Looking for DragonVale Friends? Post HERE!

DragonVale Friends
OK, well we’ve been getting complaints that the DragonVale breeding posts are getting over-run with friend request spam. So in an attempt to restore order and keep comments on THOSE posts focused on breeding combos, I am creating this one post to become the master list of friend requests. So whether you are looking for Game Center friends or Facebook friends, please post here. I will begin not approving friend requests elsewhere, thanks!

Oh, and feel free to friend ME on Facebook!

– The Doc

15,788 Responses to “Looking for DragonVale Friends? Post HERE!”
  1. Luiza says:

    Hey! Needing some friends… add me on facebook https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000452893377 or GameCenter Luiza Horta

  2. Max says:

    Hey guys, if anyone wants another free gem a day and is willing to return it, hit me up on fb and add me

    Max Macdonald. It’s the profile with the ridiculously old French flag profile pic

  3. Dor says:

    Add me on facebook I need trading partners Dor Zakut

  4. Matthew says:

    add me on dragon vale :KingBeanZzz

  5. Christine says:

    I need some Dragonvale friends!

  6. Ashton says:

    Add me and I’ll trade gifts with you

  7. Leonardo James says:

    He guys! Add me on Facebook for swapping gems and stuff

  8. Emilio says:

    Got heaps of breeds of dragon include galactic, add email for gems and co op breed: feghaliemilio@gmail.com

  9. Benjamin Winther says:

    Just started out and playing daily. Add me on facebook. I’m looking for people to trade gems with. https://m.facebook.com/benjamin.winther

  10. Raven says:

    Add me on fb! Looking for people that play daily, I check DragonVale multiple times a day. My name on fb is Raven Justine Johnson. From Medford,OR. Also send me a message letting me know otherwise I probably won’t accept your request if I don’t know you. Lol. Anyways, hope to hear from you soon! I send gems daily!:)

  11. Looking for Dragonvale facebook friends

    Facebook name
    Brian Wharton (DRAGONVALE)

  12. Taurusfire says:

    Heya! I’m looking for some more dragonvale friends. i’ve been playing for a looong time, and will be in the future. i’m max level and can gift up to 6 dragon treats, and 7 gems every day. so i’d love to find some people who can trade treats and gems! but please add me for co-op breeding even if you can’t swap!

    Here is my facebook:

    If you can, add a little message that you’re from dragonvale!

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