DragonVale: How to breed a Light Dragon

DragonVale Light Dragon

BUY-IT Price: 2,000,000 coins

HOW TO BREED: Rift and Rift / Rift and Light

DragonVale Light Dragon Egg

The 1st egg is the DragonVale Light Dragon Egg

(This guide is part of a larger DragonVale breeding guide. For the full list of breedable dragons, click here.
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135 Responses to “DragonVale: How to breed a Light Dragon”
  1. Gabe says:

    Is there a level requirement????

  2. Allyu6789 says:

    Can we get BOTH light and dark dragons????

  3. Lazzar says:

    Add me to do gem for gem ! I have 2 accounts with 2 trees. Lazzar777 & Dryballs9000

  4. Dragons rule!!!!' says:

    Don’t think there is a level you have to be at cause I just upgraded my dragon vale account . Hope this helped!

  5. Maggie says:

    Is it true that you can only go to level 45? Is that just the end of the game?

  6. Monique says:

    Dont get any further than 3100 then i dont get any magic any more 99 missing magic crap
    I got magic with breeding and hatsching and removing things some by money at the habitats tryed everything but getting no more magic wat al lot of crap !

    • Joe says:

      You get magic by hatchin eggs, building things, destroying things, collecting money from habitats, doing races, and babysitting other peoples parks. You start off getting a lot per action, then it goes down. After 24 hours though, the magic resets and you get the original amounts again until it diminishes again.

  7. HungarrToph24 says:

    which are you going for doc, light or dark?

  8. sam_explosion says:

    Yo doc, i think you made a mistake. You have to summon a light dragon into the egg to get a light dragon, not summon a dark dragon into the egg to get a light dragon.

  9. LadyGu3 says:

    Magic is accumulated with almost everything you do. There is a limit for howuch you can get for each side (light & dark). I’ve found that growing treats seems to get the most from one time. However, the amount you get decreases each time you do the same action. It’ll give you the most for the first time you do each activity. I like that its a community effort. I’ve chosen the Light to try and summon first. You can buy an upgrade to each habitat and I was given a rift egg when I did. I’m looking forward to seeing the look of the dragon. Go Light!!

    • Don K. says:

      Thanks for the information. I have been contributing toward the Light Dragon and spent $.99 for the 150 units of Light magic & upgrade and received the habitat upgrade and Rift Egg. I also noticed that I can now contribute up to 5600 units instead of the previous 3199.

  10. Ray says:

    add me RAY_RAY124
    so far working on the light dragon, I wanted the dark dragon but I unknowingly spammed the light magic button without seeing the magic going into it >.<
    wonder if we can get both? 🙂

  11. Inventability says:

    Add me on game centre user: inventability

  12. elkshadow5 says:

    it now takes 8800 magic to get a dragon……. 🙁
    Go Light!!!!

  13. Shaddow says:

    Well, I added enough light energy to reach full. It upgraded the light habitat but I still have no egg? I guess I’m filling up a second time… But for what exactly???!!!

    • Flamemaster23 says:

      Youll get a second egg and third if youll continue on the light… But takes MORE magic

      • Jessica says:

        How many times can you upgrade the habitats? Does it stop at 3 or keep going?

        • Dyeyar says:

          Right now i filling up my 9999 magic bar, so i dont know yet… But ill post it if ive found it out…

          • Kellee says:

            Wow how disheartening , I only play this for my 5 year old , we are now upgraded to the three dragon habitat with 7600 magic needed 🙁 then I saw someone working on 8800 and someone at 9900 when do we actually summon a dragon . He was so disappointed nothing happened with his rift egg , and we have been working on it literally since the update …. Two weeks of three times a day collecting magic and a habitat for three is all we have … He’s 5 …. It’s taking toooooo long …

          • Kuru 45 says:

            two eggs i do not buy magic for real money

        • Dyeyar says:

          It keeps on upgrading till to a giant habitat that can hold 5 dragons.. And you will need another 14000 magic to get the third dragon…

  14. Rhonda says:

    I have the light habitat and egg. I’m trying to get dark habitat and egg. Should I continue to try to get dark or should I start giving it to light again? I’m a little confused with this new update. Sorry!

