DragonVale: How to breed a Jade Dragon

INCUBATION TIME: 30 Hours, 26 min
BUY-IT Price: 700 GEMS


(This guide is part of a larger DragonVale breeding guide. For the full list of breedable dragons, click here.
If you would like to help support my rushing breedings & incubations to discover the latest dragon combos for you, please send me gems – GameCenter ID = “Dr Macenstein” & “MacensteiniPad”. Of you can give us BOTH gems by entering my Friend code in the REDEEM section under SOCIAL. It’s 5074276. Thanks!

DragonVale Jade Dragon Egg

The 1st egg is the DragonVale Jade Dragon Egg

806 Responses to “DragonVale: How to breed a Jade Dragon”
  1. bonnie says:

    Listen up twizzle stick. Nobody is forcing you to use
    this forum. If you dont like it dont look. Jackass!!!

  2. Starjo315 says:

    How many tries does it take because using this combo I have tried about 50 times, wasted many gems and I keep getting salamander or firefly. It is really to the point of stupid rediculous now! At what point does the computer finally say oh she must want the jade dragon? Very frustrating!

    • Deb says:

      I’m going through the same thing and refuse to use anymore gems!! Its getting ridiculous!

      • Linda says:

        We’ve got 3 months to get this. It’s only been a couple of days. Why all of the drama? Maybe you can go back to what you were doing for a while and try again later? I have never understood why people get so ridiculous if they don’t get a new dragon immediately. It’s just a little game that is meant to be an enjoyable little time waster. I am happy that the Doc shares his findings with us, but am surprised he continues in the face of all of the flack received if he doesn’t immediately know the combos and you guys don’t get every desired result immediately.

      • Eatuatebelo says:

        Keep trying. At least you get honest advice from Doc. and no BS. it took me 18 attempts before I succeeded. Hey Doc if you read this, which habitat does it go to. I E do you have to remove one of the existing Gems dragons to the cave and replace with the Jade?

    • moneythejanitor says:

      Dude I got it third try!

    • Jan says:

      Keep trying. I got it after about 20 tries. Salamander and Plasma

  3. HungarrToph24 says:


    who are you talking to?

  4. Starjo315 says:

    Anyone that may have an answer!

    • Walter Verchota says:

      It is all based on a percentage chance. One person may get it on the 1st try, while another may never get it, no matter how many times they try. Odds are if you’re persistent it will come eventually. It took me right up until the last day of availability to get the 2 eclipse dragons.

      • Nah says:

        As much as I love the randomization, it is pretty disappointing when you don’t get the dragon by the deadline.

        They should always make rare dragons available each year at some point. :)
        Just my opinion.

  5. Nev says:

    Just got the jade dragon first time using the salamander and plasma combo :)

  6. marcmaz says:

    Anyone find any other combos? Can’t get it either
    Friend got on 3rd try with above combo
    Wonder if seaweed and coral would work too?
    Any feedback if anyone got with another combo
    Spent a lot of gems and $. Not spending more…or so I say now..lol

  7. Stalex says:

    Need friends, Gem4gem!
    ID: Believenstyle

  8. Narinia Tomas says:

    I didn’t get the Jade dragon until I got the salamander dragon to level 20. Then it took about five tries. Good luck!

  9. SnowTiger7777 says:

    All my other Dragons say “just RELAX” because fancy new dragons will come and go. It is not imperative that we acquire each and everyone. That is the beauty of CHOICE and choosing to truly enjoy this game for all the FUN and ENTERTAINMENT value that it has to offer.

    Just today I was able to “upgrade” another one of my water habitats so that THE GUYS could have more room and enjoy the new waterfalls! They love it!!!

    Peace & love to all and … “DRAGONS RULE”!!!!

    (Always accepting new friends. I play daily, OK constantly, and trade Gen4Gem. Hello to all my loyal friends!

    • Linda says:

      Love this!

    • Blaster56745 says:

      Are using all caps in your name or lower case in the game center. Plus friend me I’m on daily

      • SnowTiger7777 says:

        Hi Blaster56745, Just sent you a friend request. It looks like my user name shows as “SnowTiger7777” in the Game Center so thanks for noticing that. :)

    • Jason says:

      SNOWTIGER7777, How do I friend you? Or anyone for the matter? Is it thru Facebook, or what? If you could enlighten me, that’d be great. MmmmK. lol

  10. Jennyfer says:

    WooHoo!! Got it on my second try! Thanks…it’s incubating right now!

  11. Drago says:

    Hey guys- looking for some people to trade gems with daily. I planted a gem tree and want to exchange gems with some fellow dragonvale players.

