DragonVale: How to breed an Ouroboros Dragon

DragonVale Ouroboros Dragon

INCUBATION TIME: 26 Hours, 24 min
BUY-IT Price:1,888 GEMS

HOW TO BREED: Current and Magnetic / Magnetic and Swamp / Magnetic and Fog

(This guide is part of a larger DragonVale breeding guide. For the full list of breedable dragons, click here.
If you would like to help support my rushing breedings & incubations to discover the latest dragon combos for you, please send me gems – GameCenter ID = “Dr Macenstein” & “MacensteiniPad”. Of you can give us BOTH gems by entering my Friend code in the REDEEM section under SOCIAL. It’s 5074276. Thanks!

DragonVale Ouroboros Dragon Egg

The 1st Egg is the DragonVale Ouroboros Dragon Egg

319 Responses to “DragonVale: How to breed an Ouroboros Dragon”
  1. Chibishibi says:

    I’ve been using magnetic and current. So far I’ve collected 3 Cyclops dragons and 1 Electrum. So if you want these, Magnetic and Current are the way to go.

  2. captain cooper 0139 says:

    still trying to get another one.. I got 1 with magnetic and swamp level 15 but no luck on getting the second yet.. I hope it doesn’t just go away quickly I need more time!!! lol anyone can add me, and I still have 4 gem spots to trade, just send to me and I hit reply, first 6 to send to me every day is the first 6 I send back to. that’s the fairest way to do it

  3. MJR says:

    What is an easy way to get current?

    • Matthew says:

      Current is pretty hard to get since it has opposite elements, lightning and water.You should try to get it using a water dragon and a lightning hybrid. Like magnetic and water or water and sonic. After a few tries you’re sure to get it. Just keep on trying!

  4. LC2113 says:

    I got one with Fog+ Magnetic.
    Just like that with fog first.
    Tried so many combos before finally getting it with the second or third try of this combo.

  5. Ityldya says:

    I’ve got Double Raibow with magnetic + swamp. Though, still trying for Ouroboros.

  6. F1neChina says:

    Gem 4 gem add me n send gem F1neChina

  7. Dani says:

    I just got a 27 hour breeding time with fog and magnetic. I think it might be this one.

  8. Floshbit says:

    I just bred a magnetic to swamp combo and got a platinum dragon first try. Wasn’t the dragon I wanted, or the dragon I thought I could get if my first choice failed, but hey. Not complaining. πŸ˜€

  9. PersonMcPersonMan says:

    Meh, this one’s getting annoying. I keep trying but so far out of it I’ve gotten two Quicksilvers, a Copper, and a Cyclops… But STILL NO OUROBOROS DRAGON! This is really getting annoying, so many long breeding times with Magnetic and Water. At least I only need 57 more gems for the Epic Breeding Island! Once I have that I will be breeding Magnetic and Water in the island, all the time.

    • Michelle says:

      Use the dragons Doc lists! Why are you using water in the first place? Keep trying magnetic and swampor another one of the combos listed until you get it. Yes, the EBI is great but I have gotten many, many great dragons from my breeding cave too. Don’t fret…you have Doc’s info to get all the dragons even in the breeding cave.

  10. Grimlock01 says:

    This is for Lois. All u do is go to friends at the bottom if the screen then very close to the bottom it says add friends. Them type in a friend’s name. U can add me megrimlocknobozo

    • Waitokikid says:

      Hi, I have just got a gem tree also and just trying to figure out the gifting thing. At the bottom of the social area in the invite friends area it comes up with only 3 options (Facebook, SMS and email ) where would I type in your name so that you are added to friends – no ‘add friends’ bit is there where I can just directly type in a players name. Sorry to be a dumb about this, but just trying to figure it out. Thanks for any help here.

      • Elkshadow5 says:

        Go to gamecenter
        Click the friends tab at the bottom
        Click the + sign on the top left
        Type in someone’s Game Center ID
        Hav them accept the request
        And u r now friends

        • Waitokikid says:

          Thanks so much for the help, however my game centre has no friends tab anywhere so seems like I just have a pretty tree with gems on and can’t use it, how frustrating. Thanks again for the clear instructions, I thought it might be something fairly easy, sadly not available to me :(

          • Waitokikid says:

            Just changed the settings on the iPad and adding friends now available, awesome!! Thanks for all your help:)

  11. ClaiZ says:

    Add “Kobbeen” on gamecenter if you wanna trade gems!

