Woman enters Boca Apple Store with “strange device strapped to her chest”, asks for help, – then vanishes

The Daily Mail has an Apple story so bizarre that I am DYING to make jokes about it, yet I think I probably shouldn’t on the odd chance it turns out to be serious.

According to the Boca Raton Police Department, a woman entered the Boca Apple Store Tuesday dressed in a red hoodie and hat, then proceeded to the back of the store. After mistakenly entering the Men’s bathroom, she entered the Ladies’ Room, then went into a back storage area where she was confronted by an Apple employee. The woman then showed the employee a small black box that was strapped to her chest, said she needed help, but did not want the employee to call police, and then ran out of the store through the parking lot. The employee claims the woman was also wearing an ear-piece.

Now, this sounds very much like an over-done movie plot, prank, or shoplifting attempt to me, but on the odd chance this woman was actually in real danger, the police are still looking for leads to her whereabouts. She is described as 5ft 8in, possibly Hispanic and was wearing a red hoodie, black leggings and a red and black hat.

So yes, hopefully this is some sort of prank and she’s fine. However what I WILL say is that while I have never had trouble at an Apple Store getting the attention of a sales rep, there HAVE been times at Best Buy where I think having a fake bomb strapped to my chest might have helped me get the attention of one of the 30 disinterested employees standing around in groups trying desperately not to make eye contact with customers to help me, so I think on some level I understand this woman’s thinking.

4 Responses to “Woman enters Boca Apple Store with “strange device strapped to her chest”, asks for help, – then vanishes”
  1. CmdCtrl says:

    AGAIN with the women’s chests! Seriously now… that’s not what Google Alerts is for.

  2. Dr. J says:

    the new iPhone 5S perhaps?

  3. Dr, J says:

    …too soon?

  4. dumberthanstupid says:

    now where is the google super computer face recognition surveillance programs when you need them… oh – you say their currently under construction?!!! OKAY

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