DragonVale: How to breed a Double Rainbow Dragon

Dragonvale Double Rainbow Dragon

BUY-IT Price: 3,125 GEMS

HOW TO BREED: Blazing and Swamp / Firelfy and Seaweed/ Ash and Salamander (All the regular Rainbow Dragon Combos)

(This guide is part of a larger DragonVale breeding guide. For the full list of breedable dragons, click here.
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Dragonvale Double Rainbow Dragon Egg

The 1st Egg is the Dragonvale Double Rainbow Dragon Egg

803 Responses to “DragonVale: How to breed a Double Rainbow Dragon”
  1. Michael mcgarvey says:

    I got 1st try with air dragon lvl 7 and any Arian lvl 4 first try Ik u can only do this with cooperative breeding but it actually worked I have 60hrs and it was done incubating Andi saw double rainbow…what are the odds ????????????

    • beth says:

      Yea this happened to me also! Acually I was trying to breed the ghost dragon and it came up with incubating for 60 hours!!! What are the odds indeed

    • dragon tooth says:

      i got it by breeding two galaxy dragons as soon as i could use co-op breeding i had to wait 13 days until i could afford a habitat

  2. Michael mcgarvey says:

    Mb guys I ment antarian

  3. C says:

    Got it with snowflake 5 and fire

  4. slimmyjimmy says:

    Arctic and Flower!!

  5. Francoise says:

    Snow Flake 2 and and Snow Flake 4 gave me the double dragon.

  6. David says:

    So you get the double rainbow by breeding any 2 dragons?
    BTW add me on Game Center ID I’d One Arm Dave, have
    dragonsai gifting tree

  7. Emma says:

    So weird, I was breeding quake and evergreen and I got a double rainbow. I was trying to get an Amber dragon but I guess a double rainbows’ good too ????

  8. Timmy532 says:

    So i did evergreen and quake cuz i wanted amber but got 2 rainbow dragons 1 double rainbow then an amber!?!?!?!

  9. xXThePiDudeXx says:

    Level 13 pepper and lvl 12 crystal while trying to get a garland dragon.

  10. David says:

    I got a 48 hour time on the UPGRADED breeding
    cave so it takes 20% shorter. I got 57.6 hours but I think I got a double

  11. Ali says:

    Got a 60 hr breeding time in cooperative breeding with the Great Nogard, using my faire dragon and his fire dragon!!

  12. Charlie says:

    I got a double rainbow dragon by breeding the leap year and solar eclipse dragon

  13. Hooly says:

    I bred my snowy gold and my dawn. It gets more rares then blue fire and crystal!!

  14. Sam says:

    Just got double rainbow from rain/mountain on ebi. I was trying for the sapphire lol.

  15. Lupa Epsilon says:

    I just bred root and flash and got 2 and a half days. Everywhere I’ve looked online tells me it’s a double rainbow dragon, and I didn’t even use the epic breeding cave!!!!!!!!!! This was purely coincidental!!!!! I was just fooling around, and POOF! double rainbow dragon.

    • Domenic Clue says:

      add me on gamecenter m id is, DomDC88. I use to play on an old gamecenter acc but im starting new and was wondering I we could cooperative breed, I hve a polarian so it would be worth your whle

  16. Sharky says:

    I got mine from polorine and lichen!!????????

  17. Amelia says:

    I got double rainbow by level 10 moon & level 10 snowy silver

  18. Steve says:

    Got it on second try while trying to get a polarion dragon in the friend breeding thing, I mixed an arcturian dragon with the polarion dragon and got a 60 hour dragon, I’m pretty sure it’s a double rainbow, I wasn’t expecting it tho I was very shocked, I wasn’t prepared for it either lol

  19. Bartholemeu says:

    I got it by breeding scorch (lvl 12) with polarian (lvl 4) in co-op breeding. I was surprised because i’m sort of a noob and just unlocked lightning element. My scorch dragon has a gold border and an orb, don’t know what that means, but in breeding odds it said “slightly better”.

    • Brendan says:

      The gold and the orb means it is a twin (only obtainable through Cooperative Breeding).

      • KCcandy says:

        Not fully true. As said, this dragon is at the level 12. When a dragon reaches the level 11, it gets a shining orb over it’s head,and the breeding odds say “slightly better.” Glad to be of help.

  20. Brandon says:

    I got it 1st try by using a leap year dragon I already had, and using the cooperative breeding cave with my friend’s double rainbow. I tried it again, and got a sun dragon. So, this combo will get you a lot of legends

  21. Faith says:

    I got it trying to breed snowy gold. I bred lvl 12 snow with lvl 12 pepper

  22. Brendan says:

    I got one with a Poison and a Crystal.

  23. Allison says:

    Got with Coral and Flash

  24. Sharky says:

    Got it from sulfur and glass!!!!!?????????

  25. Says says:

    Lol guys you know what I did I used a lava dragon to breed with a miss dragon and it gave me double rainbow

  26. Kouga32 says:

    I just got one from co-op with a level 4 Fire and a level 10 Procyon, came hunting through egg pics after I could see the egg so I could find out what on earth I’d just picked up that took over 2 days heh

  27. Carlos T. says:

    I accidentally bred the double rainbow dragon in the cooperative breeding cave with my Procyon and Nogard’s Antarian.

  28. Annelie hendriks says:

    I got a double rainbow with a snow dragon and an antarian ?!

  29. xxMinswift says:

    Got it with Scorch and Chrome both level 13 on the second try, tho I was trying to get the sulfur dragon

  30. Kasey says:

    I breed dawn a d double rain bow first try and got double rain bow

  31. Kasey says:

    I breed dawn and double rainbow first try and got double rainbow

  32. Jayne says:

    I’ve been trying forever to get a rainbow dragon with crystal and air but instead (on the millionth try) I got a double rainbow! It’s frustrating I can’t get a rainbow but I’m happy I have a double :)

  33. Katie says:

    I was trying for a Galaxy dragon in the Cooperative Breeding Cave with a Snowflake dragon (the kind that is $13/min at level 1) and The Great Nogard’s Sorarian dragon and the message popped up. WHAAAT?! ?
    PS The snowflake dragon was level 10.

  34. Scar says:

    I got it with a moonstruck (level 8) and a fire (level 4) in the normal breeding cave

  35. DRAGONVALE says:

    Try to breed with Antares I breed it with one of great nogards anfd it works.

  36. Heika says:

    Dodo an Iceberg

  37. Mathis says:

    While trying to breed Ouroboros with magnetic and swamp(both lv.12) I got 60hours!

  38. kara says:

    got it 1st try with acid and crystal

  39. Owen says:

    Got this guy from co-op with marbletail and chrysalis…tf?

  40. Hi says:

    I got it with 2 galaxy dragons Lol.

  41. Sunshine says:

    I got this on accident in the co-op cave with Polaris & Celerulian! Not what I was breeding for, but I’ll take it!! I’ve been playing for 2 years & FINALLY got a Double Rainbow!!

  42. Breeze says:

    I have an idea. I’m gonna try crystal and mist to see if that works. I’ll see if it does and post back.

  43. Cricket says:

    I got it using level 7 Rain and level 7 Moss in regular breeding cave. I actually got started playing this game helping my son now im playing my own. We got it right away on his too. With low level different dragons. Leads me to believe there is no challenge to getting this one.

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