DragonVale: How to breed a Electrum Dragon

Dragonvale Electrum Dragon

BUY-IT Price:2200 GEMS

HOW TO BREED: Copper and Lightning / Cactus and Magnetic / Ash and Metal

(This guide is part of a larger DragonVale breeding guide. For the full list of breedable dragons, click here.
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Dragonvale Electrum Dragon Egg

The 1st Egg is the Dragonvale Electrum Dragon Egg

281 Responses to “DragonVale: How to breed a Electrum Dragon”
  1. ZBaws624 says:

    I got mine 3 try with magnetic swamp but the first and second I got ourabouras dragon and cyclops

  2. Jumpysquirrel says:

    I bred rust and firefly and got it 1st try! :)

  3. Lynx says:

    I got it using Fire and Metal, first try.

  4. Margaret says:

    Try breeding water and magnetic. You can get electrum, platinum, ouroboros, cyclops and current. If you put swamp in instead of water, you won’t get the current but you can get the rainbow and double rainbow.

  5. ZBaws624 says:

    I’m confused?? I got a electrum with steel and cold?????????????

  6. ZBaws624 says:

    I’m confused?? I got a electrum with steel and cold?????????????

  7. NeverendingSong says:

    I got this by breeding A Magnetic dragon with a Fog Dragon

  8. Steph says:

    Got this with a scorch and metal dragon first try. Wasn’t expecting it at all! I had no idea what the heck this egg was!

  9. Simclover1 says:

    Got with plasma and salamander :) odd

  10. Sierra says:

    Got it first try with magnetic and swamp!
    Add me on gc: Shep4523

  11. WrittenEmber says:

    Just got one from Metal and Sonic (was trying for Kite). My first treasure dragon! :)

    Also: looking for two Gem-for-Gem friends, but I’d love to be friends even if you have no gems to give! I like to visit people’s parks and see all the awesome dragons. :) GameCenter ID WrittenEmber

  12. Cam says:

    I bred ash and rust looking for Cyclops and got this first try

  13. doody6411 says:

    I was attempting to breed a ruby dragon with lvl 11 chrome and lvl 11 scorch and I got this dragon 4th try! Add me on Game Center, I’m on daily and will send gems to anybody that sends me gems my ID is doody6411.

  14. Shyla says:

    I just used a scorch and chrome trying to get something else :p

  15. Thunder_eagle says:

    I get this dragon with crome and scorch

  16. Lilly Dox says:

    I not so surpriseingly got my electrum dragon by the ye-old Scorch and Crome dragons.

  17. Sugartrip says:

    I got mine by pure accident by breeding Cobber and Air both lvl 11 on the epic breeding Island ^^
    Second try trying to get the liberty dragon :b

  18. Erik says:

    I was trying to breed a ruby dragon with chrome and scorch and got an electrum dragon

  19. Joe says:

    Just got on accident with level 11 plant and level 11 magnetic while trying to get an ironwood. :)
    On a lucky streak I guess, because on my EBI I currently am breeding a peridot that I got 5 minutes before Electrum

    • Jalen says:

      i got it first try with a lvl 11 aurora and lvl 5 nebula. And similar Joe, i got it 5 mins after i freaking rainbow!

  20. Chandler says:

    I got one trying to get a platinum dragon with quicksilver and ash

  21. Fluffy250 says:

    I got electrum by doing cactus lvl.10 metal lvl.7 first try!!! But i was aiming for magnetic

  22. Sajel says:

    Magnetic + Moss dragon, trying for something else and ended up with electrum after the second try.
    Both dragons are level 11 :)

  23. Nemo says:

    I just wanted to get a dark hybrid with dark/copper (both lvl 11) got electrum, then retried, got electrum again..

  24. Bruce Wayne says:

    Got it first try using Chrome and Scorch (both lvl. 13) in the Epic Breeding Island while going for Ruby.

  25. Oreoclaw says:

    I got him scroch and chrome trying to get ruby I got him 4 times XD

  26. lololo says:

    You need this to get the new crystalline dragon…

  27. Rainbow star says:

    I’ll try that too

  28. Rainbow star says:

    I bred ash and metal and got a 20 hour breeding time. What is it?

  29. Rainbow star says:

    I breed good and lightning normal breeding cave, 24 hour breeding time. WHAT IS IT?!!!

  30. Rainbow star says:


  31. Rainbow star says:

    I bred cactus and magnetic and got a 1:01:30:00 breeding time. (I think) What is it?

  32. Rainbow star says:

    I want it for tormaline

  33. Rainbow star says:

    I bred cactus and magnetic and got breeding time of 1:01:30:00 what is it?

  34. Hakuna Matata says:

    After 20 try’s with Copper and Lightning (got 20 copper dragons…) and 14 more tries with Cactus and Magnetic (14 more copper dragons) I finally got this one with my 15 try with Cactus and Magnetic. Was beginning to think I’d never get it. Thanks Doc for the combos. Oh and heads up to every one, tidal and any Galaxy or Snowflake has given me nothing but rare dragons from double rainbow to snowy bronze and seasonal dragons and leaf dragons.

  35. Dragon says:

    Rainbow plus fire dragon work as well! I’ve gotten 2 already the normal breeding cave

  36. Ladybug0305 says:

    I got it with Procyon and fire lvl 4, 3rd try. Have no idea how.

  37. Rainbow says:

    I got this with level 14 evergreen and copper in that order second try. I also got two suns with that.

  38. Lily says:

    Got a 47.5hr breeding time with Lodestone and Mountain (both level 14) in breeding island whilst trying for Sanguinite :-)

  39. Cathy says:

    I got one with lvl 11 mine and lvl 11 ash in ebi 😛

  40. Pander says:

    Do u need epic breeding island?

  41. Cat person says:

    I got mine first try with copper and lighting??

  42. Emily says:

    Oh my frikken god! I’ve been trying for this bastard forever(since I owned this app), including this very minute(all night!). The thing is, I’m trying for a different dragon in the co-op cave. So how is it, I have the exact breeding time for Electrum, only in the cave I’m not trying to get it in? Lol I’m breeding Teidian with Love in the co-op, and I think it’s gonna be Electrum, unless there’s another one with 1:23:30?….Meanwhile, I’m trying for Electrum in both other caves, spending all my money! Wow, this game is a trip.

  43. Totti says:

    Got it first try Ash and Metal in normal breedingcave, both level 11. Good luck :)

  44. Hdhe says:

    Got it teidian+polarian 1st try trying for rainbow

  45. Hdhe says:

    Teidian+polarian can give u double rainbow,rainbow and lots
    Of epic dragons

  46. LadySpyce100 says:

    Enchanted breeding cave, conch lvl 16 & cotton lvl 15, bred electrum.

  47. Laura98 says:

    Got it first try using Flash (lvl. 10) and Mirror (lvl. 10) in the Epic Breeding Island :)

  48. Savage cabbage says:

    I got it by breeding 2 rainbow dragons in a coop breeding cave

  49. Lexi says:

    I got mine with singularity and comet?? At least I think it’s the electrum dragon. Nothing else matched the breeding time.

  50. Jayne says:

    Just got this with Chrome and Scorch – trying for Ruby! lol

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