    • GoddessOfDestruction says:

      You can get both dragons so you can continue giving it to dark or light. It’s your choice. I’m currently going for both.

  15. Dyeyar says:

    You can get more magic by turning low level dragons to level 20… Youll get at least 250 magic for that
    Add me in gamecenter i do gem for gem… I love to visit parks of fellow dragonvale fans

  16. Rhonda says:

    I don’t know how to add lol. My fb is Rhonda Tolley if it helps.

  17. Rijanz says:

    I’ll trade gems with you 😀 . Add me on Game Center. My name is Rijanz

  18. Marcel says:

    So I got the light egg. Now what? How to hatch it? There’s no indication of how many hours it will take, or how to speed it up?

    • This is really confusing. BAckflip says that the egg will hatch when enough players summon it. So I think we just wait around… I’m not sure whether now I try to fill up the dark magic portal too or what… I filled the light portal again, and got a larger habitat, but I still have nothing to put in it…
      – The Doc

      • Flamemaster23 says:

        Same here doc… I already got the 2nd rift egg in light but still it wont hatch… Sure backflip wants us to spend more time playing…. Lol

      • Dyeyar says:

        Same here doc… I kept adding light magic and got a 2nd egg, but still it wont hatch… Then i start filling up the dark and got an egg there… So right now i got 2 on light and 1 on dark… But when will it hatch???

      • NeedPrivacy says:

        Hi Doc,

        The clues in the game say the more magic you cast the greater your reward. I think this means they probably have a cut off date so everyone who is going for multiple light and dark dragon eggs will get that many dragons per the amount of eggs they already have. for that reason if i were you I wouldn’t wait. Going from Dyeyar’s response it looks like we can accumulate many eggs. I think that is the reward. Not sure what they will do with new players who start late in the game so I could be wrong. Lol then again if new players didn’t level up their shrines before the update they were out of luck. So who knows?

        • NeedPrivacy says:

          Hi Doc and Dyeyar’s,

          I put this info in the dark dragon info and thought it might be helpful for this one too. For thos of you who are further then I p,ease share what comes next.

          NeedPrivacy says:
          October 15, 2013 at 11:26 pm
          Hi Dyeyar’s,

          I just now finished adding magic to the next level of light and earlier I finally finished the first level of dark. The dark habitat added an egg and then reset the magic bar. The light habitat got much larger and it said it now holds 3 light dragons. I only have one light egg and one dark but I think that is what this is all about…IE: keep adding magic. Whichever one was filled first will eventually be hatched first. Whatever size the habitat has been built up to is how many dragons it will hold. I think the catch is that ” now” we can use “magic” to do these things whereas after they finally allow the first dragon to be hatched they will probably change it to buying with “gems.”

          BTW I’ve been loading up on magic by buying the cheap bush over and over again…then deleting. Augh it’s tedious but it never stops giving magic. Also you will see how much time is left before the magic replenishes in the park in the Tines of the Rift. That is the large vortex in the top middle of the new magic island. Click on it then hit the ? Mark and the hour glass will show how much time us left. Then visit all freinds parks, and play the races. You’ll get magic fast this way. Hope that helps anyone out there who may be getting frustrated.

          • Wykd says:

            Yes that’s a definite way to earn magic. The orb tells you when the magic collection is at its peak. I stumbled upon it by accident and was surprised when cash collection got me so much more magic! WW

      • NeedPrivacy says:

        Doc, didn’t an egg appear in your light portal after you filled it up? That’s where my egg showed up. Weird.

  19. Meerkatsandi says:

    Hey doc, i want to add you…do you have an free slots left.

  20. cass says:

    Sooo im very confused as to what all of this is about. Mostly on if you can get both the light and the dark dragons. Whag happens as far as reward for getting light vs. Dark. Should I try and fill them up evenly or go for just the light or dark?

