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Microsoft in talks to buy “every song ever recorded”

In a statement released Friday, Microsoft’s Corporate Vice President of Worldwide Retail Sales and Marketing, Andrew L. Jaffe, announced an $8 Billion deal that would allow Microsoft to buy EMI Group, Warner Music Group, Vivendi’s Universal Music Group and Sony BMG. Pending an anti-trust approval, this deal would put all 4 of the industry’s major music labels under one roof.

Citing frustrations over failed talks to negotiate acceptable licensing terms for its own upcoming subscription music service, Microsoft ironically decided to take a page from Apple’s iTunes music store. “We didn’t like the idea of “renting” music from the big labels.” says Jaffe. “It was important to us to know that at then end of the day, we OWNED something. To that end, we have purchased what amounts to ‘Every Song Worth Hearing’. This new slogan really sums up what we think will be a refreshing change for the consumer who currently has to spend time searching around to figure out which music service has which songs/artists. Now it will be easy. We have them all, and the others do [will] not.”

So what does this mean for other online music services, such as Apple’s iTunes music store and Real’s Rhapsody? Jaffe explains, “[Apple and Real’s] …deals with the labels end in 2006, and we fully intend to honor those contracts. Looking forward, we see those other services as great places for consumers to find unsigned and unknown talent, and our service to be where they buy songs that don’t suck.”

Neither Apple nor Real was available for comment.

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4 Responses to “Microsoft in talks to buy “every song ever recorded””
  1. that actually is eerily plausible. i read once that the big four record companies actually are worth “only” $7 billion. that would suck ass.

  2. Willis says:

    I hate microsoft, they would charge like 50 bucks for one cd, and 2-3 bucks for one song, not to mentions the fact that they are greedy sons of bitches

  3. Matt says:

    I’m calling bull crap on this one. It seems this week has been the week of bull crap tech news stories that turn out to be false and they’re all started on blogs who don’t cite their sources. So either cite your reputable sources or don’t post this crap.

  4. Thanks Matt, but WE called bull crap on this article when we wrote it, and published it in our “HUMOR” section. Go to the rumors or news section if you want to call something that is not bull crap bull crap.

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