First feature movie shot entirely on an iPhone still doesn’t explain why people keep filming as they are getting killed

Hooked Up - iPhone feature Film

I’m a huge fan of horror movies, and some of the better ones of the past 10 years have been of the “found footage” variety, like the Paranormal Activities, Cloverfields, V/H/S’s, and Blair Witches (yes, I kinda liked Cloverfield). Of course the main problem with those movies is their ability to sufficiently explain why people have cameras with them at all times, and why they continue to film (and keep the subjects fairly well-framed) even as they run for their lives in a blind panic.

The movie Hooked Up tries to explain at least the first part (why does everyone have a camera with them) by claiming the the movie was pieced together from found camera phone footage. To complete the look, the directors shot the entire movie on iPhones. I can’t say I’m 100% sold on it, as it looks like a slightly worse-acted mashup between V/H/S and Paranormal Activity, but considering the hardware used, it certainly LOOKS as good as those multi-million dollar franchises offerings.

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