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NASA Confirms Shipment of First G5 Quad

Posted by Igor

NASA confirmed today that the first G5 Power Mac Quad system has shipped. In an emergency press conference early this morning, NASA rocket scientist Bert Finkle displayed satellite imagery indicating the first of the “dual-dual core� systems has been shipped to a location just north of Danville Illinois. “There is really no mistaking the rather distinctive heat signature of the G5 Quad,� said Finkle. “It is actually the only PC which runs hot enough to be seen from space.� Finkle then produced a breathtaking thermal image of what he claims to be the new Power Mac. “The frightening thing here is all indications are the computer is currently in sleep mode. There is really no telling what will happen if the individual tries to check his mail, let alone render a scene from Maya. “

Danville, with a population of about 32,000 people, sits near the border of Illinois and Indiana, 125 miles south of Chicago and 80 miles West of Indianapolis.

Above: Finkle claims the G5 Quad is the first PC to be able to be seen from space. Satellite imagery courtesy of NASA

23 Responses to “NASA Confirms Shipment of First G5 Quad”
  1. Trump's Baby says:

    nothing worse than a nervous Finkle!

  2. IEatBabies says:

    WTF IS THE POINT OF THIS????????????

  3. IEatThoseWhoEatBabies says:

    I’m with you. WTF *is* the point of this…

  4. I despise those who eat babies says:

    Hmmm, sarcams is lost on so many people…

  5. IEatApples says:

    It’s hot & it tastes good;-)
    *A small shipment for Mac, a gigant shipment for Mackind*lol

  6. eatingbabieskillsbraincells says:

    whats the point of this? obviously you have never owned a dual processor G5….. my 2.7 runs at 189 degress constantly while the fans are running at blast off speeds to try and cool it down. thats with two processors….. now do the math….this one has four…
    i found the humor in it
    maybe someday you will to

  7. An Environmentalist says… says:

    This is actually true!

    I am based in the UK, where – for various reasons – properties are smaller than those in the US, and my dual 1.8GHz G5 is in my lounge which is about 12′ x 10′.

    Curiously, despite the onset of autumn, I haven’t yet had to turn on my central heating as the Mac (running two sessions of Folding@Home under different usernames) provides enough heat to keep the room warm.

    So, in reality, any dual processor Mac is good for the environment as – whilst you’re using it to check e-mail, surf the web, render video, rip iTunes, cure all known diseases – it’s also acting as a space-heater.

  8. cold scot says:

    i agree. i’ve a dual 2.5 and it’s keeping me warm up here in scotland, where it’s freezing right now!

    can’t wait until my quad 2.5 comes along, i’ll never have to pay the gas bill again! – i’ll be hooking the hot water up to the liquid cooling system, so i can use my shower with the heat of the unit too 🙂

  9. watchdog says:

    There is not a Bert Finkle listed as a NASA empolyee. But its a good joke

  10. Steven says:

    > There is not a Bert Finkle listed as a NASA empolyee. But its a good joke
    That’s the nature of jokes. They are usually no LITERALLY true.

  11. Phil says:

    This is not funny. This is a confirmation of my theory that the increase in major hurricanes over the past two years is directly related to the release of the IBM 970 chip. The heat generated is causing global warming, which in turn causes warmer ocean surface temperatures.

    Just remember – we did not have 22 named storms in any year prior to the 970’s release.

    Oh, and eatingbabieskillsbraincells, this machine does not have 4 processors, it has 2 with 2 cores each, that’s why it is called a quad. Think Quad-Core, not Quad-Processor.

    I am developing a fusion reactor that will be powered by a steam turbine generator, which gets the heat from my new Quad G5. I will use the energy created to drive a bank of air conditioners to cool the whole thing off.

  12. ? says:

    I am not going to dignify this article with a response. reporting on Apple is a serious business and I don’t have time to waste reading such inane, humorous reports such as these that manage to poke fun at the heart of things we love…

    And at least get your facts right

    I checked with NASA and there was a junior janitor in training 3rd class who once polished the rear view mirrors on the Shuttle who was…by chance called “Bernie Finkle”.
    Bernie was fired after trying to convince certain rogue elements within NASA that the type of telescope called a Jobsian was actually built and designed for none other than Steve Jobs in honor of the mans long sighted and far reaching vision.
    NASA officials hotly deny this is the case and continued to play Nanosaur on the G5 cluster array they had specifically built for this purpose while commenting that Bernie was offered appropriate redundancy of several front row seats to Macworld expo in Boston and a Motorola ROKR phone – with itunes built in (service agreement sold seperately)

    Damn it…Now look at that – I did respond…Macenstein, get a life, don’t you have better things to report on…like ….ummmm….something…anything……….Geeeez !!

  13. Gasp! says:

    g5s cause global warming!!! When the xbox 360 comes out we’re all gonna die!!! ( know they’re not g5s… has even more cooling though)

    Hehe, funny article, made me laugh.

    In all seriousness though, aren’t the new iMacs running much cooler than before?

  14. Jimmy says:

    you macphiles really do need to get a life…seriously…go get laid or something

  15. Rodney King says:

    Jimmy must be getting laid all the time!
    He sounds so cool.

  16. Joe Wasser says:

    Danville, Illinois is real. I’m from Danville! I thought that was pretty damn funny when I read it.

  17. mark says:

    i wish when news sites linked to stories like this they would put (stupid) in the link so i wouldnt waste my damn time on them

  18. macula says:

    i sit on my dual 2.5 g5 at work cause there’s no heat. i padded it with old wired magazines and a macenstein tshirt.

  19. Zool says:

    in response to Phil Mac’s have nohing to be done with global warning but your idea about : “developing a fusion reactor that will be powered by a steam turbine generator, which gets the heat from my new Quad G5. I will use the energy created to drive a bank of air conditioners to cool the whole thing off.”

    You should do a little research and learn that Air conditioners are more dangerous and cause much more damage to the earth by heating the air outside your cooled home, room or car and because they use a gas called ‘freon’ that destroys the ozone, the only think that protects us from sun’s ultraviolet lights….

    Think Different 🙂 i will add Learn to Think…

  20. Magnus Dredd says:

    My Athlon is likewise hot…. When I have 3 of them running in the same room, it’s time to open the door… winter… the middle of the night….

    Which all in all isn’t saying that much given that I live in Phoenix,AZ. Check for those non-US residents who don’t get the joke.

  21. Magnus Dredd says:

    The G5 space heater is simply non-x86 users getting used to what x86 PeeCee users have dealt with for years… Loud fans, warm rooms, and higher energy bills….

    Note: You can in fact build a quiet non-space heater modern x86 machine, it’s just that they’re either slower, more expensive, or both.

  22. Shark says:

    Obviously you haven’t had a 1.5 G4 power book sitting on your thighs when you are wearing shorts… I have singed off the hairs it gets so hot!

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