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October 12th, “iPod Auto?”

Posted by Igor

Well, it took some time, (and not a little expense), but our sources have now been able to confirm exactly what to expect next Wednesday at Apple’s invitation-only press event, and “Just one more thing” doesn’t even come close to describing this!

So what’s on tap?

New Power Macs? Yes.
Dual Core? Yes.
New PowerBooks? Yup!
New iPod….well, yes and no.

The answer to that question all depends on what exactly you consider an iPod. For some time now, Apple (read Steve Jobs) has been unhappy with current methods of iPod integration into automobiles. Sources say October 12th will change all that. In just 5 days Apple is set to release the iPod auto, the first Apple-branded vehicle built with seamless iPod integration in mind.

Our sources were able to obtain a number of high res photos of the new car, but we decided to shrink and blur them to add credibility, a la engadget. Rest assured, this picture does not do the iPod auto justice; the vehicle is truly stunning. The 5-passenger sports sedan will initially ship in white and black, with other colors rumored to follow.

Apple’s engineers (the same ones who have been working so hard on the recently announced X-Box killer, the Pippin-360) have been working closely with Subaru on its design. It seems Apple has learned a thing or two from allowing Motorola to design the first iTunes-enabled mobile phone (the ROKR). While this iTunes-enabled vehicle will be jointly marketed by Apple and Subaru in the US, the design is clearly all Apple. The iPod auto is expected to be an internet-only sale, and pricing is unknown.

7 Responses to “October 12th, “iPod Auto?””
  1. Trump's baby says:

    Do you steer it with the click wheel?
    I could could probably go for one of those, depending on the price.
    I currently use a cassette adapter for hooking my iPod up, and I get an odd hiss that is audible in quieter songs. It would be nice to get a whole car built by Apple, so you know it works with the iPod out of the box.

  2. Blue Moon says:

    hehehehehe… Now that will definitely give foreign car makers some competition.

  3. ohmygosh says:

    the iDrive package to include:

  4. Thanks for keeping us up to date with this info.
    I’m currently in the market for something EXACTLY like this.
    I’m hoping there’ll soon be an iPod Auto Shuffle. You program in destinations, & the iPod Auto takes you randomly to any one of those destinations.
    Can you imagine the embarassment when you show up to a bah Mitvah in your kilt?????!!!!!

    OH. MY. GOD.
    The possibilities are endless.

  5. Bennifer says:

    Kind of a chick car, no?
    I don’t see guys driving around in that.
    Maybe in black.

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  1. iPod Auto para mañana

    Mañana es el evento especial de Apple en donde todos dicen que habrán nuevos Powerbooks y nuevos Powermac, otros dicen que habrán nuevos iPods y hasta un iPod Madonna edition o el iPod video, pero lamento decirles que todos están muy equivocados.

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