DragonVale: Looking for free gems? Post your friend codes here!

DragonVale Friend Codes


IF YOU WANT FRIENDS/GEMS, please check out our Friends Request Page! Thanks!

Hey all. In order to minimize the “Friend Code” spam we’re getting across the other posts, we’ve created this page where you can add your friend code as well as look for other players’ codes to enter. We’re going to have to start deleting comments on the other pages that simply post gem codes because it interferes with other players’ combo postings which help the DragonVale community in general. Thanks for your understanding, and check back here often for the freshest codes!

(ALSO, you may want to post your Game Center names here if you are looking for Gem Friends!)

(This guide is part of a larger DragonVale breeding guide. For the full list of breedable dragons, click here.
If you would like to help support my rushing breedings & incubations to discover the latest dragon combos for you, please send me gems – GameCenter ID = “Dr Macenstein” & “MacensteiniPad”. Of you can give us BOTH gems by entering my Friend code in the REDEEM section under SOCIAL. It’s 95047209. Thanks!

7,175 Responses to “DragonVale: Looking for free gems? Post your friend codes here!”
  1. Mary says:

    I need two more friends to trade gems with. I play every day. My Game Center ID is Manman_:) and my email is mwang9196@msn.com. If you are interested in trading free games with me, please send me an invite. Thanks!

  2. Charlie says:

    I have 6 gem swaps available as I have the tree – add ch4rly.88 through Game Centre 🙂

  3. jamia says:

    Please add me. Game Center name is RexandTootsie

  4. I need gem to gem friends. Name is lubbockhardys, please add me!

  5. Bosshuang says:

    Add me, bosshuang, active player

  6. Tiggy says:

    I’m looking for gem exchange friends. I don’t know how to find you, so please find me instead! EGollings is the game center name. Thanks!!!

  7. Nick says:

    in need of friends to share and get gems with. My game center name is Niksaj88. please add…..

  8. Angela says:

    Pls add to game center pianoamf

  9. LuluEm says:

    Relatively new Level 12 user looking to do daily gem for gem. Game Center name is LuluEm. Add me!

  10. Angie Treasure says:

    fb name Angie Treasure need dv friends

  11. Calabert says:

    My username is Calabert and friend code is 25582107

  12. emily says:

    Looking for daily DC players for gifts and party hats. Username: michinadol. Please tell me in a message you play dragonvale. 🙂

  13. MySissy : ) says:

    MySissy : ) wants 4 consistent plays to give gem for gem on dragonvale. Add me, I will accept the first 4 only. Copy and paste my name. You need to include the spaces in the smiley face to connect with me. I do play every day.

  14. Trenton says:

    Trenton Brooks Gem for gem

  15. !yuejin says:

    Hey Guys !
    Are you still playing Dragonvale?
    Do you need gems?
    I happen to have the dragonsai tree 🙂

    add me “!yuejin”

  16. Erik says:

    Add me everyone! Gamecenter: Canineike
    Gem for gem :]

  17. Marc says:

    add me for daily gems: aGUYcalled MARC

  18. Jeremy says:

    I’m new at this game and my game center is Jeremy244885

  19. GameJunkie says:

    add me game centre id: GameJunkie_EX

  20. Codespike says:

    My game enter: CodeSpike

  21. Nelly says:

    Game Center name: Nells_98
    Add me? 🙂

  22. brooklyn says:

    please add me gem for gem, game centre name is
    girl in a tree

  23. Wonderwoman says:

    add me for Dragonvale – Game Centre ” Wonderwoman217 “

  24. Carla says:

    I don’t seem to have the redeem code button in my app (both iPad mini and iPhone).
    When I go to social, it looks exactly like the screen shot above, but then without the redeem code button. Any ideas?

  25. Yok says:

    Hi, please add me in gamecenter my name is yochaiya, or add me on Facebook if you play via android, my FB name is Arusa Shaishana. I’m active on both device. :). One question, why I cannot see the redeem code button?

  26. Joe says:

    Looking for 3 daily gem for gem friends. Add me: joe fubio

  27. David says:

    Hey guys add me on DragonVale I don’t have any friends yet so if you add me you’re pretty much garunteed a gem!

    My GameCenter name’s: UncleChung


  28. Aaron says:

    Recently started playing dragonvale. level 12 so far and play every day. Want friends to gift gems. Add me (: Game Center name is aaronstoppable

  29. Mackenzie says:

    Please add me! Go on everyday. Game center name: Mackenzie1993

  30. Danielle says:


    I’m looking for friends in dragonvale to find extra Magic eggs.
    My GameCentername is Cindy_Coco

    Love Cindy_Coco

    • Emily says:

      hey i will add you if you add me!! 🙂 level 23 will exchange gems user : Fh1234567890: thankss!!!

  31. Dalton says:

    Add me!!!???? my Game Center is daltontaft

  32. Dalton says:


  33. Mcvv123 says:

    Game centre name mcvv123, need gems

  34. Lugia says:

    My game centre I’d Dave:() feel free to add, I have an empty friends list

  35. Frogen says:

    HI game center’s name is Frogen76

  36. Greg says:

    I have the dragonsai giving tree and I’m level 44 add me my Game Center is ZebraaHP

  37. rege says:

    Add me in Game Center! Need friends for egg hunt and you need me too 🙂 Klbr18

  38. Shirley says:

    Add Shadaur please through game center. looking to trade gems.

  39. Michael says:

    Hey all,

    Looking for friends, but using Android Device. Please add me at Michael Gunawan on fb!

  40. Kelly says:

    Looking for gem friends. My Game Center name is WyldIce, I play daily

  41. Gary says:

    Invite for gem swaps plz 🙂
    Tag: vans3476

  42. Kkarma says:

    Hey! Need friends too. _kkarma add me! Gem for gem.

  43. Sean says:

    Looking for additional folks to trade gems with. I play daily and should have the dragonsai tree shortly, so will donate to the first 6 friends who donate to me daily. Gamecenter is S43901


  44. charamath says:

    looking for two people to exchange gems with on a daily basis. game center name is ‘charamath’. Also looking to friend people who have a lot of habitats for the party hats. I am level 33.

  45. Tully says:

    Would love more DRAGONVALE friends.
    Play daily and try to give back gems.
    Got the tree.

    Alias: 19tully75

  46. Tully says:

    Looking for daily players.
    Got the gifting tree.

    Alias: 19tully75

  47. Pikayu says:

    my gamecenter name is PikayuL

    add me!

  48. Tubahead says:

    Looking for friends to exchange party hats. Add me! GameCenter name is MisterCognition.

  49. Jack says:

    Gem for gem
    account name: >>Jack Rudd<<


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