Dragonvale Double Rainbow Dragon

Dragonvale Double Rainbow Dragon

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  1. Rubie-sky says:

    For those of you wanting to know:

    Rainbow + rainbow = rainbow

    Rainbow + Celtic = rainbow

    Rainbow + leap year = rainbow

    You get no other outcomes by breeding any of the rainbow dragons. To achieve a positive breeding outcome you must either have two of the same style rainbow dragon, e.g. Two leap years or breed them from the special combos.

    Hope this helps

  2. Rubie-sky says:

    However, to my discovery:

    Once you have a double rainbow dragon you can breed it with the leap year,
    The Celtic and the normal rainbow and breed another double rainbow (with the obvious failure combo being a normal rainbow)

    I think this is indicative that it’s gonna stay around.

  3. Imhere says:

    I need more gems and I will always give more gems back, daily dragonvale user ONLY 4 SPACES LEFT send me gems and a request this is my username: *–*

  4. Isabella says:

    Tried it with blue fire and crystal and it worked the first time!!!!

  5. unknown says:

    I got A normal rainbow, gold and cyclops all from chrome and scorch ( send meh gems ) username: joshuamagnum

  6. Laura says:

    Magnetic then swamp by the by

  7. chloe says:

    I got a double rainbow first try with blizzard level 11 and gift level 11 at the epic breeding island

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