Review: Fairies - Macenstein

Review: Fairies

Posted by Helper Monkey

Avoiding work is a very important part of my day. I am always on the lookout for new ways to waste my time, and reduce my productivity. I recently sat down with a new candidate by Funpause games called “Fairies�?, and I have to say, this game fits the bill nicely. I have been playing for about 19 hours so far this weekend, and I have no reason to believe I will be stopping anytime soon. Here’s how Funpause describes their game:

“Fairies takes you to a world where legends are true and magic is real. As the most powerful wizard ever, complete 100 mesmerizing levels, break the magical spell that traps the fairies inside pictures, and restore justice to this world in need. You will be a hero, and be granted the ultimate power. Use it wisely!�?

OK, from that description you might be expecting a Lord Of The Rings-type game with epic battle sequences. What you actually get is more like a Frank Frazetta-themed variation of Columns. However there is a rich graphical style and some original gameplay elements here that set this game apart from lesser puzzle games.

(above: Fairies’ artwork is truly above average)

The Game
The Funpause website claims there are 4 types of games to choose from in Fairies; “Adventure�?, “Classic�?, “Relaxed�?, and “Playback�?. However, “Classic�? and “Relaxed�? are essentially practice modes for the “Adventure�? game, so you really have 2 game types to choose from.

The first, and by far the most engrossing, is “Adventure�? mode, where you attempt to unlock fairies who have somehow gotten themselves trapped inside paintings. In order to do this, you need to free other fairies from various multi-colored jars which spread across the game field in sequential columns. To free them, you drag the rows either up, down, left, or right until 3 or more jars of the same color touch. Apparently freeing these fairies generates enough magic pixie dust (or is it fairy dust?) to break the fairies from their magical artwork prisons. Each board you complete will reveal another section of the painting. Get all 6 and you will free the fairy trapped within.

(above: Unlock fairies by sliding colored jars around until you match 3 or more like colors)

While the basic gameplay principles are simple, the game is not. Each game is timed, so you must collect enough pixie dust to complete each level before time runs out. There are 5 “worlds�?, each with 2 paintings to unlock, and the game gets progressively harder as you advance. I am ashamed to say after almost a full day’s worth of playing I am undeniably stuck in the 3rd world, “Mountains�?. Luckily, Fairies automatically saves your progress, so you are not forced to wade through previous levels to advance. Adventure mode has a picture book feature where you can look back over the paintings you have uncovered by completing each level, and I must say, the artwork is truly beautiful. Fans of sci-fi books like the old Forgotten Realms, Shannara, or Dragon Lance series will find the illustrations of fairies and other creatures reminiscent of the cover art of those classics.

(above: Adventure mode’s picture book feature)

The second type of game is called “Playback�?. Fans of the classic electronic game “Simon�? will pick this up soon enough. In Playback, sections of similarly colored jars light up and play a tone in sequence, and you have to repeat the pattern. This game quite frankly feels a little tacked on, and won’t hold most people’s attention for long. The Adventure mode is the real star of Fairies, and where I have wasted nearly a day of my life so far.

Production Values
One of my favorite features of Fairies is its surprisingly high production values for a game of this price. As I’ve said, the artwork is very well done. There is a solid original musical score which does not get too annoying after long periods (although I did turn the volume down a bit after a couple hours). The animations and flying pixie dust are smooth and well done. Performance was solid, and the game played as well on my G4 1.2 GHz as it did on a Dual 2.5 GHz G5. The artwork holds up well in full screen mode, although it understandably begins to look a bit crunchy on a 30 inch cinema display.

What could be better?
Well, I have no problem with “Adventure mode�? (other than I am stuck in those darn Mountains!). However, if game play does in fact get even harder as you advance, I am going to assume only cyborgs will be able to complete the game in its entirety. So perhaps a choice of difficulty settings would have been a good idea. Also, your cursor in the game takes a moment or two to get used to, as it is somewhat reminiscent of the severed hand from the Evil Dead Movies. I could also see adding one or two other original game modes, but to be honest, I am quite happy with the Adventure mode. Much like I can spend hours/months/years playing solitaire over and over without any change in game play, Adventure mode is addictive enough to stand alone as an extremely effective time-waster.

My gold standard for whether or not a video game is worth buying is “Does it provide at least 1 hour of game play per dollar spent?�?. Most games for the Xbox and PS2 fall short here, usually you beat them in 20 hours or less. It is usually the puzzle games that have the highest replay value, and that is the case here with Fairies. Fairies costs $19.95, and provides 4 times as much game play. I highly recommend this game.

• great graphics
• addictive game play
• relatively low price
• none worth mentioning
Price: $19.95 (free demo lasts 1 hour)
Rating: 8.5 out of 10

41 Responses to “Review: Fairies”
  1. Pat Sajak says:

    I am a big fan of this game.
    I agree though that it could use 1 or 2 more game modes.
    But very nice visuals for a puzzler.

