Looking for DragonVale Friends? Post HERE!

DragonVale Friends
OK, well we’ve been getting complaints that the DragonVale breeding posts are getting over-run with friend request spam. So in an attempt to restore order and keep comments on THOSE posts focused on breeding combos, I am creating this one post to become the master list of friend requests. So whether you are looking for Game Center friends or Facebook friends, please post here. I will begin not approving friend requests elsewhere, thanks!
– The Doc

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  1. Keiko says:

    Hi. I’m looking for Dragonvale friends who can co-operative breed some monolith dragons preferably. I have 3 currently. I only caught the very end of the Easter event. My game centre name is 1st Gen Keiko. But, I also accept all friend requests no matter what. I’m always open to having new friends on Dragonvale. I’m a daily player and I have all the Galaxy dragons if there’s anyone who needs some. I hope to be friends with you all ^3^

    • Deborah says:

      Hello. I’m one of your friends my GC is purplemoon15a
      The 1st 2 monolith dragons can only be earned by completing the “epic egg hunt” Easter event. Those 1st 2 monolith dragons can be breed to get the 3rd purple & 4th green ( as well as extra 1st & 2nd’s)..
      So if you put up your Blue & I put up my other blue monolith you will get purple or other blues ok, I’m hoping !
      Kind regards Deborah

    • Deborah says:

      Hello,I’m one of your friends my GC is purplemoon15a, put up your blue monolith dragon and I’ll but my other blue monolith dragon, u should get the purple or blue ok .
      Regards Deborah

  2. Amygirl says:

    Game Center name: Amygirl c:
    I LOVE DRAGONVALEEEEEEEEEEE (5 years strong ?)

  3. Squiddles430 says:

    My Game Center id is squides430. I am looking for someone to breed with me. I would like an andromedan dragon, a celerulean dragon and a teidian dragon. So someone with one or all of those dragons can you add me @squiddles430 and have them up to breed for me. Thanks!

  4. Aleph says:

    I play dragonvale everyday, have heaps of limited, rare and quite a few galaxy dragons, but trying to get more. I’m looking 4 more breeding friends so I can get more rare and galaxy dragons. Occasionally might give gems but can’t everyday coz iv allready got anough gem friends. Add me if ur interested GC: Aleph888

    • Ainea says:

      Please add me, FairyQueen80 is my Game Center. My Game Center bugged and I lost all of my progress and dragons :( gems and hugs accepted!!

  5. greendonuts??? says:

    My Game Center is greendonuts??? Add me and send me gems please, dw I will send them back :)

  6. Daniel says:

    Looking for players. Anyone can friend me. I really don’t care who. Breeding and gem sharing. I have the gifting tree. Game Center ID Masterchief6285

  7. Emerald Tatsu says:

    Hi there!
    I’m Emerald Tatsu on Dragonvale! In need of friends to add to my social network, thank you!

  8. Bluebeastie says:

    Add me GC ID Bluebeastie come see my beautiful park! :)

  9. Georgia says:

    Hi, my name’s [Georgia21] add me- I’m level 50 and ballin’.

  10. Mark says:

    Add me WafflesWithSyrupAndButter. I’m a VERY active player currently level 29. I gift every day and currently have 6? epics and trying to get gems to rush for more.

  11. Sean Paradis says:

    Hello, play through Facebook. Looking to add friends to share gems and breeding.
    My name is Sean Paradis from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
    Play daily.

  12. Blake Kavasaki says:

    Hi add me through facebook Blake Kavasaki

  13. muma beast says:

    Looking for daily players with Celerulean, Teidian, Azurite and Nether dragons. Have been playing for years and am level 79!

    • JK2XYs73 says:

      Is muma beast your Game Center name? I’ll friend you, or you can friend me. I’ve been playing for about 5 years. My Game Center ID is JK2XYs73

  14. Alpaca22 says:

    Need someone to put the Elysium dragon in their co-op. I have every other dragon so just say what dragon you need when sending the invite.
    Game center is: Ka Splat

  15. rmann says:

    Looking for people who want to trade gems daily. Have a couple spots for trading dragon treats too. Game Center name is rmann22

    • rmann says:

      Maxed out on people currently; you can add me if you wish but I may not be able to trade back until another player stops trading.

  16. leilani feliciano says:

    If you could please include me so i can be more involved with the game i just started to play and i am on facebook thank you

  17. Quentin mcdonald says:

    Looking for breeding and gem trading friends add me through Facebook quentin mcdonald live in hinesville ga

  18. Martine says:

    Hi, looking for players to trade gems with daily. Am level 78 and got most dragons.
    Game Center name is Momo74:)

  19. Amberita720 says:

    Looking for friends to swap gems with or breed gemstone dragons during Shimmering Solstice. GC ID: amberita720

  20. Jenn says:

    Game Center – jennkeith5

  21. Kai says:

    New to the game but willing to trade gems and co op breed! Game Center id: Kaimacdonough Thanks a million!

