iTunes 7.7.1 …And Apple’s QC problems keep on comin’!

Apple released iTunes 7.7.1 this evening (via Software Update). According to Apple, the update: iTunes 7.7.1 includes fixes to improve stability and performance. I consider myself a big fan of both stability and performance in general, so I’m all for this update. Unfortunately, the improved performance doesn’t seem to include cutting down on my insane backups times (still... Read More

Why so “critical”, Microsoft?

Let’s do a little free-association exercise. When you hear the words “Microsoft” and “critical update“, what do you think of? I know personally, my first thought is “OMFG another Microsoft security exploit!“. Given this knee-jerk reaction I assume I share with many, why do you think Microsoft would label the latest Office Mac update 12.1.1... Read More

I think my Software Update is a little confused…

That’s either one hell of a secure Camera Raw update, or the most photo-centric Security Update I have ever seen. (A restart set things straight).  Read More

Apple begins 10.5.4 speculation by releasing 10.5.3

Apple today released the highly rumored 10.5.3 update for Mac OS X Leopard, which means we can now begin looking for hints of a 10.5.4 update. According to Apple, 10.5.3 includes a laundry list of fixes, far too lengthy and boring for me to bother copying and pasting. If you care, you can read about them here. I for one pretty much just install these things without questioning... Read More

nullriver releases Connect360 v3.3

All of you Microsoft traitors who happen to own an xBox 360 (I’m quite content with my Pippin360, thank you very much) may be interested to know that nullriver has released version 3.3 of its Connect360 software which allows you to stream your iLife content (music, movies, photos) to the xBox360. New to this version is the much requested folder support for movies,Added WMA... Read More

Hell freezes over: Final Cut Server now shipping

digg_url = '; Well, better extremely late than never… Remember back at the 1939 World’s Fair when Apple announced Final Cut Server? Well, it is shipping TODAY! Sweet! Maybe this will put to rest the rumors Apple wants to sell off its Final Cut division for a week or two… Apple today announced... Read More

Why you probably shouldn’t check this box

Ever since getting my MacBook, my Mac Pro has been sitting in the basement, a bit neglected. Its sole job these days is to record Howard Stern off Sirius and throw bookmarkable audio files into iTunes for me. I use Audio Hijack from Rogue Amoeba to handle the recordings, and I had read last month that apparently the latest 10.5.2 update and/or Leopard security update were causing... Read More

WTF!? Nothing new from Apple.. on a Tuesday.. on its Anniversary?!?

Well this sucks. I was all set to wake up to find the Apple Store post it note. Now my day is ruined, and I might as well go back to bed until next Tuesday. Apple has done pretty well this year, announcing a new product release on about 78% of Tuesdays since Macworld 2008, and today seemed like a prime opportunity to get that number up over 80%. After all, it is a Tuesday, AND... Read More

Safari 3.1 released – HTML 5 CSS Animations

There are a bunch of improvements listed, including support for HTML 5 specs and CSS Animations, but my two favorites are “Stability: Improves Stability” and “Compatibility: Improves Compatibility”. The Leopard version weighs in around 35 MB, while the Tiger is a slim and trim 25.7 MB. So, does anyone else find it odd a Safari point release requires a... Read More

The reason you should never buy anything

Just a day after the new MacBook Pro/Macbooks were announced, MacRumors is reporting that new versions of both portables will be released this June. The updates are expected to incorporate Intel’s Montevina Centrino 2 chips, as the company begins to phase out the current Santa Rosa chips that were the bee’s knees just a few months ago. Predicting new Apple product releases... Read More


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