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THAT’S HOT! Paris Hilton to appear in new PowerBook/Power Mac ads

Posted by Igor

Apple Computers has reportedly signed hotel heiress/”actress” Paris Hilton to appear in 2 new upcoming advertisements. The first is for the newly announced PowerBook G4 laptops, and the second features Apple’s new dual core “quad” Power Mac G5 desktop. Both ads will be unveiled a another special event next week, and a source close to Miss Hilton has confirmed she is expected to appear at the event in person. It is not known whether the spots are being produced by Chiat/Day. This news confirms at least 2 of Apple’s planned announcements for tomorrow’s event.

Sexy Costumes!The story-line of the PowerBook commercial involves Paris Hilton treating a series of burn victims in hospital beds. All the victims have 3rd degree burns on their upper thigh regions from placing the new laptops on them. As Hilton walks down the row of beds, each patient (all males) lets out a groan of pain, assumedly due to the arousal of their “baked goods”, as it were. Reportedly, the ad features some very nice posterior shots of the newly disengaged socialite. Hilton ends the spot with her catch phrase “That’s Hot.”

Fans of Paris Hilton’s “body of work” will not be disappointed with the ads, according to one source. In the PowerBook ad, Hilton is reportedly wearing a rather revealing nurse’s outfit, and in the Power Mac commercial, Hilton is dressed as a firefighter (although her uniform can scarcely be considered standard issue!).

The rumored heat issues surrounding the latest Apple updates are also a theme of the Power Mac ad. Our source (who has has not seen this spot yet) hears the ad features Hilton dressed as a firefighter (of sorts) and involves her fighting a fire, possibly caused by one of the high powered desktops. Of course, it seems she gets wetter than the blaze in her attempts to bring the fire under control. The ad also ends with Hilton turning to the camera to utter “That’s Hot.”

These ads are a refreshing change for Apple, who has been notorious of late for playing down any flaws in their hardware, such as the recent problems with their iPod nano music player, which has come under fire by some for it’s somewhat easily breakable screen. Apple apparently is waiting to see how this new “honesty in advertising” approach will work for them. If the Hilton ads are a success, Apple reportedly has a commerical in the works for the iPod nano featuring Scott Norwood of the 1990 Buffalo Bills. The ad’s theme is “WARNING! Cracks Under Pressure.”

3 Responses to “THAT’S HOT! Paris Hilton to appear in new PowerBook/Power Mac ads”
  1. Trump's Baby says:

    Call me crazy, but that ad would be the most downloaded ad ever. Maybe they could sell it on iTunes. Tripple Apple’s profits next quarter!

  2. macula says:

    brilliant. you guys are good.

  3. Chris Anderson says:

    Back in 1994 my girlfriend, Kimberly Hicks, was using the phrase, “That’s Hot” and eventually decided that it was so lame that she decided to not use it any more. Our friends kidded her so much that she adopted it as her catch phrase. Now Paris Hilton is using that phrase and I feel that she is stealing a local and normally used phrase for her own use and trying to say that she has some sort of ownership to that phrase. How stupid. It was just a bullshit kidding phrase and now Paris thinks she ownes it???????????????

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