  22. maria says:

    hello everyone, im lvl 35
    if anyone would like to add me for
    gems my gamertag is Mariquecas

  23. Rolando says:

    Hey I’m level 30 and looking for 2-3 more friends that are willing to trade gems. Got several dragons and a decent amount of galaxy for co-op. GC is woffy2000

    • Rolando says:

      Ok I have gone way over my limit for gem swaps but my wife (unbeknownst to her) needs some dragonvale friends as she currently only has me. No tree yet. If anyone can friend her that would be awesome. Her GC is Diana Kate. Thanks again everybody

  24. Mary says:

    Marzz109 for gems and breeding!!!

  25. Aszune says:

    Hi! Looking to add friends to trade gems and co-op dragons. GC name is Aszune423

  26. V0mb4t says:

    Looking for 6 friends for gem trade and co-op breeding.
    Level 35 with 140 different dragons

  27. V0mb4t says:

    Looking for 6 friends for gem exchange, and co-op breeding.
    I am level 35 and have 140 different dragons.
    Game center: V0mb4t

  28. Paolo Abbiati says:

    I’m looking to add friends to share gems and breeding. I play thought Facebook and my name is Paolo Abbiati from Italy. Play daily.

  29. Ashlynn says:

    Hello! I’m Level 44 with multiple Gemstone and Chrystalline Dragons for co-op breeding. Add me on Game Center: Ashlydia

  30. How do you redeem codes says:

    How do you redeem gem codes

  31. Michelle says:

    I am a level 76 play daily and I have most all dragons and eggs. I have had the Dragonarium full on several occasions until they stared with all the pay to win stuff.
    If you are a high level and have almost all dragons as well I would love to be a friend to use your rare dragons to get what I don’t have. Thanks 😀

    Add me on GC: knowjesusknowheaven

  32. Mark says:

    Looking for gem and breeding friends. I always have rare dragons in cooperative breeding. Currently, I have a gemstone dragon there. 7 gems per day. Add me!! :)

    Game Center: MarkCopher

  33. Paolo Abbiati says:

    I’m looking to add friends to share gems and breeding. I play thought Facebook and I’m at level 56 with 190 dragons. Play daily.

  34. muma beast says:

    Looking for friends with Labradorite, Celerulean, Tedian, Azurite or Nether to breed with! Play daily and have been for years! Level 80 and still loving it! Seem to have lost a few regular players recently.

  35. Alpaca22 says:

    Need someone to put elysium in their co-op.
    I have every other dragon except the labradorite
    Game center is: Ka Splat

  36. HeoMup3012 says:

    Looking for gem-trade friends
    Gamecenter: HeoMup3012
    Thanks :)

  37. Mysza835 says:

    Looking for friends to exchange gems with. 3 of my friends stopped sending gems, so looking for active players only. I play every day, lvl77, got most dragons for breeding. My Game Center ID: Mysza835

  38. Caver64 says:

    I have dragon friends that I have been trading with for years. Very reliable people and I thank them. I have two slots available so if you are a reliable gem trader and willing to exchange gems daily for the long run hit me up on GameCenter. ID is Caver64.

  39. Jenn says:

    Gc jennkeith5 add me please

  40. Kelly says:

    Looking for some new daily players to swap gems with, would be great if you had a treatery. My game ? is WyldIce. If you need a specific dragon in the co-op breeding let me know, I’m only missing 2 dragons so I should be able to help

  41. Deborah says:

    Hi. How many friends can you have on dragonvale? I have 15 at the moment but only some that trade gems regularly and breed. I have lots of dragons and been play a long time.Also I love visiting different parks . Trouble is when I go to Game Center and search for people’s game centre ID it just says No Results, I’m obviously doing something wrong but don’t know what!
    Regards Deborah

  42. poopysonic says:

    My gamcenter id is poopysonic add me I’m always on and checking in got the gem tree so I’m always gifting people and want to breed all types of dragons

  43. Deborah says:

    Hi. How many friends can you have on Dragonvale ?
    I have a few at the moment but only a few that breed and gem swap regularly .
    I’ve been a Dagonvale player for a long time,I have a lot of Dragons and what a think are beautiful Parks. I love visiting other Players Parks.
    Also you give Game Centre ID’s here, but when I go to Game Centre and search for you guys it comes up with No Results ? I know I’m doing something wrong but I don’t know what .!
    My Game Centre ID is purplemoon15a
    Regards Deborah

  44. Daniel says:

    Please friend me if you have any dragon in the crysalsis, ornamental, Aura, or any expired epic! GC: masterchief6285. I will give gems!

  45. Viggeboii says:


    Im looking for gem for gem and breeding co friends!

    Got a lot of rare dragons that i could put in the co breeding cave!

    Game Center name is: Viggeboii

  46. Rozzah says:

    add me: rozzah
    lvl 37 on DV
    going for all the dragons
    got all galaxies 😀
    gems for gems :p

  47. Nichole says:

    Hello everyone! I’m looking for some more friends on dragonvale. I’m a daily player who gives gems everyday. I’m looking to get some more galaxy dragons and a few limited time ones. I accept every friend request. My gamecenter is drag0n1990

  48. Cruellas says:

    For a good time add Cruellas

  49. 9Cookie9 says:

    Hi, I’m 9Cookie9. I’m at level 78 and I have all but 10 dragons at this time. With rare exception, I play every day.
    I’m looking for 3 friends that will TRADE gems with me. Serious players only, please.

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