What level of support should a successful game developer be expected to offer?

This message pops up about 20 seconds into gameplay each time I load the game

I’ll admit upfront that I am writing this article out of personal frustration towards BackFlip studios, formerly one of my favorite iOS game developers, but my long-standing support issues with them raise a question that ALL successful developers should be asking themselves – namely, “How much support am I morally, ethically, and perhaps even LEGALLY supposed to offer... Read More

Review: Audioengine’s B1 Bluetooth Music Receiver


I’m about to try to make a case for why you should want the $189 Audioengine’s B1 Bluetooth Music Receiver . It won’t be easy, as for that price you could get TWO Airport expresses that could also wirelessly stream music, or for $10 more you could have an Airport Extreme, which boasts a bunch of useful features in addition to streaming music. So why would you... Read More

Review: Divoom Airbeat-10 Wireless Bluetooth Water Resistant Speaker

Divoom Airbeat 10

Not sure what a “saction cup” is but it might explain why it does not hold like a suction cup would I’ve reviewed so many compact bluetooth speakers over the years that I feel I have written “Sounds great for it’s size” over a hundred times. And it’s true. Even $30 speakers sound pretty damn good these days, and if you take into account... Read More

Review: Kenu Airframe Plus

Kenu AirFrame

I drive a Camry. I’m not proud of it. I’m not embarrassed. It’s fine. That’s what owning a Camry is. However, there IS one thing that Camry owners have had to deal with, and that is horrible AC power outlet placement and no large suction-cup-able flat surfaces for mounting our iDevices. All solutions that I HAVE found have suction cups just a little too... Read More

Review: Seidio iPhone cases are pretty sweet, but pricey

Dilex Surface

Given how many iPhone case manufacturers there are out there, I guess it’s not too surprising that I hadn’t heard of Seidio until a few of their iPhone 6 and 6 plus cases showed up here at the lab for review, but I must say I am impressed, particularly with their Surface cases. But let’s take them one at a time… SURFACE Available in 2 models (and for both... Read More

This Week in Apple: Christian Bale, Gay Stuff, and Streaming in the sky!


iPhone Statue on Russian university campus honoring Steve Jobs taken down after Tim Cook announces he’s Gay Just one day after Apple CEO Tim Cook’s “coming out” essay was published in Bloomberg Businessweek, a statue honoring the late Steve Jobs, which stood in the courtyard of a St. Petersburg campus since January of 2013, has been dismantled. The statue, in the shape... Read More

Review: Protect your BIG Investment with these 5 Griffin iPhone 6 Plus cases

5griffin cases

My transition from an iPhone 5S to an iPhone 6 Plus has gone relatively smoothly – I would say it took about 5 days to become so accustomed to its larger size that my old 5S now seems toylike in my hand. However, while I may be used to its size, that doesn’t mean it’s dainty, and the thought of placing it inside a giant hunk of rubber to protect its giant screen from... Read More

Apple’s iPad/iMac event – The Good, The Bad, and the Meh


Hmmm. Apple’s iPhone 6/Apple Watch event was pretty amazing, so today’s iPad/iMac event has some pretty big shoes to fill in terms of surprises and perceived “WOW!” factor. Did it deliver? Well, let’s find out by examining what I found Good, Bad, and Meh about the iPad/iMac event. The Good The new iMac: It has a REALLLLLY sweet 5K Retina display.... Read More

Release Siri’s Wild Side with Mouthy


Apple’s Siri has some cute little Easter Eggs built in to her programming that let you ask her all sorts of inappropriate questions and get back some mildly amusing, PG-13 answers. But what if you want to see what Siri would sound like all grown up? And drunk? Well, now you can, with Mouthy (free in App store), that app from developer Alaric Cole (maker of the sweet little... Read More

Review: JunoPower’s Kaebo Lightning Cable

Juno Power Kaebo Lightning Cable

OK, get ready for some real excitement because I’m about to review… A LIGHTNING CABLE! That’s right, one of those $3 things Apple charges $19 for, Amazon charges $11 for, eBay charges $9 for, and which you have to replace every 3 months or so. So what makes this cable so special? Well, in theory, you don’t have to replace it. Or at least that’s the... Read More


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