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LoopRumors.com lists more 10.5 features

Posted by Dr. Macenstein

LoopRumors.com has posted part 2 of their ongoing coverage of the rumored feature set for Mac OSX 10.5 Leopard. Of note, LoopRumors claims we will see “An iPod Home feature.” which will allow “users of two different computers to finally use one iPod. Although music is still not allowed to be copied from the iPod to the Macintosh, a shared Home directory will be available to users of multiple machines.”
Credibility: 7/10

One Response to “LoopRumors.com lists more 10.5 features”
  1. Dr. Macenstein says:

    I know being able to run on Pentiums is a big new “feature”, but I haven’t heard of anything all that revolutionary so far in Leopard. It looks like Apple is taking the road of “throw enough little things in, and it will seem like a big update”. I guess this would be better than the 10.1,10.2, and 10.3 updates, where we pretty much just kept paying $129 for speed improvemnts.

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