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Apple to update xServes October 26th: No one cares

Posted by Igor

Apple Computers has once again sent out invitations to the media inviting them to yet another special media event, this time for October 26th. This marks the 3rd time in as many weeks that Apple has held a special event. Based on the cryptic phrasing of the invitation, it appears updates to Apple’s xServe line are on tap for this event.

The invitations state only “Please come to another special event. There will be cake, and we are going to have 2 iPod nanos as door prizes (the white 2 GB ones, not the black ones). But cake will not be the only thing ‘served’.”

The response to the invites as been underwhelming to say the least. One source at Apple told Macenstein “We can’t even get the rumor sites excited about the xServe. We’re hoping the door prize will entice some people to show up. Best case scenario is it will be bad weather, and people will need a place to get out of the rain for a bit.”

The xServe update will reportedly sport the new dual dual-core PowerPC 970MP processors, and feature DDR2 memory and PCI-Express, similar to the new Power Macs.

The xServe line was last updated only 33 days ago, so it is odd to see an update fall so swiftly on the heels of another. However, sources at Apple explained the reason for the timing. “Well, to be honest, we weren’t getting any pressure from our two current xServe clients (Tony McEvoy and Larry Florentine) to do anything to the xServe. They seem to be happy with the 2 we’ve made. But Gene in marketing has gotten kind of into these special events. She asked us if there was anything we could update for next week, and we kind of thought it might be too soon for another iPod update, so we went with this.”

Assuming attendance for this event is as poor as it is projected to be, we may see a slowdown in future Apple special events. “I have a feeling Gene is going home with a lot of cake next week.” said our source.

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2 Responses to “Apple to update xServes October 26th: No one cares”
  1. The_Larch says:

    I can almost picture Gene.
    About 40 years old, 250-275 lbs, long dry hair, glasses.
    a vest she made herself.
    Poor Gene.

  2. hahaha says:

    and covered in cake crumbs

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