    • NeedPrivacy says:

      Hi Cass,

      We’re all not sure what’s going to happen yet. I do know that after you fill up the light dragon bar once an egg appears in that light habitat. The same is true for dark. After that if you keep adding magic the habitat you contributed to gets larger and will hold more light or dark dragon eggs. Then you keep adding eggs depending on which side you keep adding magic to. The large swirling vortex thing on the new island called Tines of the Scar continues to add another laser like shooting segment on each side. I agree with others that this tells us how much longer before any of the new dragon eggs will actually hatch. The clue in the game says the more magic you contribute the greater your reward. I think that reward will be a larger habitat with eggs ready to hatch. Hope that helps! Good luck!

    • Dyeyar says:

      Dude thanks for the link. It answer most of my questions…. But still…. Frustrating

    • Needprivacy says:

      Thanks Ohm,

      Yes this is a great link to explain a lot about this community Dragonvale event. I agree it is frustrating. Lol anyone gets past the 9999 magic point tell us what happens! Larger habitat, more eggs? Good luck everyone!

      • Dyeyar says:

        I NeedPrivacy

        I already filled up the 9999 bar and got my light habitat upgraded to hold 5 dragons… And now i need 14000 to get the third dragon…. But im filling up my dark now…. How much magic can you contribute in a day? Coz i think mine only does 3000 then it stopped giving magic…

        • Needprivacy says:

          Hi Dyeyar,

          Good for you! I finally finished the 9999 level in the light too! Augh just to see the next level is 14.000. I can only collect 3000 a day then it quits on me too. But it was 1500. I also saw where the 9999 level says you can now hold 5 dragon eggs for that habitat.

          Just found out its double magic weekend. That doesn’t work for planting bushes but it does for hatching eggs, visiting parks of friends, and races.

          I saw your challenge but didn’t know what to do? Lol sorry about that. Do I just accept? Lol

          Looks like this community event will only be a few more days. I’m. No where near getting the dark habitat leveled up again. Sigh.

          Good luck everyone,

          • Dyeyar says:

            Hi needprivacy

            Wheeew… Finally ive already got the third egg on light…. But im just wondering if would they look the same dragons or 3 different light dragons…

          • NeedPrivacy says:

            Hi Dyeyar,

            Great question! One on hand I would think they’d be the same dragons.. How could they be different if you haven’t mixed them with any other element? On the other hand the may give different dragons as the reward because the same dragons wouldn’t be a reward . I guess we’ll find out soon because the light side of the Tines of the Scar is almost full! Lol

            BTW good job! I keep checking your island to see what’s next! Lol

          • Dyeyar says:

            Hi needprivacy

            Well, nothing comes after you max out the bars.. I already did on both light and dark… Im just filling up on light so that st**p!d dragon can finally hatch….lol

          • NeedPrivacy says:

            Hi Dyeyar!

            Wow, I’ve done well to get two eggs in each habitat. That last haul of collecting 14,000 magic is crazy hard! Lol especially with a 3000 a day magic cap. Don’t think I’m going to make it. That’s ok. It’s just a game 🙂 but hey you brought up an interesting prose… Extra magic for hatching. Geeze, didn’t think about that but you may be into something there. Good job on your park! You must have spent a truckload of gems! Lol then again you have more gems then I have ever seen in any park! Lol I’m going the hard long route of buying cheap bushes…plant, erase, repeat…augh plant erase repeat. Lol It’s getting old, ready for this thing to end. Lol

    • GoddessOfDestruction says:

      Thanks Ohm!

  21. Bandet says:

    Add my gamecenter for gem for gem , I get on every day

  22. Honeybadger says:

    Okay I finished the first stage of the rift dragon i got the egg and the habitat now what it went give me the dragon like whhhhhhat plus i can not summon it

  23. Robbie24 says:

    A way to consistently tap yourself out of magic for the day and get about 2000 magic is to consistently buy bushes(in decorations worth 25 coins). It is tedious to buy and sell them, but it’s more consistent in getting magic than keep buying food.

  24. Andrew says:

    Is the dragon limited

  25. Ravenclaw says:

    Add me! Ravenclaw783!

  26. Bonnie says:

    I have one light egg at the base of my light rift. Now what?

