Let’s Talk iPhone: The Good The Bad, and the Meh


As with all big Apple events, I once again find people turning to me for my opinion on the announcements from Apple’s Let’s Talk iPhone Event. Honestly I can’t blame them, as my opinion is often the only correct one when it comes to such things. I seem to have the uncanny ability to cut through the hype with laser beam-like precision, and somehow categorize the... Read More

Apple’s worst icons


Apple has built a well deserved reputation for impeccable design in both its hardware and operating systems, but even the best designers can get lazy. Here’s a quick tribute to some of Apple’s worst icon blunders of the past couple years. (And please let me know if I missed any in the comments). Sharing. Nothing says “sharing” like a… um… say,... Read More

Hot-selling Casey Anthony Trial apps confirm that everyone sucks

Casey Anthony iPhone App

I don’t know where you fall on the whole “mom’s (allegedly) killing their own kids debate, but I would hope you would find people trying to profit from it somewhat distasteful. That being said, apparently quite a few of you DON’T, as the app Casey Anthony Trial with LIVE STREAM, News, Videos, Audio, Documents and more 99¢ by Scott Manthey (who apparently... Read More

Look out Apple: Amazon launches Mac App Download Store

Amazon Mac Store

When I first read the headline “Amazon launches Mac Download Store“, I thought it was an Onion headline. Somehow it almost seemed akin to Amazon building it’s own Macs for some reason. Yet, sure enough, it DOES exist, and just as the Amazon music store beats Apple’s iTunes in most ways, it looks like Amazon’s Mac App Store is also out doing Apple’s... Read More

Anyone else think it’s time for Apple for to remove the word “unexpectedly” from this error?


Is it just me or is this getting worse lately?  Read More

Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton coming to iTunes

As long-time readers know, and short-term readers can probably guess, nothing scares me more than the thought of going to a wedding. I have long said I would rather go to 10 funerals than one wedding, and not simply because I know more people I would rather see dead than happily paired off (although there is probably something to that). No, for me as a non-drinker, non-dancing,... Read More

AT&T eats T-Mobile and I am FURIOUS!


Now THAT’S a Super Moon!” While everyone was distracted looking at that EXTREMELY over-hyped Super Moon this weekend (seriously, what was the big deal? It looked the same as always here…) AT&T announced it plans to buy T-Mobile for $39 billion. This is apparently cause for everyone to run around in circles screaming, because it means there will now really... Read More

Things I didn’t mention yet- Bon Jovi, Apple Stock, and Naked Mime Chicks

I’ve been pretty busy lately, mainly trying to beat @marcusmichaels at Tiny Wings (and failing miserably) – so there’s a couple Apple-related things I haven’t gotten a chance to comment on. So let’s fix that. It’s kind of hard to argue with Jon Bon Jesus First up: Jon Bon Jovi says Steve Jobs is “personally responsible for killing the music business”.... Read More

New MacBook Pros showcase why Apple fans suck

As much as one can feel bad for a company with the 2nd-highest market capitalization in the world, I must say I really felt for Apple during this week’s MacBook Pro launch. No sooner had the MacBooks hit the online store then the apathetic headlines and forum posts began flooding the interwebs. The terms “underwhelming” and “modest upgrades” were... Read More

Will Apple approve Smuggle Truck?

Billed as “The Premiere smuggling game on the App Store”, Owlchemy Labs’ upcoming Smuggle Truck looks on the surface to be a very well made and cool looking physics-oriented driving game. Of course, looks aren’t everything, and some Mexican Americans are apparently up in brazos over the game a full two months before its slated release date. Why? Well, as... Read More


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