    Game ID is kelrick61

    • Cmccar64 says:

      Cmccar64 in the Gamecenter. Level 40, play daily looking to trade gem for gem. Will add you, kelrick61

      • Cmccar64 says:

        Am full. Can only gift 6 a day. Waiting to see if gems continue to be reciprocated; if not, will add new requests. Thanks! Don’t want to disappoint by adding and not gifting.

    • Susan says:

      Hi I will add you to exchange gems daily
      my game ID is sueos123

  12. TNTisme says:

    Looking for 2 more daily gemmers. Add me: TNTisme

  13. TheDarkKnightX7 says:

    I was wondering if they added a new island or habitat for this gemstone dragon that I haven’t seen because I have all the gemstone dragons before this and I have no room on my gemstone island for this dragon?

  14. Josh says:

    Add me for gem2gem

  15. Brian says:

    Got one with salamander and plasma both lv15 . Cheak out my islands I have all 8 and every dragon GC- brianphook

  16. Rose says:

    Yeah I got the jade dragon!!!!! Thank you Mac!

  17. AllyuRT says:

    Hey Doc, Just want to thank you for all the breeding tips. I have bred all the dragons there is (one of each kind) without using any gems to buy them. I want to add you but i guess your Game Center is already full. Anyways, thanks a bunch!!! Also thanks to other contributors! This forums rocks!!! ^_^

    Add me up! Allyu_RT

  18. johnk says:

    I got the jade dragon second try with salamander(14) on left and plasma(14) on right on EBI.

  19. Mike says:

    Gotta thank ya for all the combos my man much appreciated dedicated follower

  20. Firegirl999 says:

    I got a jade dragon this morning with that combo also one with brass and seaweed add me firegirl999

  21. Aidan says:

    Doc , this combo ain’t workin I keep on gettin coral or salamander
    Plz help

  22. Bustersmyboy says:

    So, is this like your typical gem dragon in that you can only use one combination to get the jade? I ask because plasma and current are so similar, as are salamander and coral …

  23. Vuley says:

    Love this website. Helped my son and I get lots of dragons. Thanks! Looking to trade gems with fellow players. Please add me. GC ID= Vuley

  24. Tamarismc says:

    I agree with Linda and SNOWTIGER7777. It’s just for fun, relax and enjoy it. I’m amazed at some of the dragons I get from the combinations when trying after a gazillion times! Then all the sudden you get the one you’re actually trying to get! So hang in there and keep trying, it’s FUN. Add me I give gem for gem and play all the time. My Game Center name Tamarismc.

  25. Shel says:

    I am at level 43 & play daily & I just got my 8th island today.. I am looking to trade gem for gem. Add me to trade & check out my islands “shel šŸ˜‰ 25”

  26. txbiker says:

    @ Shel… Eric Goodwin On Facebook… I Got Two Spots Open… I’ll Trade Gem For Gem Everyday….

  27. Yang says:

    add me for gem everyday; gamecenter ID: yangstown

  28. - *~Love~* - says:

    I think the wait for the combo was fun! Isn’t the joy of this game finally breeding that one dragon you’ve tried so hard for? :-)
    Don’t need to trade gems, but really enjoy looking at other parks. More party hats for you too! :-)
    GC id:
    – *~Love~* –
    (dash space star squiggle Love squiggle star space dash)

    • - *~Love~* - says:

      Wow! Lots of new friends, and lots of really cool parks! Thanks everyone! I love accepting friends, but PLEASE dont send gems. I have six WONDERFUL gem friends :-) so there are none left to return to those of you who are sharing :-( Happy Breeding!!

      – *~Love~* –

  29. YorumiHaru says:

    add me plz ^^: YorumiHaru (cant remember if thats capsed XD)

  30. Annie says:

    Can anyone tell me how you can have more than 12 gemstone dragons active. I keep getting the message that more than one gemstone dragon can be available at the same time. I have extra gemstone dragons in my cave, and have tried to bring them out and it won,t let me . Will it only happen when I breed the Jade dragon?

  31. Kate says:

    So I got it on the first try, and now I’ve hatched it, but where do I put it? All my gem stones habitats are being used by the gemstone dragons.

  32. greenleg says:

    Please add me, gem 4 for gem, I neen 5 friends

  33. -- -- says:

    Add me gem 4 gem I only have three to trade.

