Finally, you can play Super Mario Bros. with a banana on your Mac!

I’m sure there are evil MIT graduates somewhere – ones with no sense of humor, plotting to use their giant brains to take over the planet and enslave us all, but I must say more often than not these MIT boys seem to like to blow off steam by making wacky-ass inventions. Like this one: MaKey MaKey. I’d explain what it does but this video does a better job than my dumb fingers even could.

(Looks like even MIT grad students undervalue the importance of a $50 microphone…)

OK, I realize this has apparently been out for over a year now, but somehow I missed the debut of this Kickstarter funded device, so I apologize if I have wasted 5 seconds of your time. But I think this is a really cool idea, and a great way to potentially get your kids introduced the idea of re-thinking how we interact with computers, and perhaps even steer their little minds towards becoming future MIT evil geniuses themselves.

You can buy MaKey MaKey for $49.99 over at Amazon.

Thanks to faithful Macenstein reader Cooper for the tip!

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