Dragonvale Summer Dragon

Dragonvale Summer Dragon

One Response to “Dragonvale Summer Dragon”
  1. brrdgrrl says:

    Hi love this website very helpful especially as the dragon breeding has gotten more complicated. I’ve tried to add u in Game Center, but u don’t show up as my neighbor: I know I am doing it right bc I was able to add my niece. For some reason I can’t add u, it wants me to “check the ID”. Maybe u have max neighbors. Can u delete some that are not active & add me? I have been playing since the game came out but got a new phone & sometime along the way apple & Game Center coordinated their ids so I lost my good Dragon Vale & had to start over: ID is brrdgrrl. My only other friend is my neice on his game. if u could delete this so others dont add me after id appreciate it Thanks.

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