Microsoft and Apple combine forces to create beautiful music

MacBook orchestra XBox Connect

I have never for one second believed that a music conductor’s arm waving does ANYTHING. (Unless you’re in a Warner Bros. cartoon of course. Then you can make the band do literally ANYTHING!) But for the average orchestra, even a 4th grade one, the musicians do not appear to look up at the conductor once, and his semi-orgasmic gyrations, while giving the audience something... Read More

The iOS 7 Makeover show!

ios7 icons

Whether you love or hate iOS 7, one thing we can all agree on is that it certainly looks different than iOS 6. Jony Ive’s makeover brush hit just about every corner of the OS, and for the most part, I like what he’s done with the place. Of course, I’ve been using the beta for a few months so I kind of forget what iOS 6 looked like, exactly. Luckily, After iOS7... Read More

Phoneblocs – The iPhone I wish Apple was making

Phone blocs

If there is one thing Apple isn’t known for, it’s upgradeability. As a traditionally hardware-based company, it’s in Apple’s best interest for you to throw away your iPhone, MacBook, or iMac every 2-3 years or so if you decide you want something as simple as more storage space or even RAM. Long-time readers are likely sick to death of my call for more storage... Read More

Finally, you can play Super Mario Bros. with a banana on your Mac!

makey makey

I’m sure there are evil MIT graduates somewhere – ones with no sense of humor, plotting to use their giant brains to take over the planet and enslave us all, but I must say more often than not these MIT boys seem to like to blow off steam by making wacky-ass inventions. Like this one: MaKey MaKey. I’d explain what it does but this video does a better job than my dumb... Read More

REVIEW: PhoneSuit Flex iPhone battery


Yep, another battery review – I just can’t help myself. Thanks to my Clash of Clans addiction, I can no longer make it through the day on a single iPhone charge, and I need to have some sort of extra juice with me at all times. However PhoneSuit’s new Flex charger for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch’s with the lightning connector is different than most for a couple... Read More

Posted without comment – iPotty iPad toilet

iPotty iPad toilet

OK, screw that, I must comment. First of all, I want the adult version of this. Secondly, as a parent, I truly think this would actually have made potty training our kids WAY easier. Of course, as a DAD, potty training was super easy, as my wife did it for us. But like many seemingly bizarre iPad/iPhone accessories on Amazon, whether or not they might legitimately work, the REAL... Read More

New iWatch video showcases bleak future after Zombie Apocalypse


Well, this has got to be the best fake Apple product concept video/ post-apocalyptic survival movie I’ve ever seen. Check out this amazing video made by faithful Macenstein reader Zach King. Set in the year 2019, it tells the story of a beautiful 16-year old girl, alone in a world ravaged by some unknown plague, in which she, her trusty iWatch, and a copy of Tangled, are apparently... Read More

Review: X-Doria’s Dash Folio for iPad mini

X-Doria Dash Folio

I’ve been an iPad user since day 1, and an iPad mini owner since… maybe day 57 or so…. (not as impressive, I know). But in all my days of tablet use, I have yet to find a portfolio-style case that I enjoyed using. Until now. (Queue harp music). Actually, X-Doria’s Dash Folio for iPad mini ($39.99) is probably not all that different or revolutionary as far as... Read More

Eerily detailed Steve Jobs action figure begins taking pre-orders


Continuing the long tradition of foreign countries with spurious copyright laws selling Steve Jobs-related merchandise (and then subsequently being served with cease-and-desist letters from Apple), Legend Toys is now taking Pre-orders for it’s $199 Steve Jobs Collectible figure. “As the first product of Legend Toys! The “Steve Jobs” collectible figure which... Read More

A Photo Booth without the booth


Everyone knows the only thing worse than getting married is attending someone else’s wedding. (Or is that just me?) Well, in any event, if you are a prospective bride or groom and live near the Chicagoland area, you may as well throw your poor guests a bone and rent Folio, the portable Photo Booth created by faithful Macenstein reader Nick and his wife out of an old 20-inch... Read More


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