everyone but I like to see what other people do with their islands!
    I give my 3 gems out randomly!

    Please add pixie_boots to game centre!

  36. Stacey says:

    Whoa! My son randomly paired Forge and Fog and he got Salamander on the first try! Woo hoooo!

  37. Aa says:

    Add me Kalooosha

  38. shadow says:

    I got salamander first try with a lvl 10 firefly first then a lvl 7 seaweed first try!

  39. kim says:

    Hi I have tried so many times with fire n water n only get air n nothing else they r level 15 n I’ve also tried other fire n water hybrids but still nothing. I was wondering do I need to update the game as I play it on mi Kindle. Any help would b great thanks.

  40. Bcarl1 says:


    Add : bcarl15


  41. PersonMcPersonMan says:

    I just love how funny the Salamander dragon looks. It’s just so derp. In a good way.

    Also… was it really that hard for some people to figure out that to get a fire/water hybrid you breed fire and water?


    • Zack says:

      Hi. I spend a good portion of my life decorating my dragonvale park, so if anyone wants to see my handy work then Add me on Game Center. My GCN is


      I also have a gem tree and will gem back daily when I get the chance.

      Good luck with breeds everyone! Happy decorating :)

    • Chad says:

      Also that is weird that some people buy air dragon instead of breeding it. Which I think it’s bad and it is just a waste of Dragoncash.

  42. James says:

    I just got 2 salamanders the first 2 trys 😀 (fire lvl 9) left – right (water lvl 9)

  43. J says:

    Fire lvl 9 left right water lvl 9.

  44. Texie says:

    Got this using lava and mud –was trying for an opal. Looking to trade gems but using an android, don’t have a gamecenter ID– how can I add friends?

  45. Alex says:

    I got river dragon and salamander 1st try, i don’t know what to say so BAMMMM!!!!!

  46. Chad says:

    I know someone who tried breeding salamander but failed. I was so suprised my first water hybrid was Salamander and I tried breeding a coral dragon but I couldn’t do that. I finally got a coral by breeding Sandstorm and Salamander but that was the same time I tried breed a Jade dragon! I guess if you want a hybrid dragon so badly, don’t breed the two basic elements! I am starting to think this is kinda too long a comment. I am sorry about the “Surprised” and spelled the first one incorrectly. Oh Darn It! I could have just erased it and start again! Back to the Salamander Dragon.

  47. Hanna C. says:

    Hi I got this dragon with the summer dragon combo swamp and scorch!! First try. Friend me on Game-Center bannannas8!!

  48. insanepplmeh says:

    Tried that combination 8 times, and all I got was air. I really want that salamander for my jade dragon!

  49. Kirsten says:

    I got a coral as well..

  50. Blueboy says:

    I’ve tried about 10 times and got the air every single time! Am i doing anything wrong?

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