Looking for DragonVale Friends? Post HERE!

DragonVale Friends
OK, well we’ve been getting complaints that the DragonVale breeding posts are getting over-run with friend request spam. So in an attempt to restore order and keep comments on THOSE posts focused on breeding combos, I am creating this one post to become the master list of friend requests. So whether you are looking for Game Center friends or Facebook friends, please post here. I will begin not approving friend requests elsewhere, thanks!
– The Doc

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  1. Rachelle says:

    Looking for friends to swap gems with! Mine seem to have stopped playing. I have nearly all dragons and play daily! Looking for a friend with the Elysium dragon and/or Eridanian dragon. Would also be fun to have friends who enjoy decorating their parks :) Rachellosaurus is my game centre ID

    • Rachelle says:

      Thanks for all the requests everyone! Love the Dragonvale community. I have no more spots for giving gems but if you have an awesome park you worked hard on, please add me as I’d love to see it! I put heaps of time in my own :) Thanks again!

    • HH?H says:

      I have galaxy dragons and a gem to give each day. Check out my site HH?H haroldholmes@sympatico.ca
      I have 3 gems to exchange

  2. Deb says:

    Need Eridanian Dragon! Level 70/ daily player. game center is debfrutiger

  3. Amdukias says:

    Hi, looking for 5 new friends to daily gem exchange with, and who have Procyon and/or andromedan Dragons to breed with. I have all the other galaxy dragons if you need them. Game centre id is Amdukias

  4. Plumeriarose says:

    Good Evening!

    It seems that Game Center has lost all but 15 of my friends. I am writing this for two reasons:

    First, to let all the people who befriended me know that I am not ignoring them but that Game Center is messing around with me.

    But to also ask for people to friend me. I am a Level 74 (almost 75) daily player. I may or may not have gem swapping but am gifting on a first come, first serve basis since I do not have any friends at this point.

    I would love to work with the cooperative breeding. I have all but the new Barite dragon which I am trying to breed.

    My Game Center ID is: Plumeriarose

    Hope you would like to friend me just for playing, breeding and visiting during events, which helps to collect the needed items.

    Thanks so much!

  5. Hollzluvsu says:

    Add me on gc: hollzluvsu will trade gems and food need more friends!

  6. Lisa says:

    For some reason, when I updated my game I lost all the people on my friends list and now have no one to breed dragons with at this time. Please add me to your list. I have 155 of the dragons, all at level 15 or above, except for the ones that stop at level ten. My Game Center ID is g0ddess13. Thank you.

  7. Cammyman291 says:

    Friends plz????!!!!

  8. Krazykitty001 says:

    Daily lvl 51 player with gem tree. I have all galaxy dragons but Procyon. I usually have Eridanian, comet or limited dragons out for breeding. Please send a request to Krazykitty001 if you are willing to gift and receive gems daily.

  9. Shanna Preston says:

    Hi! Looking for friends to trade gems/roses with as some of my friends have stopped playing. I have all the currently available dragons (apart from the new valentines ones)
    My gamecentre I.D is: Shanna Preston

  10. Kristen says:

    Daily level 67 player, willing to swap gems (to as many as possible..might be every couple of days!) and have 260 out of 266 dragons. I’m looking for anyone who has andromedan Dragons I could try and breed with! Just had to clean out my old friends list…they were inactive players :( Add me: JuneBugJernigan

  11. David Martin says:

    Looking for friends for gem swapping and co-op breeding.
    I have 4 spots for gem swapping.
    Level 52, 204 dragons.
    I play everyday.
    Game Center name. ~TheMartinClan~

  12. Verity says:

    looking for people to gift swap with daily.

    add me: n4met4ken

    thanks 😀

  13. ssyyddnnii says:

    WOW! Thanks for all the friend requests. I have SO many friends now, but you can never have too many. If I haven’t sent you gems it’s because there are so many of you. I have 7 gem slots per day, so eventually I will send you all gems.

    I always need more people to co-op breed with, and help me get gems!

    My Game Center ID- ssyyddnnii

  14. Xray2182 says:


    Just looking for friends to swap gems with daily.

    Add me: xray2182


  15. Sonikan says:

    Hi, I have my game installed on Nexus 7 2013 Android Tablet only have two friend to exchange gems from Facebook page. Need more friends, I play everyday and send gems in a basis day, as much as I can. Please, help me I do appreciate it!

  16. Sonikan says:

    I just bought the Dragonsai Gem Tree, so from now on I can give gem to 4 more people, just need to have friends on Android tablet. Please, help me. Thanks Macenstein for all your tips, all my dragons I got from your tips here. I do thank you!

  17. Dani says:

    Hi, I am level 72 play daily, and need to increase my friends for gems and breeding. I can gift gems every day. I have all but 9 dragons, but desperately trying to breed my last Galaxy eridnanian so keen to link up with players who can place this dragon into the coop. Please add me game centre id ‘danios’
    Thank you!

  18. Debbie says:

    Looking for new friends..please add me…play daily and gift

  19. Alexis says:

    I’m looking for Procyon to breed with please!
    Game Center: ARGrific

  20. Brian says:

    If anyone has dazzling and is looking for delight, please breed with me! Im looking for more dazzling dragons… :( GC: smokey84

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