Is Apple gunning for Exchange Server with the new iCal beta?

Well, our good friends over at The Cat Convention think so. According to the site, new evidence in the MobileMe beta is pointing towards Apple trying to get CalDAV, its preferred calendaring implementation, not only into the hands of MobileMe users, but Microsoft Outlook users as well. Since CalDAV is the calendaring format of choice for Apple’s Snow Leopard Server, TCC is hypothesizing that this could be the first step toward Apple pushing its calendar into the enterprise... Read More

What are the odds of an Apple iPhone 4 recall?

What are the odds of an Apple iPhone 4 recall? Not that good if you ask bookmaker expert Mickey Richardson, CEO of Richardson and his team of experienced odds makers, have put together lines for television shows such as Project Runway, Top Chef, Lost, and Dancing with the Stars, and now they’ve turned their attention to the iPhone and the latest series of reception problem “rumors” as Apple calls them. So, what are the odds that Apple will fess... Read More

Putting the latest Verizon iPhone rumor into perspective

Call me crazy, but I just can’t seem to get too excited about the latest Verizon iPhone rumor… (headlines via MacRumors) Sure, eventually someone’s going to be right… but can’t we just wait for an official announcement?  Read More

Conspiracy Theorists Unite!! The Black Helicopters Are Circling!!

Additive Tips is reporting that, (according to a “trusted source inside Apple”), Apple is now working with AT&T to check iOS 4 iPhones every 7-14 days or so via through OTA (over-the-air) updates to see if they’re jailbroken, and if so, it will relock them and place the users on a blacklist. “How it works is every 7 to 14 days We (Apple) and AT&T send a message to your iPhone that gathers some data from your iPhone without you knowing and we see... Read More

I smell a June 24th iPhone 4G launch date

Looks like AT&T may have accidentally spilled the beans on the iPhone 4G launch date by prematurely sending out “replies” to all the anticipated service outage reports it expects to have on June 24th… at least if this text sent to faithful Macenstein reader Frank is any indication: I thought this might be amusing. Note the dates. The best part is that while I have the Mark the Spot app, I’ve never used it. Perhaps AT&T just knows that I’m... Read More

Steve Jobs is delusional

Steve Jobs made a pretty bold claim when he responded to Bryan Webster’s eloquently written question abut the upcoming WWDC: Wow. Them’s fightin’ words to be sure, and they certainly gave ME a chill when I first read them. I immediately had visions of a super-charged, video game playing Apple TV/DVR, fully open to developers, and an iPhone 4 with video chat and condom dispenser… Truly this WWDC is NOT going to disappoint! But then I remembered something…... Read More

Is it possible Steve Jobs does not hate Flash – he just loves LEGOs?

With all the free advertising Steve’s been giving LEGOs on the iPhone, iPod touch, and now iPad, it makes you wonder just how large a percentage of the Lego company does Steve own? photo by Rob Lef  Read More

Is Apple destroying Flash just to make Adobe cheaper to buy?

Rumors of Apple buying Adobe have been around almost as long as rumors of Sony buying Apple. The only difference is the Adobe rumors are actually financially possible. Now, I’m not going to go into whether or not it makes financial and strategic sense for Apple to acquire Adobe, but what I would like to do is indulge one of my favorite pastimes – conspiracy theories. It’s no secret that starting with the original iPhone a few years back, Apple has begun a slow... Read More

Is ThinkSecret’s Nick DePlume looking to make a Mac Rumor comeback?

ThinkSecret’s Nick DePlume, apparently at a very unpopular cafe. It was just over two years ago that the infamous Mac Rumor site ThinkSecret was forced by Apple legal to shut its doors, presumably forever. However, it appears that TS founder Nick Ciarelli (aka Nick DePlume) now finds HIMSELF in the middle of a rumor – namely that he might be trying to get back into the Mac rumoring game. At least according to the popular Portuguese Mac site It seems... Read More

That’s either a very symmetrically placed piece of dust… OR….

OMG THE iPAD HAS A CAMERA! OK, I won’t say the iPad is going to ship with a camera, or even that that is what we are seeing here in Apple’s iPad ad, but as faithful Macenstein reader Mike points out, that does kinda sorta look like the spot a camera WOULD go, if the iPad DID have a camera. So, did they use a prototype for the commercial? Or is it simply a well-placed, (beveled) piece of dust? Is it the guy who hangs himself in the background of the Wizard of OZ?... Read More


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