Ahh… but can he make Ghidorah disappear?

Out of all the careers in the world, I would assume a Magician has got to be one of the least rewarding (ranking just above writing for a Mac blog). Even if you’re really good, odds are you won’t make any money and die alone obscurity (or the Poconos). I can’t tell whether this guy is famous or not, and I lack the interest to Google him, but I DO know two things... Read More

Apple – The most romantic OS on the planet

Everyone knows the French are the most romantic people on the planet. After all, they have a 1063 ft erection in the middle of their capital (Ba dum bum!). Well, faithful Macenstein reader Jordan sent us a link to a love song by French singing sensation Calogero which not only makes heavy use of Mac imagery in the video, but the song itself is called “Pomme C”, or... Read More

I have a feeling SOMEBODY’S mom is gonna be pissed when they get home…

Thanks to faithful Macenstein reader Florian for the tip!  Read More

Prepare to be pulled over – Scosche unveils its iPad car mount

Oddly enough just yesterday morning I tried to put my iPad into a Magellan iPhone GPS cradle to see if I could use any core location-based navigation apps on the iPad, and the answer was unfortunately “No”. However, despite navigation apps apparently not being an option on the iPad, it looks like Scosche feels there will be enough demand from those people looking to... Read More

Hate your pet? Then you’ll LOVE Cat Piano

It seems to me as though the only reason people get cats is so they can screw with them on video. And if you’re an Apple geek looking for a way to mess with your cat’s head, it seems the tool of choice is “Cat Piano“, for iPhone, iPod touch, and now, in glorious iPad HD. Check out some of these examples of people screwing with their cats using the app. Common... Read More

100 year old woman loves her iPad

What do you get a 100 year old woman for her birthday? Any sane person would say “an XBox 360”, yet these people apparently got Granny (or great great granny?) a brand new iPad. And Guess what? She LOVES it. Almost as much as her relatives enjoy drinking and watching her use it. (And yes, we’ve already reached out to see if she’ll be our next Mac Chick of... Read More

You know you’re an Apple fanboy when…

…your 3 year-old can flawlessly recite over 2 minutes straight from the iPhone tutorial video (with sound effects!) (Click here to check the kid’s accuracy) [via geeksix]  Read More

The first video I’m going to play on my iPad

OK, I admit it, this has nothing to do with Apple, I’ve just been looking for an excuse to post this video.  Read More

Applegirl002 sings her way into our hearts

Meet Applegirl002, or as I like to call her, “The Future Bride of Macenstein”. Sure, I’m already happily married, but let’s face it, it’s only a matter of time before she leaves me, and any woman with 3 iPhones who can sing like Beyonce is someone I can really see spending the rest of my life with. Maybe I’m blinded by love, but I think she has... Read More

I probably wouldn’t have been able to make it past the Steve Jobs comment either (possibly NSFW)

Extra points for the Monty Python homage. See more funny videos and funny pictures at CollegeHumor.  Read More


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