DragonVale: How to breed a Double Rainbow Dragon

Dragonvale Double Rainbow Dragon

BUY-IT Price: 3,125 GEMS

HOW TO BREED: Blazing and Swamp / Firelfy and Seaweed/ Ash and Salamander (All the regular Rainbow Dragon Combos)

(This guide is part of a larger DragonVale breeding guide. For the full list of breedable dragons, click here.
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Dragonvale Double Rainbow Dragon Egg

The 1st Egg is the Dragonvale Double Rainbow Dragon Egg

835 Responses to “DragonVale: How to breed a Double Rainbow Dragon”
  1. King says:

    I got it with tedian and polerion first try!!

  2. Killer47 says:

    Coral +ash give double

  3. Killer47 says:

    I tried ash with salamander over 4 times but no double rainbow

  4. BuilderD says:

    I got first try by breeding the delight dragon with the hidden bolt dragon. I was just seeing what would come out and surprise, surprise, 60 hour incubication.

  5. Muroc says:

    I was breeding the Polarian dragond and the Obsidian dragon (level 11) and on the first try I got the double rainbow dragon!

  6. Person says:

    I got the double rainbow with apocalypse and blue moon both level 10

  7. Krys says:

    I did hidden bolt dragon and serenity dragon

  8. Wolfy says:

    I did a level 7 Tempest dragon and a level 6 Ornamental dragon and got it first try! (And I wasn’t even trying!)

  9. Venusfox says:

    I bred two galaxy dragons, my sorarian dragon and a friends bizurian dragon. I was hoping to get my own bizurian dragon! But BAM out of the blue on a level fifteen park I get a 60 hour incubation ?
    Add me: my GC is venusfox();

  10. Momo says:

    Whenever I breed my Electrum and my Swallowtail dragons (Epic breeding island) I always end up getting an epic dragon. So far I have gotten 2 Sun dragons, 3 Galaxy dragons, a Gold dragon and an Electrum

  11. HahaIknowhow says:

    BAHAHAHA I know how. And every time for the past 17 times I’ve done it, I’ve gotten it. yes, 12 rainbow dragons and 5 pedestals! Woot Woot! (And I used my own trick- not shown above- :-)

  12. No luck says:

    I’ve tryed firefly and seaweed at least 10 times now both are level 11 and have had no luck

  13. katt says:

    haha i got mine for free in the daily gift thing 😉 soooo happyyyyy

  14. Paige says:

    Just got a double rainbow using Glare and Nightshade, trying to get a dream =/

  15. Amar says:

    You can use apocalypse and hidden bolt dragon

  16. Msp1123 says:

    I got a rainbow dragon first try with lvl 13 plasma and lvl 13 frost fire

  17. I got dazzling drag says:

    Lol i have three one is a twin

  18. mor says:

    I got one with level 10 crystal and level 10 blazing in the first try 😀

  19. catybug1331 says:

    I got a double rainbow dragon first try with a level 11 crystal and level 11 lichen in the regular breeding cave.

  20. Courtney M says:

    On my first try using a Dungeon dragon and a Wind dragon, I was able to get the Double Rainbow! Funny thing is, I wasn’t even trying for it!

  21. Rakettikissa says:

    I got double rainbow dragon with my level 15 smoke dragon when I put it in the co-operative breeding cave with level 14 cactus dragon :)

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