  2. melissa says:

    hey i really belive in fairys and i think its soo cool that theres so many wedsites on htem i really want to make my own website but i just dont know hoe=w to so can you help me plaese…

  3. Brenda says:

    Love this game, highly addictive. I am also stuck in the mountains, any clues?

  4. Jemma-Grace says:

    I have always believed in fairies I luv um L.O.V.E your webby -x- Jem -x-

  5. abetzi says:

    This looks pretty intresting, but where can I find this game?

  6. Eevi says:

    I do really believe in fairies……………

  7. Carole says:

    I have enjoyed this program for days now.. but cannot get up the MOUNTAIN section.. everytime I get a score in the 60,000 and 70,000 it sends the gold over.. but then it goes directly to the Classic Game. I then have to play this to a new high score. When returning to the Adventure and back to the Mountain.. I have not moved any further.. any ideas anyone.. as I LOVE LOVE this game.. Thank you!

  8. Carole says:

    PS: I cannot find a website or email address to contact these people or I would have.

  9. Anonymous says:


  10. Katie Kyle says:

    I love these pictures they capture your imagination and you can visualize the faries.

  11. michelle says:

    i want to be a fairies

  12. anna [chola] carreno-cisneros says:

    i have anad always will love fairies
    who ever dont bekieve in fairies are full of s#@!

  13. anna says:

    I love love love fairies i have fairies since i was little i wish you would sell them for less so i could buy some

  14. Sarai says:

    OMG Fairys r awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  15. Anna Beling says:

    I love Fairies and the pictures of fairies. They facinae me greatly. I have always wanted to have wings and fly thorught eh deepest parts of the wood to magical adventures and have magical powers.
    Anna Beling,
    Utah, 14

  16. Victoria Sanchez says:

    Yeah this video game is pretty kool…..I like alot of fantasie and mystical games and stuff so this game was one of my favs. Yeah i agree they should of put a few more different modes on it

  17. olivia says:

    i believe in fairies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. katy says:

    hey this is a cool game

  19. devon says:

    the picture of the fairy on top of the person’s face is beautiful!!

  20. kitkat says:

    i love the way they look and i do and always believe in them no matter wat

  21. keila says:

    i dont think fairies exist for real but thay are so cool i love pics of them!!

  22. Allia says:

    HEY!! that I a great picture of the girl and the fairy on her nose that is an inspirational pic i love it!!! 🙂 Ten stars

  23. Friendly person says:

    I thnik that the picture of the fairy on the nose is very very good. I also like the choice of colours – it makes it look alive and realistic.

  24. angel says:

    The picture of the fairys are amasing it just shows that somethins so little can be amazing and beautful all at the same time and were it is stude on the persons nose it shows that it has some power over her.the person is amazed by this beautful wounderful little thing it shows that it is so much more then a little thing with wings.

  25. kayla says:

    I love fairies there so kewl!

  26. Ivy says:

    *~Beautiful~* @–)–

  27. Anonymous says:

    i luv luv luv faeries! i do beleive in faeries I DO I DO!!!! lol no really i do

  28. Spice girl says:

    I love faires and i beleive in fairies, i really do.
    I think that fairies are real, real living bens, and i think that if you realy beleive that thay are exsisting they will come to you and help you if you in reall danger!!!

  29. christine says:

    i love to try your game,but my mister dont let me download or order anything without his concent

  30. FAIRY-CHiiCK says:


  31. Hazel Eyed Fairy Babe says:

    I love fairies and i believe in them……. Lol
    I hope i become one in my after life

  32. fluginhugin-dizzledustybum says:

    wow! you guy have way too much free time, you all need to seriously get laid!…fairies…are you kidding me? how old are you people?? 2,3?? jeze man grow some balls are grow up and don’t be so pathetic! its crazy! you guys have no life, no friends!!
    yeah well thats all i had to say! thanks!

  33. dslfjhslgb says:

    nice pic but is the girl supposed to look kinda like dead or evil or what she looks scary

  34. yoyo789 says:

    i love fairies but were dom get the game? i wanna play!!!!!

  35. Janine says:

    You can find a ton of casual games for the Mac at specifically at They have Fairies and a ton of other games like it. They tout a new mac game every week.

  36. cassidy ann nichole says:

    cute fairies if you are ever looking for more just email me at i can draw, sculpt, paint, or creat them at any time

  37. helllkatla says:

    i would love to play this game, but as i understand its only for the mac. Do you know if theres a similiar game for none mac users?:)

  38. Janine says:

    yes…if you have a PC you can go to they have both the Mac version and the PC version. is the exact page.

  39. Angel says:

    Fairies are so mysterious and people who say they dont believe in fairies or say that we who do dont have a life then they obviously have a very small brain span and have nothing better to do than to diss us and they probably still believe in the easter bunny anyway so you get a life while we enjoy ours !!!! peace , make love not war!!

  40. Do I have to buy this game or can you forward it to me. I am also addictive to this kind of games.

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