    • Needprivacy says:

      Hi Bonnie,

      Keep adding magic and do both sides too because your light and dark habitats will not count against your habitat total if you upgrade each one with an egg before the event ends and they finally say light or dark dragons hatch first. Go to the link in this thread offered by Ohm to see all your questions answered by backflip the creators of Dragonvale. Good luck!

    • GoddessOfDestruction says:

      Keep adding magic. I would suggest going for both the light and dark dragons unless of course you only want light dragons.

  27. Throggz says:

    Just finished my dark edifice, can’t wait to see what the dragons look like. Anyone interested, add me for G4G -Throggz

  28. 1234 says:

    Hi, I unlocked a dragon egg for dark and light, but they r not hatching. What do I do?

  29. anon says:

    I have a light egg but it’s taking forever to hatch. How long does it take?

    • GoddessOfDestruction says:

      Nobody knows for sure exactly when the light and dark dragon eggs will hatch just that the eggs will hatch when that specific magic is released to the public. I figure that that whichever of the tiles on the tines of the scar that reach the top first will be the first magic released. As of now it looks like light magic will be released first. In the mean time, just keep adding magic and maybe try for the dark dragon too.

  30. Kim says:

    I think this a community based event where we all help adding magic before either dark or light dragons can be summoned. You can see on the Tines of the scar that light is leading.

    When it reaches the top, the event will be completed, and we will be able to summon the number of dragons that the Habitat can hold as a thank you for spending magic.

  31. Emily says:

    I have a light dragon egg, and obviously the habitat, but do the dragons actually hatch? The game says I have a “light dragon” but more like just the egg.

  32. lishiegurl says:

    i see alot of questions which is awesome but i dont see this one how long does the egg take to hatch?

  33. Dr. J says:

    Just bought gifting tree. Have 3spots open. Add me for gem for gem trade or if you just want to check out my park. Game Center ID: Dr.J33.

  34. Carolina says:

    Just in ace any one wants to trade gemsbok 4 spots left

  35. Bowy99 says:

    Ive got two rift eggs in my light habitat. I think that this is also the last time i have to fill up with magic.
    I wonder if i can also use magic for dark after i fill up light since ive got two light.
    Its a bit foggy i dont know what the real goal
    I get a message everytime as well like this is the last time you can use magic for light.
    I have no idea how they look like neither. Does anyone have one of them anyway?

  36. anon says:

    I don’t know – I leveled up again and got a second light dragon but nothing is hatching. I don’t get the point of these eggs.
    Do they ever hatch or do anything?

  37. Willy Stacks says:

    Add me. Willy Stacks I’m in everyday and trade gems

  38. Jason says:

    One of my friends quit playing so I have an open gifting spot – seattleastartes

  39. Sarah says:

    Is there a time limit? And if so, what happens? (It just told me light will win in a few hours but dark has more magic so I’m really confused)

  40. xXEthanx90000Xx says:

    I need gems on dragonvale! Please give if you can! My gamecenter account is Ethan9D000.

  41. Shetanv says:

    I have à light dragon !!!!
    Add me
    Shetanv in gamecentre

  42. Robbie24 says:

    Light dragons finally came out 🙂

  43. Daisy88 says:

    So if i only got one light rift egg, is it impossible for me to breed a light dragon? 🙁

  44. Chrissy says:

    I just need two rift dragons and got incubation of 48 hours

  45. Chrissy says:

    I just bred two rift dragons and got incubation of 48 hours

  46. Ricky says:

    If you only have one rift dragon, is there any other possibility to breed a light dragon? Help needed~

  47. Mike says:

    Gem for gem? Add *.xite.* – got Tree, 4 Spots left

  48. SupaHero says:

    I dont need gems but i LOVE Beautiful islands!

    Please add: myNAMEisFayard

    Thank you!

  49. viki says:

    As many other players, i also kept double dragons, counting on the rules of the game, in order to get the third dragon or egg display later on. Since breeding rules now changed, i decided to keep breeding 2 rainbows and to my surprise, u can get rare dragons easily, including the new set of 6 light hybrid dragons. F.e. i got the platinum and gold olympus much easier than before.

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