DragonVale: How to breed a Summer Dragon

Dragonvale Summer Dragon

BUY-IT Price: 1500 GEMS

HOW TO BREED: Ash and Salamander / Ash and Coral / Swamp and Scorch

(This guide is part of a larger DragonVale breeding guide. For the full list of breedable dragons, click here.
If you would like to help support my rushing breedings & incubations to discover the latest dragon combos for you, please send me gems – GameCenter ID = “Dr Macenstein” & “MacensteiniPad”. Of you can give us BOTH gems by entering my Friend code in the REDEEM section under SOCIAL. It’s 5074276. Thanks!

Dragonvale Summer Dragon

The 1st Egg is the Dragonvale Summer Dragon

233 Responses to “DragonVale: How to breed a Summer Dragon”
  1. HungarrToph24 says:

    Got it with ash and salamander. ADD ME: HungarrToph24


  2. E x g h says:

    Just got 24 hr off salamander and plasma… Going for jade but I think I got this as a fail, second summer, oh well just got a 48 hr with mud and blazing on my breeding cave as well :) add for gems. EXGOHSTY

  3. Kin says:

    Add me on gamecenter for gem to gem trading! Kineill

  4. Mike says:

    Add me xxxx51xxxx

  5. meg13 says:

    Hey Doc!

    Seaweed and Firefly is a combo for summer! Was trying to get a double rainbow and got a summer instead. Second one this week from the same combo

  6. PopUi says:

    Got 48 hrs with Ash and Coral. Could it possibly be rainbow? Because I was wondering if it was four diff combos

  7. felop11 says:

    add me gem for gem felop11

  8. bonnie says:


  9. Mikayla says:

    I got this dragon after trying 12 times with ash and coral. Guess it’s just luck :)
    Add me for gem trading Soaringdragon10

  10. GilfusGirl says:

    I just got 31hr with plasma and salamander using the epic breeding cave anyone have any ideas on what im getting im trying for a summer dragon. :)

  11. Marinaaa_ says:

    Add me for gem trade marinaaa_

  12. Cargospy@yahoo.com says:

    Looking for 2 more people to trade gems with. Cargospy Game Center

  13. Cargospy@yahoo.com says:

    Looking for 2 more people to trade gems with. Cargospy@yahoo.com Game Center

  14. 14K says:

    I used Ash and Salamander and now have an egg for 60 hours. What is it?

  15. Justyn Garrett says:

    I got it second time with level 15 ash left and level 15 coral right

  16. Missy says:

    Water and firefly. First try

  17. Adam says:

    Seaweed and Scorch, was trying for a double rainbow

  18. starzturn says:

    I got a summer dragon twice with plasma and salamander. Tryin to work for a jade.

  19. PersonMcPersonMan says:

    Just got Jade on my first try with plasma ad salamander, going for this next.

    Add me gem for gem, Miles_Moo

  20. Aa says:

    Add me Kalooosha

  21. Ann says:

    What are the 2nd & 3rd eggs?

  22. Matt says:

    love and swamp is another combination you can try. good luck.

  23. SnowTiger7777 says:

    LOVE THIS GAME!! Got a Summer dragon. Personally, I think the 4th of July dragon looks much better & AWESOME!

  24. Valarie says:

    Need two people for gem for gem daily, add me on Game Center, JALLISAM.

  25. Valarie says:

    Add me for gem for gem daily, need two people, JALLISAM thanks.

  26. friendly panda says:

    I breeded chrome and scorch and I got a 24 hours someone tell me what it is :(

  27. friendly panda says:

    I breeded chrome and scorch and I got a 24 hours someone tell me what it is

  28. PersonMcPersonMan says:

    Hi everybody. I need 1 more person to trade gems with. I play everyday that I can (which is fairly often) and if you actually send me a request today, on the day of posting, I apologize but I will be unable to reciprocate until tomorrow, as I’ve already given my gifts to some people who don’t give them back. I hate when that happens, so please trade, don’t just take gems from me… my Game Center is Miles_Moo, and I look forward to trading gems with you…

    Also I’m going for the Summer dragon next, despite all those failed attempts at Seasonal, I want to get Summer because Seasonal isn’t a limited one… hope this works!
    Also, THANK YOU DOC! I just got myself a Jade Dragon, my 3rd Epic and my 1st Gemstone Dragon, with Plasma and Salamander, on my first try!

  29. John says:

    Got it first try with chrome and scorch. But, when I tried the combination again it just said 24hrs what dragon is it?! Please respond to this message :)

  30. Raoul says:

    Add me on gamecenter im often sending gems: RAOULLLL!!

  31. msgjd says:

    I got it the first try

  32. I am not John Bob says:

    I got 24 hours with crystal and blazing

    Did I get the crystal dragon?

  33. Dr. Dragon says:

    Plasma and Salamander worked on the third try!! Use this it’s actually very good because most all other dragons bread only incubate for 5-8 hours!!

  34. OrchidSpring says:

    Whoop~ Ash (lvl 12) and Salamander (lvl 15) first try <3
    And it was in the cave. lol

  35. issie says:

    I got a 24 hours with chrome and scorch could it be the summer dragon?

  36. Ryleigh says:

    Trysts with ash and coral no luck
    Need more friends.. I’m ryry ellis

  37. Hailz says:

    Got it while trying for a jade

  38. Rob says:

    I’m Tired of trying to breed these. I’ve gotten two double dragons in the same time while I’m trying for Summer. And still no luck. I’m at level 45 and my salamander and ash are both level 18. Aargh! Is that spelled right?

  39. Peyton says:

    I’ve tried ash and salamander so many times with no luck, any ideas?

    Add me and ill send gems. Name: peytonius

  40. kirstyntw says:

    add me, gem for a gem kirstyntw

    • gumasat says:

      I,m level 45 and i don,t know how to add friends in game center. Do i need to add friends via facebook? Or what? Help please…..

  41. Lushy9160 says:

    I got a 24 hr dragon first try with a lv9 scorch and a lv9 water! I think it’s a summer dragon! Please help! It was first try!!!

  42. Kitty Cat Cass1 says:

    My brother Bred crystal, cold and got 24 hours. He is on level 18 so he hasn’t unlocked all the dragons. He thinks it is a summer. Any ideas?

  43. ablanco52 says:

    add me on gamecenter i am saving up gems for the epic breeding island. help me out please! gamecenter id: ablanco52

  44. ablanco52 says:

    add me ablanco52 i need more gems to the EBI help me out!

  45. ablanco52 says:

    add me ablanco52 i need more gems to the EBI help me out please!

  46. Unknown says:

    I was try to breed a jade dragon with plasma and salamander but after trying many time I got a summer dragon

  47. AL says:

    I got one with Ash and Salamander on the 2nd try. Last day to breed a Summer dragon, too!

  48. The lushy9160 says:

    Yay! Got SUMMER DRAGON first try by using lv 9 water and lv 9 scorch!

  49. Ari says:

    Awesome and very useful! Add me
    For gem to gem IWuvzAri

  50. Win says:

    Been trying for over a mnth now, still no summer dragon :(

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