  12. Stan da mathematics man says:

    Hey doc thanks again for the wonderful advice i got one !!!!! Also anyone who has seen hemlock grove on netflix and had the guts to watch up to ep. 10 should have heard oroboros before as the project they are doing on glow worm! Also i woul like to give thanks to my most loved gem4gem-ers: most helpfull is as follows , Lbumbrey, and Blue((:! Next are favorite pics on gc : cupcake mushball and knoo7 and blue((: last is everybody!!!!! Payt0nius cjr3boys Lbumbrey blue((: knoo7 and cupcake mushball and best over all doc!!!!! Thank you srry if i cant give you gems back for a while either im camping or im giving it to other gc friends!!! You can add me at .jacob(:

  13. Grimlock01 says:

    2 ouroboros for me! I just got my second on about my 5th try. This combo really works. I used Lvl 15 magnetic and Lvl 10 swamp.

  14. K1ID4NK says:

    Wow the craziest thing happen I tried breeding current and magnetic and EPI both Lv. 10 and I got it on the first try and then when it finished breeding I hit the retry button and then again I got ouroboros dragon crazy huh

  15. myubberduck says:

    Fog lv 15 + magnetic lv 10 first try…….and seaweed lv 15 + magnetic lv 10 first try after many tries on other combos..

  16. BreederDude says:

    I don’t know how the add friend thing works don’t explain it. So kik me at pickle_juice_rocks and I’ll send you a link to my Facebook page so you can add me and gem me. I do gem for gem

  17. DV LUVA says:

    Hi peeps!!! So excited im crying of happiness… Litteraly its an Omen i tell u! I just tried magnetic/fog in breeding cave and it came up with21 hours 7 mins ( ouroboros upgraded time!!! ) on first go then i tried my breeding island ( this isnt upgraded ) and put in swamp/copper ( it would have been swamp/magnetic but i used my only magnetic in my cave) and first try with swamp/copper and…. BANG DONE 60 hours for double rainbow!

    I am still cying i cant see my ipod screen its blurry!! But very happy!!

  18. Caren says:

    Hey doc, what’s your thoughts on the last update? Has it changed how much you play?

  19. Kyrishi says:

    I’m looking for people to give gems and receive gems add

  20. dragonerd says:

    i got an electrum trying to get an ouroboros. cool! πŸ˜€

  21. reidzzz says:

    This combo really works. I just used Lvl 10 magnetic and Lvl 10 swamp, with normal breed. got it on second try.

  22. Rachelle says:

    Anyone experience frequent game crash during gem collection fr friends? Doc do you know any fix

    • anon says:

      I have the same problem. No it just crashes and you have to keep going back into it. I haven’t found a solution. But if you give the gems first sometimes it doesn’t crash.

    • milla says:

      That has been happening to me and I tryies the pause for few seconds things nothing works i frequently freeze up when collecting gems as well as giving so just to collect my 6 gems and send out 6 gift I crash 12 times after each, also when feeding my dragons and collecting money am so sick if it, I see their is an update so am gonna update and see if, oh yeah and I also deleted the app and reinstall it, I clear cashe and still having problems it’s to the point where I dnt even wonna play it anymore but am hanging in here waiting on a fix, have a gud day ppl :)

  23. annonymus says:

    I got 1 platinium, 1 cyclops, 1 summer and 1 double rainbow!!!
    With the same combo (magnetic and swamp lvl 15)
    For now, i try again for an ouroboros… -_-

  24. Roberto says:

    Been breeding magnetic and swamp, for days. Just now got 49 hrs.
    (2:00-59:00) Any idea what it could be?

    • Matthew says:

      Since your breeding cave is taking that amount of time,49 hours the only possibility is that you just bred a platinum dragon. Congrats!

  25. bustanut says:

    Finally got mine after a week of trying with lv10 Magnetic + lv10 Fog

  26. ivy says:

    hey, just switch devices to android from my Iphone, need three friends to start for now. If you want me to add you on Facebook please reply to this post. I play every day; my old account was at 42, this one’s already 26.

  27. *M*I*K*A* says:

    got one with Magnetic and Swamp, both level 13 :)

  28. Big Mick says:

    I’m trying to get this dragon but so far with the combination of magnetic and fog, I’ve gotten a Cyclopes and a platinum dragon. Not the dragons I want but hey they are just as rare and hard to get:) oh and ill do gem for gem trades. Add me M1844.

    • Matthew says:

      Congratulations on getting the cyclops and platinum dragon with that combo but if you’re aiming for an ouroboros dragon 2 of the best combinations I used were either magnetic and water or magnetic and swamp. Good luck breeding!

