DragonVale: How to breed a Electrum Dragon

Dragonvale Electrum Dragon

BUY-IT Price:2200 GEMS

HOW TO BREED: Copper and Lightning / Cactus and Magnetic / Ash and Metal

(This guide is part of a larger DragonVale breeding guide. For the full list of breedable dragons, click here.
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Dragonvale Electrum Dragon Egg

The 1st Egg is the Dragonvale Electrum Dragon Egg

288 Responses to “DragonVale: How to breed a Electrum Dragon”
  1. Joe says:

    I have bred metal and lightening ova 40 times and keep getin this same dragon any combos that will get it quite quick

  2. Donell says:

    Trying for Ouroboros with Magnetic and fog…. I keep getting Electrum dragon… so that’s 3 Spectrum now and no Apolcalypse yet…… Good luck all cause I need it Hehe 🙂

  3. chase says:

    i got one using metal and scorch trying to get a copper dragon

  4. anon says:

    I just got a double rainbow trying for this dragon – I think I bred a cooper and lightning, though I could be wrong. I have the egg hatching now.

  5. Lol says:

    I have a electrum dragon.trying for an ouroboro dragon with magnetic and swamp and got an electrum and a cyclop

  6. OrchidSpring says:

    Got it with Magnetic and Fog, was trying for Ourobos.

  7. Mags says:

    Swamp and Magnetic

  8. *M*I*K*A* says:

    I got it with Cactus (Lv 12) and Magnetic (Lv 13) on 7th try

  9. Karen says:

    Have been trying for the Oroburos dragon with Fog and Magnetic and have gotten this Electrum Dragon twice now!

  10. Rathalos says:

    Hey all are cactus and magnetic is the best combination for This Dragon ?
    Ow ow and don’t forget to add me in my gamecenter, send me gem everyday and ill gift you back, i need it to buy EBI (epic breeding island), oh yeah i got tips : use magnetic and Water to get ouroboros Dragon, i got it in my first try! Good luck and don’t forget to add me okay!!!!

  11. SalmonWolf says:

    I honestly, honestly bred Magnetic and Lightning several times a day since the Electrum was announced. I got 4 hours every single time… Then randomly got 20 hours – a Copper. What the hell? Haven’t seen anybody else with this problem, maybe it’s just my DragonVale. Time to try some different combinations, I guess…?

  12. Savannah says:

    Gems for gems! Add Nazuna12

  13. Alex says:

    I just got mine on my first try with a level 9 copper and level 9 lighting!

  14. nick says:

    I got mine after three days of failed attempts. I was trying to get a gold dragon. I used scorch and chrome like this website said would be a common way to breed it. So I got that and finally managed to breed a silver dragon at the same time

  15. Adz Streek says:

    Magnetic and lichen worked first time 🙂
    Waiting for hatching.

    Add on game centre. Adz Streek. On pretty often. Ill send gems as often as possible.

  16. Brandon says:

    Got it using catus nd magnetic took 10 to 15 trys

  17. Brandon says:

    Got it using cactus nd magnetic took 10 to 15 trys ,

  18. msbrennab says:

    I got it first try in the cave with cactus & quicksilver. I also got a rainbow dragon on the EBI with Evergreen and quake trying to get an Amber dragon.

  19. Josh says:

    I got this dragon by using a level 10 magnetic and a level 10 current dragon. Trying to get that tricky ouroboros dragon and ended up getting this on my second try. Add me on game center “JP671997”

  20. Mummzy177 says:

    Got this dragon after 6 tries in EBI using magnetic and swamp

  21. OleYeWizard says:

    Tryyyy magnetic and lichen in the epic breeding cave jus got a sun then electrum one after the other woop!!

  22. Raphael says:


  23. nathan says:

    Meteor dragon + mondo dragon

  24. alec smith says:

    what i did was i was trying for a cyclops by using magnetic and swamp and got electrum

  25. How I got my electrum dragon was from copper and gift on my first try

  26. Poopz says:

    Anyone know why the graphics of this dragon are so terrible?

  27. StarstoneFireyKestrel says:

    Has anyone got any suggestions for this dragon coz my silver dragon is lonely in its habitat! I’m gonna try magnetic and water and I’m gonna see if it works. It better work coz for rare and fancy dragons it takes about five million tries to get the right dragon! If u got any other suggestions contact me on this website. Thanks StarstoneFireyKestrel xxx

  28. Hammy says:

    Got one with magnetic and swamp
    First try with original breeding cave

  29. Jennifer says:

    Fog and magnetic first try!!!

  30. Rijanz says:

    I’ll trade gems with you 😀 . Add me on Game Center. My name is Rijanz

  31. Dean says:

    Water and magnetic. 3 tries

  32. Dawn says:

    Cactus and steel. 1st time!

  33. Unicorninja says:

    I bred magnetic and Fog, and COPPER AND SWAMP to get this. If it helps anyone.also add me let’s gove each other them gift gems 🙂 unicorninja

  34. asiastar says:

    Cactus and steel first Time yeeeh…

  35. Alyssa says:

    I was attempting to get a Gold dragon with Scorch and Chrome, but instead got the Electrum dragon very first time I tried this combo. So apparently Scorch and Chrome work perfectly (very first time for me) to get this Electrum. Hopefully I can get Gold next time instead!

  36. Nilysfer says:

    I got it with magnetic lev15 and swamp lev 18 first try on the EbI

  37. J4CKLøW3 says:

    I bred electrum with Cactus and Mine. Just happened by accident so I think odds are low but it worked for me and it was in the regular breeding cave

  38. Renata says:

    Just got this dragon on the first try with Cactus and Mine, both level 12, on the EBI. I was trying for a Silver dragon but I’m happy for now with this one!

  39. quinnster555 says:

    i did flash and magnetic and got one on the first try

  40. The stone says:

    I got the electrum dragon 2 try with copper and lightning in regular breeding cave

  41. Mare says:

    Rain and magnetic 3rd try on accident haha

  42. Dragonbreeder says:

    I got 47.5 hours with air and glacier trying for winter dragon. I’m pretty sure it’s electrum but maybe it’s a special dragon? Or a mistake?

  43. jimbob says:

    Copper + Sonic dragon ebi accidentally got it I was trying to get the liberty dragon XD

  44. jenny says:

    Got it with cactus and mine. Was going for apocalypse lol never get rare dragons i want, got rainbow and double rainbow by accident too

  45. Carolyn Freitas says:

    I have gotten electrum three time this month while breeding chrome and copper. (I was trying for liberty.)

  46. Cicuta Lupus says:

    I managed to get this one by breeding Metal and Sonic.

  47. ash says:

    got it with cactus and mine while trying for an apocalypse.

  48. Renata says:

    I have gotten five Electrum dragons in a row trying for a Gold using Chrome and Scorch on the EBI.

  49. Hcdfujvd says:

    I got a rainbow 2 electrum and a cyclops with swap and magnetic

  50. Ben says:

    Got Electrum with Dark & Magnetic, on my 9th try of getting Acid, still no sight of tha alien looking Acid.
    Good luck everyone.

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