Review DropCam HD

DropCam HD

Considering I own almost nothing of value worth stealing, it’s odd I find myself so intrigued with remote home monitoring, yet I am. And while I’d like to pretend I enjoy the ability to safeguard my home for my wife and kids, really, I just like checking in on our new puppy Chewie, and making sure he isn’t eating our couch pillows while we are at the store or... Read More

Review: Wren V5AP – Wireless Speaker with AirPlay

Wren V5AP

As an insomniac, I’ve seen pretty much EVERY infomercial over the years, and I’ve managed to resist almost all of them (save a Bowflex which I use primarily as a drying rack for wet clothes). One of the few to ever really cause me to give pause however (aside from the Hawaii Chair) is the Bose radio commercial, with its promise of “Room-Filling sound”. It... Read More

Review: Digital Treasures Props Power Case for iPad mini

Digital Treasures Props Power Case

With each new model Apple releases of its iDevces, two things are certain. First, Apple will reduce the thickness of the device. Second, Apple will claim the device has the same, or perhaps even slightly more battery life than the previous model. However, as someone who uses their iDevices pretty much all day, every day, I can’t help but wonder what the battery life would... Read More

REVIEW: PhoneSuit Flex iPhone battery


Yep, another battery review – I just can’t help myself. Thanks to my Clash of Clans addiction, I can no longer make it through the day on a single iPhone charge, and I need to have some sort of extra juice with me at all times. However PhoneSuit’s new Flex charger for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch’s with the lightning connector is different than most for a couple... Read More

Review: bem wireless Mobile Speaker

bem wireless speaker

As a long-time Apple user, I’m used to seeing hardware get progressively smaller, thinner, and lighter, and for the most part, as with phones and laptops, this “smaller is better” attitude has largely been successful. Even camera lenses have been able to produce above-decent images at less than 1/8th the size of traditional camera lenses. However one area where... Read More

Review: iKit NuCharge external battery for iPhone 5

iKit NuCharge_Front_HERO

Ever since losing our power for 7 days during Hurricane Sandy, I’ve grown rather paranoid about the idea of not being able to use my iPhone for more than 6 minutes. Unfortunately until recently the selection of external batteries for the iPhone 5 was pretty anemic. But in recent months a number of companies have stepped up to the plate, including a new face on the scene named... Read More

Review: X-Doria’s Dash Folio for iPad mini

X-Doria Dash Folio

I’ve been an iPad user since day 1, and an iPad mini owner since… maybe day 57 or so…. (not as impressive, I know). But in all my days of tablet use, I have yet to find a portfolio-style case that I enjoyed using. Until now. (Queue harp music). Actually, X-Doria’s Dash Folio for iPad mini ($39.99) is probably not all that different or revolutionary as far as... Read More

Review: 3 Cygnet iPad mini cases for 3 different users


If there’s one thing Apple’s iPad mini commercials have tought us, it’s that there is no such thing as the “typical” iPad user. Some people use the iPad simply for email and web, some for games, some for eBooks, some for watching videos, and some for a combination of all of the above. And just as there is no one iPad user, there is really no such as... Read More

Review: HyperJuice Plug 10

HyperMacPlug10 01

If there’s one thing that the recent Hurricane Sandy taught me, it’s that I can’t live for more than 3 hours without power. Or more specifically, I can’t live for more than 3 hours after my iPhone loses power. While iPhone charging cases are nice and we are finally starting to see a few iPhone 5-compatible models, they generally can only provide one full... Read More

Review: Cygnett UrbanShield for iPhone 5 – The iPhone’s little black dress

Cygnett UrbanShield 05

It’s been a running joke in the tech community that Apple seems to always strive to make each subsequent generation of its devices thinner and lighter, and this has perhaps never been more true than with the iPhone 5. Despite embiggening the screen, Apple somehow managed to shave both thickness and weight from the device, and it really is noticeable, especially when you are... Read More


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