  29. PersonMcPersonMan says:

    I need gem trading partners, I have 107 gems at the moment of writing and I aim to get my hands on an Epic Breeding Island soon. Please help me reach my goal, as I have nobody currently trading gems with me and I plan to get a Gifting Tree after I have the EBI, and I play everyday, as well as I always gift to anyone who sends me gems.
    And on the subject of the Ouroboros dragon, I finally got it after getting a Copper dragon, a Cyclops dragon, a Platinum dragon, and many, MANY Quicksilvers… I only kept one though because I never actually had a Quicksilver dragon. Just one in the group that I had managed to procrastinate breeding up until even this very moment!
    Anyway, my Game Center name is Canham! That includes the capital C and the exclamation mark. Thanks, and I look forward to gem trading!

  30. Kjellaz says:

    Hello. I got cyclops, and a double rainbow on just to tries with electric and swamp. Epic right

  31. TalFinch says:

    Lost all my game center contacts. Add me for daily gem trading have gem tree lvl 30 I will return all gifts given. Haven’t missed a single gif yet. TalFinch

  32. big nasty says:

    Hay people who want to be my friend so weee can trade gems together give ke a facebook request so I can start all my friends never givw me gems back sooooo PLZ I play dayly

    Facebook name cyprus pierceall

    Thx and goood luck every1

  33. Kingnoel says:

    Beginning to think Backflip has switched the algorithm up. Nothing gives me what it should. TONS of rainbows from every pairing, double rainbow AFTER TWO MONTHS while trying for oro!
    No gemstone dragons in months. I’m getting frustrated enough to delete this app. It was very fun for a while :(

  34. Fiddybags420 says:

    Add me for a gem for gem! Names Ultimite blaze on game center

  35. Ari1212 says:

    I got a ouroboros dragon on my 3rd try but on my first got a double rainbow and on the second got a platinum. I got a cyclops on my sixth try. Soo much luck

  36. Hans 70 says:

    I tried magnetic and water and it worked on my second try the first try I got a cyclops dragon.

  37. Savannah says:

    Gems for gems! Add Nazuna12

  38. parie says:

    I’ve hatched 3 platinums, 1 electrum, 1 double rainbow, and 1 cyclops from magnetic and fog.
    No ouroborus though.

  39. Deathpanda says:

    Add me for gem trade! sierranichole93

  40. Lushy9160 says:

    Yay sooo happy! Got it third try with magnetic and swamp both lv 10! First try was copper then rust then this!

  41. djd ik says:

    I have tried the last 2 combinations and I ‘ve got those dragons: 3th and 4th treasure dragon, the new Olympic with one eye and the ouroborus eventually I also got some quicksilver and magnetically and stuff I have tried it like 20 times and gots lots of good things. I have gemstone tree and spent all 6 everyday I give when you give me. Wanna add me? My name is: djd ik
    Like above
    Thanks macenstein, again!

  42. Homez18 says:

    I got a platinum, silver, cyclops, and electrum using magnetic and fog, and when I wanted an ouroboros using magnetic and fog, got just what I wanted. B)

  43. Katt says:

    Well I got Platinum, Eletrum and Double rainbow from this… But no sign of the Orobos
    Dragon at all unfortunately for me… :/

  44. the_plattypus says:

    Bred Magnetic and Swamp in the epic breeding island amd got 01:02:24 which is the upgraded breeding cave time for Cyclops, is this a fluke or do I just not see what dragon it is?

  45. Elida says:

    I’m running low on gem traders, please add me gamecenter elidayrafi
    Thanks! I luv this game!

  46. Dennis says:

    Add me gem 4 gem. jjad14
    3 spots left !!

  47. Kathryn says:

    I’ve been trying to breed an ouroboros dragon every single day since it was released, And nothing. this sucks man!

    • Poopz says:

      Me too, I tried for ages with magnetic and swamp then ages again with magnetic and current (all level 15 on EBI) now I finally got it after only about four try’s with magnetic and water both level 15 on EBI so happy (:

  48. Name here! says:

    Guys, add me on gamecenter so we can trade gems!

  49. Random says:

    I tried getting a Cyclops with Swamp and Magnetic instead got a Ouroborus in incubation on my first try i’m so happy πŸ˜€ just got my habitat for it built up

  50. Lachie says:

    I got a Ouroboros, 2 Double Rainbows and 4 Cyclops in eight tries with Seaweed and Fog.

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