comiXology for iPhone sneak peek

Well, it’s Wednesday, and you know what that means! NEW COMICS! Yeah! Well, if you’re anything like me, you buy so many comics that odds are you’ve gotten mixed up on more than one occasion as to what issue is dropping when, meaning you go to the comic store every Wednesday, just in case, and end up buying between 4 and 20 extra comics you don’t really... Read More

AAARRGGHH!! Why do I keep buying iPhone instrument apps?!?!

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me three times and I guess I have to admit I am a tool. I don’t know why, but for some reason I keep getting sucked in by these musical instrument apps for the iPhone. It started innocently enough, with the free MiniPiano app. However, about 2 minutes after launching it, I soon remembered why I dropped out of piano lesson classes as a kid... Read More

Red Giant’s 1 Day sale – 40% off EVERYTHING – today only

ATTENTION VIDEO PROFESSIONALS! Red Giant Software, the sellers of such indispensable After Effects and Final Cut plug-ins as Trapcode’s Shine and Particular and The Magic Bullet HD Suite is having a one day only sale, TODAY. That’s right, just enter coupon code bailout40 during checkout and get 40% off your order, which is no small savings as some of these effects... Read More

WooHoo is free today – still inexplicably on the iTunes store

And speaking of d’oh!… Well, I admit I was wrong. When I saw that someone was selling a Pillsbury Doughboy app on iTunes, I was sure it would have been pulled by the end of the week. Yet, here we are nearly 3 weeks later, and WhooHoo is still going strong. In fact, in honor of the creator’s birthday, Griffin Landa has decided to make WooHoo free for a limited time.... Read More

Review: iAscii Art

Turning photos into Ascii art may seem like useless parlor trick (and it is) but to many tech geeks who began their lives using DOT Matrix printers to print out “pictures” using Ascii characters, Ascii art still holds a special place in our hearts. I actually remember the first naked woman I ever “saw” was an Ascii rendering of a woman from a program called... Read More

CodeWeavers makes good on its promise of FREE STUFF!

If there’s one thing we know our readers love, it’s FREE STUFF. Even free stuff they’ll never use. So listen up. For today only, CodeWeavers is making good on it’s somewhat bizarre promise to give away all of its software for free if George W. Bush met even one of a series of “Lame Duck” Presidential goals CodeWeavers outlined for him. The Goals... Read More

iPump Pilates isn’t quite iPorn, but we’re getting closer

Attention female readers, if you do not yet have any idea how far men will go to ogle women, and do not want to know, you may want to just go ahead and skip this article. In the days before the internet, a little thing called the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue used to cause quite the stir at my school (and no, we weren’t excited by the tropical locations or curious about... Read More

iWork and iLife ’09 to share the spotlight Tuesday?

Well, despite Apple’s invite making it very clear that the “focus would be on notebooks” at Tuesday’s special event, word is now trickling out that we may be seeing some token updates to both the iLife and iWork suites. Mac Soda, the same folks who brought us the nVidia graphics card in the new MacBooks rumors claims to have knowledge of a joint notebooks/iApps... Read More

Anyone know how to program for the iPhone? I have an idea…

Hello faithful readers. Like just about everyone on the planet, I have come up with an idea for (what I feel is) an incredibly important iPhone application that I would love to see made. No, it is not another Sudoku game or tip calculator – at the risk of sounding melodramatic, I feel my app could potentially save lives. Unfortunately, I don’t yet have my C and C++... Read More

Attention Larry King: Your iPhone app is ready

Anyone who says divorce is toughest on the kids has never had to pay alimony. Luckily, a new iPhone app has arrived that aims to make paying half your money to a woman (or man) you no longer wish to see again slightly more fun. Alimony Countdown gives you up-to-the-second stats on how much money you’ve paid your ex, how much you have left to pay, and how long it will take... Read More


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