  34. Kellieking23 says:

    Add me gem 4 gem I only have three gems to give away. —-

  35. Marisa says:

    Add me gem for gem please! (:
    ID: MissRisa

  36. Garfield says:

    Thank you Mac, your’re simply the BEST!
    I have almost all dragons, working on Jade and waiting for the last two gem dragons for June and July, but I breeded all only thanks to you!
    I had sent you the friendship request to support your work but you never accepted! Pity! I’d love to give you gems daily.
    How I love this game! :-)
    Thanks again!

  37. Cornelia says:

    Add me on Gamecentre for gem trade! Name: Cornelia-B

  38. HFS Boom says:

    Haha so far I’ve been able to breed bronze, silver and gold Olympus dragons :)…. Still no Jade though… Algood i have got heaps of gems… Just keep trying :(

  39. bonnie says:

    Dr. Mac,
    I popped off an email to backflip asking about the
    message we got about easier breeding above level
    fourty. They said they didnt know what i was referring
    to. Is it possible?

    • Don K. says:

      Backflip stated that there was a better chance of getting rare dragons when you use 2 dragons that are Level 15 or higher. I do not believe that a person’s level in the game has any effect on getting rare dragons.

  40. Dylan1 says:

    It does not matter, at the end of the year all the dragons will come back! So level up your dragons to lv 20. then breed them and you wont have any complaints :) that’s what I’m doing. Add me Cowpokedylan1 and visit me

  41. Anna says:

    Hey guys I have the full list of rare dragons here. Now you don’t have to keep on looking and looking on the web.
    Crystal and lichen can get you a rainbow, sun,moon, or emerald dragon :)
    Crystal + blue fire = rainbow
    Blazing and swamp gets you rainbow
    Current and flower gets you rainbow
    Flower and plasma = rainbow
    Scorch and seaweed rainbow
    Firefly seaweed rainbow
    Firefly and storm sun
    Frost fire and storm. sun
    Crystal and blue fire. Moon
    Blue fire and scorch. Moon
    Storm and scorch. Moon
    Ice and mine. Diamond
    Snow and seaweed. Pearl
    Chrome and scorch Ruby
    Cactus and crystal. Peridot
    Rain and mountain. Sapphire
    Lava and mud. Opal
    Cactus and firefly. Topaz (my birth month!)
    Poison and swamp Turquoise
    Smoke and obsidian garnet
    Plasma and salamander jade
    Hail and sonic. Amethyst
    River and iceberg. Aquamarine
    Blue fire and storm. Spring
    Blue fire and lightning. Spring
    Hail and firefly. Spring

  42. xisquare says:

    i like this dragon! its easy, or is it pure luck… i got it continuously for 3 times!!

  43. Dragaflutter says:

    When I thought the combination was poison and crystal, I tried that trying to get this, first try and I got a rainbow dragon! (:

  44. Daniel says:

    Ok, it starts to get a little annoying. My brand new Jade has been moping in the Hibernation cave for two days now, waiting for a way to fit somewhere on the islands. I thought they would come up with something in the first few days, like, surprise! But nothing so far. Any news on this?

  45. Maria says:

    Add me! My username in gamecenter: Mariquecas. Gem for gem.

  46. Marcmaz says:

    I finally got it! THANKS DOC! My son too, almost same time!
    Plasma/salamander level 15, EBI

  47. Nicole says:

    I don’t know if this matters but both my daughter and I put salamander on the left and plasma on right and got it first try doing that!

  48. Shawn says:

    Got room for 4 more, gem for gem daily. No gem after 2 days your dropped, I give EVERYDAY. Glyphdomina

  49. Stan da mathematics man says:

    Hey can someone help me out here?! I bred salamander and storm and got 20 hrs!?!?!?!:/if any one knows wat it is plz tell me i must know!!!! Also i do gem4gem gc account is: .jacob:) That is dot Jacob smilily face no cps
    Good breeding to all of you i will announce the dragon tomorrow when it hatches!!!

  50. Billybobjoe says:

    To everyone freaking out,
    You can try other websites you know although I’ve heard the above combo is the best. Snow and evergreen is supposed to work and if it doesn’t, you get willow and pollen dragons that sell for a million bucks. I don’t have any gemstone dragons yet but I think they will probably have an upgrade for the gemstone island.

    • Annie says:

      The above combo works! Try them at lvl 15 if u can…have 2 parks and have had good luck at that lvl on both.
      Upgraded gem island?!! VERY good idea! I am full corcle on one park and have no room for this “next generation” of gem dragons.

      …and may the odds be ever in your favor!

    • Tedd4321 says:

      Gem for gem daily anyone? @ tedd4321

    • Tedd4321 says:

      Gem for gem everyday anyone? @ tedd4321

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