Looking for DragonVale Friends? Post HERE!

DragonVale Friends
OK, well we’ve been getting complaints that the DragonVale breeding posts are getting over-run with friend request spam. So in an attempt to restore order and keep comments on THOSE posts focused on breeding combos, I am creating this one post to become the master list of friend requests. So whether you are looking for Game Center friends or Facebook friends, please post here. I will begin not approving friend requests elsewhere, thanks!
– The Doc

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984 Responses to “Looking for DragonVale Friends? Post HERE!”
  1. Jack says:

    Hey guys 1 daily gem spot left
    My Game Center name is
    Add me

  2. Jen says:

    How do I add people using their Game Center ID?

  3. Christian says:

    Add me gem for gem
    Game center: LiterallyTheWorst

  4. slavastar says:

    Just came back to the game, and only one of old friends still plays it, leaving 4 slots for trading.
    Game Center Name: slavastar

  5. Bonnie says:

    Hey guys,
    Would love to have more friends on dragon vale
    Game centre ID is -:bon:- pls add me

  6. mizkali says:

    Im a newb please feel free to add me and I will do likewise

  7. Gojentaa says:

    Add me please ????
    GC: Gojentaa
    FB: Gojentaa Hayday

  8. asheypooh says:

    Hey guys, I have three slots open for daily gem giving :) feel free to add me for gem-for-gem swaps. Like I said, I play every day :D

  9. Clay says:

    I’m looking for active dragonvale gem traders and i give everyday so plz add me! My gamecenter is: ROSSC3

  10. Sonic says:

    Do you want a daily gem swap?. I’m level 60 and on a few times every day. I give gem for gem and looking for friends who want to gift a gem and receive one every day please! My Game centre name: Sonic Debate
    When you add me include a note saying you’re adding me to do a gem swap on dragonvale so I accept your request. Thanks.

  11. Ominousten says:

    Getting back into dragonvale. Add me so we can both get gems
    ID: Reusablebutton

  12. eureka says:

    hey guys! I have 5 open gem slots for gem for gem! add me: eureka<3

  13. Allie says:

    Big mamma 0626
    Need friends!!
    Will return gifts ??

  14. Kurt says:

    Game Center I’d is Kurtles :o)

  15. DomNinjia says:

    Add my Game Center account (jonalol123) if you gem me daily I will gem you daily
    And a special hello to all you dogers!!!

  16. sing_er says:

    I need new friends to swap gems with. I play for 3 years now and swap every day. Guarantee! Send request to : sing_er
    See you!

  17. AvaF0x says:

    More friends playing DragonVale, the merrier! Feel free to add me via Game Center. My ID is Avaf0x and that is a zero not O.

    Thank you!!!

  18. Mariah says:

    Gamecenter is Dearmisssaleen I play every day and I swap with err one :-)

  19. Mariah says:

    Gamecenter is dearmisssaleen :-*

  20. Chase says:

    Please add. Gem for gem. My Game Center name is ch4se928

  21. KT says:

    Level 60 looking for people to trade gems with! I play every day! My game center account is Ktfisch27

  22. Akhang says:

    Add me for gems daily
    Gc: AkA AKhang

  23. Rm51 says:

    Add me for free gems robm0nf0rt!

  24. Domninjia says:

    Attention to all guys and girls add my Game Center account (jonalol123) then if you gem me daily I will gem you DAILY!!!!

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