Looking for DragonVale Friends? Post HERE!

DragonVale Friends
OK, well we’ve been getting complaints that the DragonVale breeding posts are getting over-run with friend request spam. So in an attempt to restore order and keep comments on THOSE posts focused on breeding combos, I am creating this one post to become the master list of friend requests. So whether you are looking for Game Center friends or Facebook friends, please post here. I will begin not approving friend requests elsewhere, thanks!
– The Doc

4,992 Responses to “Looking for DragonVale Friends? Post HERE!”
  1. Bec says:

    Looking for new people to do cooperative breeding, add me: rebeccacarolh

  2. OgSuperSwagSauce says:

    Looking for new people with the new galaxy dragons the Procyon and Andromeda dragons add me on Game Center Archangel_220

    • Kristine says:

      I also am looking for friends with the Andromida dragon and the Procyon! I have all the other Galxy dragons and all other dragons. I have 225 out of 227. I’m a level 70. I will help you anyway I can and give gems also! My Game Center name is Estapihi so please add me!
      Thank you

      • OgSuperSwagSauce says:

        Sorry I hate the Game Center bubbles to accept I don’t know whether to swipe them to middle or what so I think I accidentally declined I sent u a friend request hope u accept it I would love to help u get ur last two dragons and I also trade gems ????

      • T B says:

        I need bizurian and Arcturian, name is sqby48

    • Palintiri says:

      I also need the 2 New dragons level 67

  3. Katelyn says:


    I have 216 dragons to use!

  4. OgSuperSwagSauce says:

    Any new dragonvalers looking for a friend to trade gems and co-op breed with them new galaxy dragons add me on Game Center Archangel_220

    • OgSuperSwagSauce says:

      Hey guys thanks to all of u guys adding me I know have all 5 original Galaxy dragons so thank to um…..(u the one that I gave a twin polarizing) yeah and I know have the Procyon Galaxy dragon which is the beige and blue one now I just need the Andromeda Twins btw I’m going to have my Procyon dragon up all week so if u wanna add me my game center is Archangel_220

  5. Courtney says:

    Looking for people to do cooperative breeding with. Please add me! GC: CourtCon84

  6. Barbara says:

    I’m looking for new players to be friends with on Game Center. Add me: Barbara750
    I need to breed the new dragons Andromedan and Procyon in the Co-Op Breeding Cave. Thanks!! PS: I don’t have any more gems to give out though.

  7. sassynsweet1028 says:

    If you are looking for a friend for co-op breeding, add sassynsweet1028. I am level 70, have at least one of every dragon except the two new Galaxy dragons , and I play daily. Sorry, but I can’t give gems as I already have friends that I exchange with.

    • OgSuperSwagSauce says:

      Sassynsweet I already have u on my gc but I just got the Procyon dragon so I’ll have it on co-op breeding tomorrow morning

  8. Ella ???????? says:

    Anyone with the new Galaxy dragons, Procyon and andromedan, please add me. I play daily I have all the original Galaxy dragons. My gamecenter name is laserdeathfrog

  9. Gord says:

    I have all the galaxy dragons if you would like to coop breed. I’m trying to get the new galaxy dragons. Game Center name is gdavis335

  10. freezing1203 says:

    please add me! freezing1203

  11. SipOfChampagne says:

    I am looking for the last two Galaxy dragons! I have a Polarian, Antarian and, Buzarian. Add me on Game Center! I also do gem for gem!

    • OgSuperSwagSauce says:

      So u are looking for the last two of the originals the sorarian and arcturian I have them if u want to co-op breed add me on Game Center Archangel_220

  12. Basnt1234 says:

    Add me . Looking for friends to do co op breeding with game center : basnt1234

  13. snowsldy says:

    Looking for four active players to trade gems with. Also need co op breeding friends. Game Center- snowsldy

  14. Lynsey says:


    Looking to friend players that have Andromedan and Procyon for co-op breeding :) I’m almost level 70 w/ every dragon except these and delirium. Send friend request to lynsey.f at Game Center :) :)

  15. Eternal says:

    as many know, the latest galaxy dragons have been released, andromedan and procyon, and i would like players with these new dragons to send me a friend request

    i have all of the galaxy dragons to help newer players

    so if you would like to help

    my friend ID is demon_player
    make sure you have the new galaxy dragon on your blue heart plz
    catch you on the flip side

  16. Tash says:

    Heyhey I need new friends to co op with and swap gems!! Add meeeee

  17. snowsldy says:

    Out of gems. But still need cooperative breeding friends. Need bizurian and two new dragons. Game Center – snowsldy

  18. Kyle says:

    Looking for friends to exchange gems just got gifting tree

  19. Jose145 says:

    I am looking for friends with new galaxy dragons andromedan and procyon GC: .Jose_6.

  20. Draggar says:

    I am looking for breeding buddies.

    Game Center ID:

    Vlcak antis

    Thank you

  21. Margaret says:

    If you want to be friends with I have all five of the old galaxy dragons. I need friends with the new galaxy dragon. I don’t have gems to give. Please request:: Alex S Cragg on the game centre. Thanks

  22. Steven says:

    Hi there,
    Am level 68 with all dragons except coal, snowflake 4 and the 2 new galaxy dragons, no gems though, add me if you,re new for Galaxy coop, GC – – Gamb1t – -

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