Awww… A 2 year old girl plays Fruit Ninja better than I do

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iPads, Camera, ACTION!

I’ve seen iPads used as teleprompters, and odds are once we get the iPad 2 we’ll see them used as (low budget) movie cameras. But right now, check out this extremely awesome and surprisingly effective lighting rig made entirely or iPads. iPad Photoshoot from Jesse Rosten on Vimeo. Thanks to faithful Macenstein reader dereksine for the tip! via Videomaker  Read More

“App for That” song pokes fun at App Culture – Has more green screen than a Cars video

Songwriters Jon Vezner and Si Kahn have written what they call “the quintessential anthem for all of us app addicts”, with “App for That.” I’m not entirely sure it will be a hit, but I must say, as an After Effects guy, I am very impressed with the sheer amount of compositing that went on to make this. It seems the guys are trying to be a little... Read More

What happens when the MacBook Air meets dynamite?

Now that the new MacBook Air has been released, I think it’s safe to say that the old one is completely useless. Macenstein reader Scott Gawlik and friend agree, and decided to see what would happen if someone were to set of two M-1000 explosives on it. The results are as follows. Now, normally I am not impressed by the “blowing up of tech” videos (especially... Read More

EXCLUSIVE: Video of the Apple Store Grand Opening, Shanghai, China

Faithful Macenstein reader (and now our official Senior Chinese Correspondent) Min has assembled a video of the Apple Store grand opening in Shanghai, China. You know, watching this video, I almost feel like I was there… mainly because I’ve been to about 5 Apple Store grand openings already, and they are all the same. Still, the Shanghai store is pretty impressive,... Read More

It’s OK guys, you can laugh

Sometimes as fanboys our first reaction to a video like the following is an immediate “rush to defend” mentality that has us attempting justify Apple’s design choices in creating the iPad, and sometimes we end up saying stupid things like “I wouldn’t even want one if it had a camera” or some other such nonsense. But honestly, funny is funny, and... Read More

iPad comic is impressive, if not funny

Behold Adam Kontra, a comedian who is no stranger to gimmicks, showing off his latest act, the iPad Comic. While Adam’s timing is certainly impeccable, his material is somewhat more peccable. Still, it’s an impressive feat of timing, and I’m sure we’ll see Adam on SNL soon, as they are no stranger to clever premises that go on a bit too long. [via Cult of... Read More

Does the iPad’s accelerometer work in Zero Gravity?

Kind of… While these Swiss “Astronauts” appear to think it does not work, the iPad clearly DOES change rotation about 39 seconds in. Still, I think I’ll probably postpone my $35 million trip to the International Space Station until Apple gets its priorities straight and starts devoting more resources towards getting its devices zero-G certified. Thanks... Read More

Colbert: “You know who this suit would look good on? My LAWYERS”

The Colbert Report Mon – Thurs 11:30pm / 10:30c Who’s Riding My Coattails Now? – iPad Suit Pocket Colbert Report Full Episodes Political Humor Fox News [via 9to5]  Read More

On line at the Sydney iPad Sleepout

Faithful Macenstein reader Jeremy Moses sent us this very cool mini documentary he and his friends at Variety Garage made giving us a glimpse behind the scenes of the iPad launch at Sydney’s Flagship Apple Store. (Well, really it appears to be a documentary of one very cute line waiter named “Jade” who for the record has an open invitation to be our Mac Chick of... Read More


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