Looking for DragonVale Friends? Post HERE!

DragonVale Friends
OK, well we’ve been getting complaints that the DragonVale breeding posts are getting over-run with friend request spam. So in an attempt to restore order and keep comments on THOSE posts focused on breeding combos, I am creating this one post to become the master list of friend requests. So whether you are looking for Game Center friends or Facebook friends, please post here. I will begin not approving friend requests elsewhere, thanks!
– The Doc

11,813 Responses to “Looking for DragonVale Friends? Post HERE!”
  1. Kai-sensei says:

    Kai-sensei is my Game Center ID, looking for more for gem trade!

  2. Julzz des says:

    Hi! I’m level 55 and looking for new friends that will xchange almost daily grms with me. Add me! Julzz des! 😉

  3. Gumerry21 says:

    Gumerry21 looking for daily gem trade! Will reciprocate!

  4. Avery says:

    Looking for gem trading friends. Have lots of spots open on my tree. Game Center id is jinkies77. Thanks!

  5. Debbie says:

    Please add me as a friend!

  6. Veronica says:

    Add me! (Check out my park)! ~ nikaachu

  7. Princess Sophia says:

    Trade gems, looking for facebook friends

  8. needMOREdragons says:

    How do you get people to trade gems if you don’t have a game center id?

  9. Khoirul says:

    Add me at gamecentre, will give back gems. Id:Ayuuuuul

  10. Jamie says:

    Hey I need 3 friends to exchange gems with daily! Add me on Game Center Jamie Roxx

  11. Coppetta says:

    Hi, I’m looking for six friends who can trade gems with me everyday. My gamecenter nickname is ele97 :) (with the smile) please add me!

  12. darthquinn says:

    Add me on gamecenter for gem trading. Username is: quinnzi

  13. Dorizarn says:

    I can give free gems to 3 ppls/day. Add me! Dorizarn

  14. Sommer says:

    Looking for friends on dragonvale. Game centre name is Rei Hellsing! Add me! :3

  15. Caitlin says:

    Hey guys! I’m level 41 and I need two more people to trade gems with. Add me CaitlinXxXcore 😀

  16. Jaylen says:

    Jayamir23 is my Game Center add me for gem trades!

  17. Khoirul says:

    Need 2 more friends to give gems. Add me at gamecentre, id: ayuuuuul

  18. GamerGem says:

    I’m looking for 4 gem friends. My name is gamergem. Add me if you’d like :) thank you

  19. Slag dragon is better than scoria says:

    I have a tip for you, instead of constantly posting here, you can post once so you get an email for follow up comments, then you just add anybody who comments! Btw my Game Center account is doody6411 if you want to add me.

  20. Heather says:

    Hey, I need 5 gem friends. Name is heatherpillar I don’t know how to add people so you will need to add me. I will accept the first 5 that add me.

  21. ItsJackPetersss says:

    looking for people to do gem swaps on a daily basis, my ID is ItsJackPetersss

  22. Rain On Fire says:

    Just deleted friends that didn’t trade gems reliably. Add me if you want to trade gems daily. Game Center ID: Rain On Fire

  23. Shi5h1 says:

    Looking for friends to trade gems with. Shi5h1 add me

  24. Sharper says:

    Add me for gem trades

  25. Caver64 says:

    Looking for 1 maybe 2 reliable dragon friends. Will trade gem for gem daily. Caver64 on GameCenter.

  26. Leah :-) says:

    Leahsperr is my game centre ID. This is a new account I’ve made and have restarted dragon vale, would love some friends to share with and help me out! Willing to exchange daily!xxx

  27. Debbie says:

    ID: debo50+

    Looking for friends.. I have 3 vacant spots.


  28. $KUBAZ says:

    Need 4 gem people everyday exchange names $KUBAZ

  29. Chad says:

    WTF do you share friends if you don’t have Game Center?

  30. Daisy says:

    Need gems! Will return the favor! Add me pineeappledaissy

  31. Brenda says:

    Looking for reliable friends to trade with on Dragonvale. My user name is luvmy2girls. Thanks!

  32. Cavs says:

    Add me CAVS06

  33. Luke says:

    Looking for 3 people to trade gems with daily, Räinn is my gamecenter name.

  34. Asharoni says:

    Asharoni & Cheese – 3 gems spots available!

  35. LadyGu3 says:

    I need three gem friends! I’m on everyday and faithfully trade gems! Game Center ID: LadyGu3

  36. Azrael Jared Hollow says:

    Azrael Jared Hollow is my Game Center ID. Looking for gem friends! I’m on everyday, and if not EVERY day, I don’t let two days go without being back to see my dragons :)

  37. n4t-27 says:


    I have 2 slots for friends to exchange gems. n4t-27

  38. Debbie says:

    I am set with max friends for gems at the moment. Thank you to all who accepted/requested joining up! 😉

  39. Rickycarter93 says:

    My. Game Center ID is rickyc0114
    Looking for 2 more friends to trade gems daily.

  40. Tee says:

    Looking for friends to trade gems daily
    My Game Center ID is 7ee()

  41. estyloc says:

    Looking for 6 people to trade gems with daily. I’m on iPad Game Center name estyloc. Have a great day!

  42. Tammy says:

    I am looking for 4 serious gem traders. I trade every day. My Game Center ID is tammy 007

  43. ganna555 says:

    My Game Center Id is ganna555
    Please add me I have one friend soo please I trade gems

  44. Korith says:

    Add me on game center my name is iKorith looking to do some daily gem trades!!!

  45. Mel says:

    Hi! Looking for people to swap gems with. GameCenter ID is melsayre.

    • CAWAGAL says:

      I’ve not added friends before, but very interested in doing so. I’m at level 55 and be willing to trade gems, if someone could tell me how to accomplish it, it would be very much appreciated.

  46. Shyboy033 says:

    Mine is shy boy033

  47. Exoticgene says:

    Looking for daily gem traders add me thanks

  48. Shyla says:

    Need Facebook friends! I have no friends for dragonvale :( please add me (ask if interested please)

  49. Blackout says:

    .*[Blackout]*. Is my Game Center id please add for trade

  50. Sam says:

    Add me! Gem for gem 😛 samlikesham123
    I’m on daily!

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