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RUMOR: Little girls everywhere rejoice: The return of the pink iPod

Posted by Dr. Macenstein

Loop rumors is now reporting with 100% certainty that at Apple’s exclusive event tomorrow we will see the return of the pink iPod, among other things. It will come in the form of a Madonna edition iPod says the site, similar to U2’s black iPod, and is expected to have Madonna’s signature on the back. It is not known whether the iPod will be a nano or a full sized iPod photo model. If true, this marks the 2nd time Madonna’s signature has graced an iPod.

If tomorrow’s event does indeed reveal a pink iPod, it will be the first splash of color to hit the iPod line since Apple killed of its hot-selling iPod mini line over a month ago, and replaced it with the “dynamic” duo of black and white iPod nanos. Reports say the black nano has handily outsold the white model in most areas, so perhaps we can expect to see more “non-white” alternatives in future models.

Loop Rumors admits that this pink iPod alone should not be enough to warrant a “special event”, but they will not commit on what else to expect. Recent rumors on the event have the Mac faithful ready for anything from new Power Macs and PowerBooks, (likely) to video iPods, Apple PVRS, and iPhones (not so likely).

3 Responses to “RUMOR: Little girls everywhere rejoice: The return of the pink iPod”
  1. Trump's Baby says:

    Maybe this pink iPod will be the focus of MacWorld.

    If PowerBook and Power Mac updates come earlier than January, what else will Apple have to show?

  2. Little girl says:

    Well, I’m not rejoicing…
    Where’s my pink iPod!?!?

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