A Photo Booth without the booth


Everyone knows the only thing worse than getting married is attending someone else’s wedding. (Or is that just me?) Well, in any event, if you are a prospective bride or groom and live near the Chicagoland area, you may as well throw your poor guests a bone and rent Folio, the portable Photo Booth created by faithful Macenstein reader Nick and his wife out of an old 20-inch... Read More

Merry Christmas from Macenstein!

Jessa Hinton Mac Chick Christmas

Don’t say we never got you anything! It is during this magical time of year, when we are spending time with our friends and family, that we all need to take some time out and reflect on how much we’d all really rather be spending time with a hot chick who owns Apple gear. Our good friend Mark Kuta sent along some holiday cheer featuring former Mac Chick of the Month... Read More

Geek up the tree with this paper craft Happy Mac

Paper Craft Happy Mac

Thanks to “The Man” (the Fireman, that is) this year I have finally stopped using candles to light up my Christmas tree. Sure, it takes away from the strict 1800′s traditions I like to follow, but on the plus side it blows wide-open the opportunity for safely covering my tree in flammable paper ornaments. And what could be cuter or more flammable than this vintage... Read More

Apple’s earliest collaboration with Disney and more on EveryAppleAds

Old Apple Ads

Ok, so maybe not a full-blown collaboration, but Apple definitely used The Seven Dwarfs’ “Hi-Ho” song in this very bleak and depressing “Lemmings” commercial. That’s just ONE of the gems you’ll find on EveryAppleAds YouTube channel , a playlist lovingly curated by long-time Apple fan EveryAppleAds who claims to have tracked down every Apple... Read More

Finally, something that will convince my mom she needs an iPhone

Screen Shot 2012-11-13 at 2.48.48 PM

For years now, I have been trying in vain to convince my mom to get an iPhone. No matter how much I go on about how it will improve her life, or how many times a situation will come up and I’ll tell her “You know, if you had had an iPhone with you you could have simply done blah bla blah”, she appears to have convinced herself that she would never have a reason... Read More

iPhone 5 ice cream looks deliciou – oh, wait…


Hmmm… I’m a fan of almost ANY iPhone-themed desert, however, I tend to steer clear of the ones that somehow have Internet Explorer in them. Seriously, if you are going to go so far as to not only write “iPhone 5″ on your ice cream novelty, but also TRADEMARK the name, why not spend the extra effort and copy all the correct icons? Claiming your iPhone 5 ice... Read More

Macenstein’s Mac Chick of the Month November 2012: Leia Christiana


Welcome to Macenstein‘s “Mac Chick of the Month”. Each month we feature a different die-hard, Mac-loving girl who is (almost) as well designed as the Apple products they love. This month we have the lovely Leia Christiana, a stylist, a 2012 PLAYBOY’S CyberGirl of the Monthand of course, a Die-hard Mac Chick! Name: Leia Christiana Location: Bay Area... Read More

Infographic: Ideas Apple bought, Borrowed, and Stole

Screen Shot 2012-10-26 at 5.26.40 PM

Every once in awhile it’s a good idea to take a step back from our somewhat sheltered, Apple fanboy worlds and splash ourselves in the face with a bitterly cold dose of what the non-Apple universe is thinking. Why? Well, because it pisses us off, that’s why! And that’s ALWAYS fun. In light of the recent Apple/Samsung lawsuits where Apple has been vigorously defending... Read More

Minecraft timelapse: Macbook pro RETINA

Screen Shot 2012-10-25 at 5.15.14 PM

Here’s a quick way to verify whether or not you are a geek – do you find this video to be incredibly impressive? The correct answer is YES. And how much would you love a wool trackpad? Sooo comfy… Although it looks like it could be an issue if you leave your MacBook out in the rain.  Read More

Apple’s iPad mini “Special Event”: The Good, the Bad, and the Meh


As with all big Apple events, I once again find people turning to me for my opinion on the announcements from Apple’s iPad mini “Special Event”. Honestly I can’t blame them, as my opinion is often the only correct one when it comes to such things. I seem to have the uncanny ability to cut through the hype with laser beam-like precision, and somehow categorize... Read More


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